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I saw this on another forum. Basically someone posts one small section of a story and then someone does another section ect. Just remember not to post too much on your section You can post as many sections as you want but don't do more than one in a row The whole idea of this is that we don't know what will happen so there's to be no planning or conferring - it's much more fun that way! I'm going to let someone else start this off because I can't think of a begining at the moment, so whoever wants too post the first section next and we'll go from there! Elle xx
11/26/2007 #1
Paulo looked up just as the sound of roaring propellors came within ear shot. A helicopter was making its way over the trees, straight for the camp. How did they know they were here? Paulo looked around. Only Hex sat by the fire in the darkening evening, his face glowing green from the light from his palmtop. But Hex was looking up at the helicopter too, thinking the same thing as Paulo. The others were out looking for fire wood. "Hex! Put out the fire!" Paulo yelled, and began stamping on the fire with his boots. Hex quickly jumped up and helped him. Within seconds the fire was out, and they both quickly rushed over to a giant oak near the girls' tent and hid behind it. They watched as the helicopter hovered above the camp for a moment, but it was too dark for them to see the camouflaged tents and the quadbikes that they'd thought to cover with leaves earlier. Paulo let out a breath that he hadn't realised he'd been holding, and prayed that the others hadn't been seen.
11/26/2007 #2
[Just want to point out that's exactly how it should be :)] Amber cursed silently as she pressed herself against the tree. Not two seconds ago the bright white of a sesarchlight had passed within milimetres of her. It had frightened the life out of her and it had taken her much too long to conceal herself. She wasn't particularly covered. She prayed that the tall grass and it's shadows in front of her blended her into the surroundings enough to be hidden. She tried to swallow down the lump of fear from her throat. It wasn't herself she was worried about. Back at the camp, Paulo and Hex were much more out in the open with the campfire, Li was only about a hundred meters away from her which meant the searchlight could have passed right over the Anglo-Chinese girl, and she had no idea where Alex was... Amber knew she had to make it back to camp. It was imperative that they weren't seen...that they weren't caught. Otherwise...Amber didn't want to think about the horrifying possiblilities. Her dark skin might help...but it was such a risk. Summoning up her corage Amber swallowed down her fear and broke cover. She ran as quickly as she could in the dark without falling over. But then, as she broke through the wall of branches and leaves to the camp, the beat of blades loundened...The helicopter was coming back.
11/26/2007 . Edited 11/26/2007 #3
Alex stumbled quickly back through the undergrowth, moving carelessly and scratching his hands and face on sticking out branches. He could hear the dull thud of the helicopter's blades fading, so perhaps the others hadn't been seen... This hope was shattered when he heard the helicopter coming back again. The searchlight swept through the undergrowth, coming nearer and nearer to him with every passing second. Then at the last second, he hurled himself out of the path of the beam, lying flat against the floor with his arms over his head, trying to shield his pale skin with his darker clothes. He lay still, praying that it hadn't seen him and that the others would get out of its way. Suddenly a round of bullets burst through from above, striking the ground a few meters in front of Alex. They knew they were here.
11/27/2007 #4
Suddenly Li appeared up ahead. "Hey! Li!" Amber hissed as loudly as she could without giving herself away. Li turned and spotted Amber waving at her from behind a tree. With a quick glance at the sky she darted towards her friend and behind the closest tree possible. "How do they know we're here?" Li said. Her voice was high and tight with panic. "Sh..." Amber whispered, holding a finger up to her lips and looking out at the sky again. The helicopter had moved on to a new spot, but it was still close. She prayed the others were OK. The last time she'd seen Hex, they'd had an argument about something or rather... and that was why she'd insisted on going to find firewood with Alex and Li. Now she wished she'd stayed. Amber saw their chance. The searchlight was moving elsewhere, and there was a dark spot which they could use to get to the others. "Move! Move! Move!" She hissed in Li's ear, and pushed her out into the open space and followed. Let's just hope we're not too slow, she thought to herself.
11/29/2007 #5
As tentative as he was Hex almost jumped out of his skin when he saw Amber and Li dart towards him out from the trees. Combined with Paulo's hiss of surprise on his left as Alex seemed to appear from nowhere from the other side didn't make for a sane couple of seconds. Wasting no time with greetings Amber glared at the others, her eyes wide "Now what? How're we going to get out now?" Alex glanced down at the floor thinking while Li's eyes roamed the broken leafed sky. Hex's eyes were just as wide as Amber's as he starred at any of the others for an answer. "We should try and make it back to the base" Paulo whispered across. Amber's eyebrows rose. "What? Paulo are you serious? There's a mile and a half of jungle between us and there not to mention the bleeding 'no tree cover' outback how do you expect us to get there without getting seen, caught or shot?" Alex leaned across "Paulo's right. They know we're here. If we lie low then they'll just send men down and they're not going to stop looking till they find us and then we're dead." "Unless they get us from the helicopters first" Hex murmered from beside Li. Between them, Alpha Force made a silent agreement, and with Alex in the lead set off through the rainforest.
11/29/2007 #6
((I'm assuming we're in Australia? Correct me if I'm wrong.))
11/29/2007 #7
((Who knows? We'll just see :P))
11/30/2007 #8
((Yeah that's the idea really, we don't know where they are but when the need to know crops up in someone's section, it'll be their decision))
11/30/2007 #9
They knew it was a mistake as they heard several gunshots from above and saw the bullets bouncing off the ground just feet from the team. Alex automatically raised his hands above his head and the others followed suite, ducking as the bullets came their way. Finally, after what seemed an age, they reached the trees on the other side of the clearing. They stopped to assess their situation and to give them a chance to catch their breath. The base was only a few metres away, on the other side of this block of trees, but it was right out in the open. All they needed to do was make enough time for Hex to e-mail Amber's uncle, then they could wait in the trees until help came. It was simple, wasn't it? "Right," Alex said, "Hex, you go do the e-mail. Be as quick as you can. Li, go with him. As for Amber, Paulo and myself - " Alex looked up to where the helicopter was hovering overhead, its searchlight catching frightened animals in its glare, " - we're going to distract them while you do so."
12/6/2007 #10
But how were they supposed to distract them?, wondered Paulo. They didnt have much to work with, only a dense bit of Kauri forest, some native birds an each other. He'd thought that New-Zealand was supposed to be neutral, and peaceful. A spray of bullets rained from above, missing him by inches. Paulo swore in spanish. It seemed that they had been discovered. ((sorry its so short, but i cant think of anything else))
12/6/2007 . Edited 12/6/2007 #11
'Go', Alex whispered to Amber and Paulo, pointing to a dense bush a few metres away. They nodded and scuttled to it. For a few seconds they were out in the open, horribly exposed and at the mercy of the searchlights, but they reached the bush without incident. When all three of them were safely squashed in it's welcoming cover, Paulo shot Alex a questioning look. 'What are we doing?' he asked. Alex grinned and opened his survival pouch that was always strapped to his belt. 'Da da da da!' he announced, pulling a tube from his pouch. After a few moments. Alex displayed the finished product with a flourish. 'A firework!' he said proudly. Paulo looked really excited but Amber just looked worried. 'A firework?' she said. 'And that will help us because...' Alex tapped her lightly on her forehead. 'Use your head Amber. It's our distraction.' ((Sorry if that's a bit strange and abnormal but I had a little idea and thought that I should contribute. This is a great idea by the way.))
12/19/2007 #12
Hex watched as Alex, Amber and Paulo disappeared into the undergrowth. Alex had told him to wait for a flash - but what did that mean? A small flash? Or would it be more obvious. He could hear Li fidgeting behind him and sighed in irritation. Suddenly there was a bang and a flash and the sky was suddenly filled with red and green sparks. Without a moment of hesitation, Hex darted out of the forest and ran to where his palmtop was sat innocently on the wooden table. All around him, their tents had been shot to scraps. Li stood at the edge of the forest, keeping watch, while Hex picked up his palmtop and ran as fast as he could back to the shelter of the trees. When he was about three feet away, he tripped on a root and was sent crashing to the ground. The palmtop left his hand and went flying through the air, and Li gasped and ran to catch it. If it broke, their only hope was dashed. Hex pulled himself over to the trees. His fot felt like it was on fire, but he knew he had to send the e-mail. Their lives depended on it. Ignoring the pain, he took his palmtop from Li and wrote out the e-mail in 10 seconds flat. Then he hit 'Send.' ((Sorry it's so long! I got carried away))
12/20/2007 . Edited 12/20/2007 #13
Amber stared back out across the exposed plain. Her eyes were still adjusting to the bright lights the firework had made, but Hex and Li hadn't appeared. She spotted Alex next to her watching too. If they didn't get across the exposed ground now... Several seconds passed. Amber could hear shouts above the noise of the propellers. They didn't sound happy. "Alex where are they?" Amber hissed across to Alex, his face was etched with worry. "I don't know, something must have happened". Amber was extremely tempted to whack Alex's arm for stating something so obvious but it wasn't the time. Trying not to let herself panic Amber twisted silently round in the undergrowth to find Paulo, only to find the Argentinian wasn't there. Amber's eyes widened and she suddenly felt very uneasy. Paulo had been right behind them. "Alex" she said shakily pulling his arm to get him to turn around. Alex followed her shaking hand and Amber saw him deflate with uncertainty. She turned back for a last desperate glance over to where Li and Hex still hadn't appeared from. Then a new voice filtered through the night. "Don't move" it was a deep voice, one instantly unrecognisable. Knowing their worst fear had probably come true Amber turned her head to the direction of the voice. Next to Alex crouched a man, perfectly camouflaged to the surroundings, but Amber didn't take in his appearence, all she could see was the smooth black gun that was pointed at her friend's head. The man spoke again. "I think you're going to have to come with me". [b] [h]((I think this is going really well and I thought we should treat that as the first chapter and move onto the next one now. I'm glad this is so popular with everyone it's going really well!))[/h][/b]
12/21/2007 . Edited 12/21/2007 #14
((OK, I'm only doing this 'cos no-one else will. Now it's someone else's turn! (Apart from Elledreamer)!)) Chapter Two From his hiding place behind a large tree, Paulo watched as Alex and Amber were ushered to the clearing where the helicopter sat. Should he try and stop him? There were three of them - or five, if Li and Hex were nearby - and one of him. No, it was best if he tried to stay hidden, he decided. Besides, there might be more of him. Paulo saw something glint in the man's hand. It was a gun. Well, that just confirmed to Paulo that he made the right decision. And where were Hex and Li? He looked across the plain and spotted a tiny sign of movement among the trees. Despite his current situation, Paulo couldn't help but give an affectionate smile as he recognised Li's form. She was OK. And Hex was probably right behind her. The man with the gun had taken Amber and Alex to the middle of the clearing, right in the middle of Li, Hex and Paulo. He stood there, holding the gun to ALex's head, and flashed something shiny out of his pocket. It was a mirror - he was sending a signal. Almost at once, the roaring blades of the helicopter began to get closer. So it was true, then. This man was a part of the organization. And they were coming to get two of Paulo's closest friends.
1/30/2008 #15
Alex and Amber stood stock still as the man signalled to the helicopter. Amber had never been so frustrated. It had all happened too fast. If she so much as thought about making a run for it, Alex was a goner. So she stood, praying that the others had got away. If Amber was frustrated, Alex was furious. How had he not sensed the man back in the forest? Alpha Force had been through enough to know that letting your guard down - even for a second - was a bad idea. In a last-ditch attempt to spot the others, he glanced around the forest half-heartedly and almost jumped out of his skin when he spotted Hex over by the edge of the clearing. Hex looked ready to run out into the open, but Alex gave him a meaningful look and Hex slunk back into the shadows. All Hex could think about as he watched from the shadows was the last time he'd spoken to them - Amber in particular. He swore under his breath as he remembered their last argument... ((Hey everyone! Just thought i'd add a little something, seeing as i have no ideas for a story yet. As you can see i'm a newbie.. Loving all your AF stories! - I am planning on reviewing now that i have an account :D ))
2/17/2008 #16
Li couldn't keep still, the muscles in her legs jumped as she fought all her instincts and stayed in the thick cover of the trees. Her heart was beating so hard that she thought ruefully to herself that that was probably how the man found them, the sound of her thumping heart... Dragging her erratic train of thought back to the present, she peered, for the second time, across to where Alex and Amber were being held, then past them, to where she knew Paulo was hiding. She opened her mouth to whisper to Hex, but, before she managed to get even one syllable out, her friend had clamped his hand over her mouth, his green eyes wide in a clear warning - Keep quiet. In an instant his head had spun back to look at the open clearing, Li's eyes followed his move, her head unable to move due to Hex's hand. The helicopter was hovering lower...
3/8/2008 #17
Alex stared into the face of the man who had the gun on him and Amber. It was unwavering, covered in war paint and bearing no emotion. It was blank. Inhuman somehow. A couple of yards away the helicopter was landing. Alex knew that his friends were in the bushes beside them, knew that they were within reaching distance. But there was nothing he could do. Nothing. And he felt helpless. Amber scowled with all her might at the man in front of her. The helicopter had now landed and the propeller was still beating fiercely. A short shout barked from behind the bushes, over the drill of the helicopter. The man with the gun in front of them, replied to his friend quickly, before he gestured sharply with his gun in the direction of the helicopter. Amber knew what he was telling them to do. And she hated it...
3/8/2008 #18
Once Hex was sure Li had seen the approaching helicopter, he released her from his grip. They had to think fast. Behind them was a thick of trees, so it would be harder to be seen - but in front, they might still have a chance of helping Alex and Amber. "Hex," Li hissed, "I can see Paulo. He's on the other side of the clearing." Hex looked up past the helicopter and saw Paulo, waving frantically at them. Then Hex realised he was pointing behind them - "Both of you, don't move." A deep voice came from behind. Hex would have obliged if it wasn't for Li - he had a gun. "Hex, run!" Li spun round and kicked the man in the stomach, and he dropped his gun when he doubled over. Hex didn't wait to see what happened next, he burst from the trees and powered behind the helicopter and towards Paulo. Behind him, Li grabbed the gun and ran after him. They ran into Paulo at nearly the same time, and the three of them were together again. But now they knew where they were...
3/9/2008 #19
As Hex and Li barrelled into him, Paulo used their momentum to keep running, and his two friends followed. They burst through the trees, and onto the open land between them and the base. Now that the helicopter was no longer in the air, this open land was a lot less dangerous, but they could hear the men behind them fighting their way through the trees and swearing loudly. Li clutched the cold gun tightly in her right hand, praying that she would not need to use it, and running as fast as she could over the hard ground. As they reached the gate into the base, lights flooded the surrounding area...
3/9/2008 #20

Amber could hear something happening out on the ground but couldn't see a thing. She and Alex were sat in the landed helicopter after being ordered into it with the gun. The man was still stood over them with it, but he had been joined by a friend and there was no chance of her and Alex escaping them. She was sure she'd heard Li shut and several people crashing through the undergrowth. It didn't bode well...

Amber knew that it was serious now... they'd finally found them and everything was going to change. She prayed that whatever was going on off the helicopter wasn't endangering the others but being so close to the base put them all in danger. She glanced across to Alex. His eyes were wide as he returned her glance but he offered a small smile. Amber cast a glance back to the door, trying to indicate to Alex that perhaps they should attempt something. But it was too late... the helicopter had already taken off and there was no chance of escaping it.

((I hope that some other people will contribute here as well as the few who have been doing it recently. Give it a go! It's all for fun and it helps you develop your writing!))

4/9/2008 . Edited 4/9/2008 #21

Paulo, Li and Hex watched in despair as the helicopter lifted off the ground, with Alex and Amber in it. There was nothing they could do. They watched as the last man on the ground ran up to the copter and another lifted him in, and then the door shut. The helicopter rose and twisted out of sight.

"Hombre," Paulo cursed, coming out of the trees, "What now?"

"We could e-mail John Middleton, ask him to trace it for us." Hex suggested, but he knew it was nearly hopeless. They'd only started this mission yesterday, and they didn't have enough information.

"We don't even know where it's going." Li sighed, flopping down on the grass and staring up at the starless sky.

"Actually," Paulo began, "I think I might have an idea..."

4/11/2008 #22

The helicopter's blades rotated overhead at a frightening speed. Amber and Alex were pushed,rather unceremoniously, into the helicopter. Two young men and an even younger woman were seatedin the helicopter. They glared at the two friends as their comrades tied their hands to a bar at the rear of the craft.

'Clear!' The woman shouted into her radio and a hiss of static answered her. After a slight hesitation, the heli jerked into the air, faltering slightly as a strong draft of wind buffeted it. There was a yell from the front cab of the helicopter as the co pilot pitched forward, but after that no one spoke.

Amber felt like she was a tiny bug in a plastic container. Four pairs of eyes stared at her and Alex. Alex sat quietly, gazing calmly at the ground but Amber glared back at them. The woman started slightly and quickly averted her eyes, a sight that made Amber feel slightly better.

A hiss from the radio broke the monotony.

'Well done!' the voice crackled. 'Head back to base. I know someone who'll be very pleased with your little discovery.'

5/1/2008 #23
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