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okay i just wanted to know what klonoa couples you guys like so please no dissing other peoples opinions and actually if you want you can make a short poem in here for the couple and yuri and yaoi couples are welcomed so COME UP WITH SOMETHIN! .... i like....klonoaXlolo? every time you leave i can barely breath off on your journey with the rest of the leauge so i ask you my dear cabbit friend when will you come back and see me again? that actually seemed good ^_^
10/6/2007 #1
Not too fond with writing poems, but I do have a few couple favorites. KlonoaXLolo - the classic KlonoaXGuntz - I'm not as extreme with it as a lot of you are(you know who I'm talking about). It's more of a shounen-ai relationship, not [i]yaoi[/i]. GuntzXLeo - A little more original, yet not really. PopkaXTat - Not a couple one should take very far. To me, they're just [i]very[/i] close friends. Besides OCs I have(or will have), that's just about it(if I start mentioning OCs I'll surely start ranting). I'm not too creative with the couple concept.
10/16/2007 #2
Sonic Sunshine
I'm one of the psychos Chibi's talking about. Hi. xD Feeling creative. Let's see what I can come up with. Klonoa can hardly find the courage to Look into dejected pigmented blue that Outwardly told of all the pain Nestled securely in the form Of little more than a shaken young pup that All the world couldn't see any better than him. X Getting used to the idea of Utilizing all of his resources with a Nearly unbearable little cabbit is hard, but ... That resulting smile couldn't be replaced with anything in the world. Zilch. ... The Z was a stretch; sue me. This pairing was the first I supported and the one that's grown on me the most to the point that I can actually [i]see[/i] how it could happen. Since I'm a stickler for trying to keep character in character I don't go as far down the rabbit hole as I think I could. I'm certain that their friendship would always be the base of their relationship, so much so that people probably won't notice until they kiss and people have a OMG moment ... then be like it's fine. xD The pairings I enjoy the most usually have the most dysfunctional relationships. It's halfway because they're very dysfunctional people, and halfway because I'm not a fan of romantic stories where the confession is the climax and they live happily ever after. In fact, I'm already thinking of another Klonoa/Guntz that begins after they're together ... drama-llama. ... /rant. Haiku for the rest! Lolo / Popka I'll stand by her side since she always stood by mine to cheer her on always To me it feels like Lolo and Popka are closer then Lolo and Klonoa have ever been. In most ideas Popka in his tiny puppy body feels like he's inferior to Klonoa and decides to repress his growing love for Lolo. Years later he's shocked to see Lolo still alone holding out false hope that Klonoa will settle down with her. They connect again after prolonged absence and find hope in one another. This is my second favorite pairing, and in many of my stories would run side by side with Klonoa/Guntz. Secret Crack-ish Pairing! I will dry your tears I will mend your broken heart I will make them [b]pay[/b] It's an idea I've grown to like but hasn't been done here ... yet. I'll just give you a hint ... emo-fest.
10/16/2007 #3
lets see i cant figure out the last one.....(head explodes) i could almost say tat and leorina but i dont think so the poems all seem so good to!
10/17/2007 #4
Sonic Sunshine
Heh. It's not Tat/Leorina. :P I doubt anyone will figure it out unless I tell. It's a pairing that hasn't been done here before.
10/17/2007 #5
Guntz Babe
Heh, I'd probably say the crack-ish pairing would be JangaXGuntz? XD Heh. And don't worry. >> I'll be putting up some Klonoa fanfics as soon as possible. @_@ Maybe even co-authored ones. ^_^; I normally do it with OCs however. >> So yes, I'm weird. XP Anyways, I'm in the process of creating a second OC so yeah..I'm not typing my stories out yet. :3
10/18/2007 #6
Sonic Sunshine
Nope. There's those around here already. That'd by [i]incest[/i] in my 'verse. Har. Har. ... Wrong on at least five levels. xD
10/18/2007 #7
oy..... maybe.....OH I DUNNO BUTZ/JANGA!?!?!?!?!?! lolo/panga popka/tat KOS/huepow GUNTZ/JILLIUS!?!?!?!?!?! head... your good
10/20/2007 #8
Sonic Sunshine
Popka/Tat and Guntz/Jillius were already done. Buntz/Janga would explain why Buntz is dead now. xD Might go ahead and hammer it out since I'm more or less done with my Klonoa/Guntz story now. A one shot shouldn't be too hard.
10/20/2007 #9
my head..... hold it GUNTZ/JILLIUS HAS BEEN DONE!?!?!?!? .....ROFL!
10/21/2007 #10
Sonic Sunshine ^ There. Klonoa/Jillius has also been done.
10/21/2007 #11
*sips tea calmly* Chaos ensues... my work shalt be done soon.
11/6/2007 #12
dark gem watcher
KlonoaXLolo is probably my favorite pairing. I also think a KlonoaXTat would be good to.
2/9/2008 #13
I'm not so much the fan of "it obviously wouldn't work" relationships, such as Klonoa/Tat. It makes people think too much. O.o But so long as it's kept low key I suppose it'd be fine(but that's hard for some people). If you're going to write a story about it I say choose a pairing that's more natural to avoid complications... Though no pairing is really natural here 'cause every character is a different species(which is why I like to say [i]race[/i] to avoid gene complications). Not that I'll ever write a story past first step anyway... It's just for those "think past the line" people... *Glances around*
2/9/2008 #14
klonoa_fan_688// Congratulations. You are perfectly normal. That's a huge accomplishment in the Klonoa section, where some of twisted minds run around. Like me. I must have paired up nearly every single Klonoa character with another character except for myself x.x Chibi// *peeks out from a corner to meet glance* ^_^ Yes, I'm very off the line... wait a minute, I don't think a 'line' exists for me at all... O.o;;;
2/9/2008 #15
Sonic Sunshine
Are they all different species? I always thought they were all just Lunateans which would just be the name of the species. The [i]type[/i] of Lunatean they are was more along the lines of their 'race', which shouldn't have any impact on breeding. In anthromorphic series (Sonic/Pokemon) its normally handled that way: any member of that species in general can breed with any other member of that species. The result normally isn't those creepy hybrid fan character animals running around, but a child who strongly resembles the species of one parent. That doesn't explain why Klonoa came from if he is indeed a cabbit, which is made from a Cat and a Rabbit, which are incapable of interbreeding with one another in our world. Hmm ... Then again the concept of love doesn't go hand and hand with the idea of having children. It's perfectly reasonable to be deeply in love with someone without having children, or even having intercourse, which I wouldn't even begin to wonder how something like Tat could do. Or Joka for that matter ... ... [b]pop[/b].
2/10/2008 #16
I assume Klonoa is a race of his own. Not every race in the Klonoa universe ist based off of one particular animal. For example Lolo, who looks like a human with a lion tail. And Popka who's a dog, duck... thing. And all those other more creative looking characters. After all, Klonoa isn't the only character that looks like a cabbit. There's also Balue, Grandpa, and every other Breezegale civilian(as seen in DtP whenever you rescued someone). If cabbits had become a race over time, then catsxrabbits must've been a big fad once upon a time. O.o
2/10/2008 #17
I classify the characters of the Klonoa universe into threee categories when I write: Phantomillian, Lunatean, or from the Empire of Dreams. When I observe each character there are subtle differences between them (like eye colour, for instance - Lunateans don't seem to have golden eyes, while Phantomillians and those from EoD do.) So Klonoa is Phantomillian, as with nearly every native resident of Breezegale. xD I think Namco has enough Klonoa characters... they just need to... you know, use them more and actively. If they ever make another Klonoa game, that is.
2/10/2008 #18
Sonic Sunshine
Maybe 'real world' animals don't exist in this world. We could just be associating them with real animals because that's what they resemble to us, but in reality they're just an entirely new crackpot from those crackpots at Namco's imagination. That would explain why there are so many cabbits in the world, at least, unless chibis idea of rabbit/cat being the [i]thing[/i] is right. It could be plausible since the majority of cabbits live in roughly the same area (Breezegale). They might have all descended from the same common ancestor. ... it is the country after all. Yee. Haw. [quote]I classify the characters of the Klonoa universe into threee categories when I write:[/quote] Just out of curiosity which race is Guntz? He was just ... there one day. [quote]I think Namco has enough Klonoa characters... [/quote] Needs more females. Like one or two more, or develop Anemon into someone to remember. M/M runs so rampant in Lunatea that it'll be a wonder if they'll survive another 100 years. xD
2/11/2008 #19
[q]Just out of curiosity which race is Guntz? He was just ... there one day.[/q] I'd say Lunatean, 'cause supposedly he was born in Volk. But I'm not sure if this is official information. Since I usually like to stick to the theory that all the different countries(Lunatea, Phantomile, etc) are all different planets(excluding Heroes universe), then sorting them out like that wouldn't matter, for they wouldn't be able to mingle, anyway. It all really depends on what universe we're talking about, I suppose, in what's the best way to discriminate them. (We're so off topic. X3)
2/11/2008 #20
[q]Just out of curiosity which race is Guntz? He was just ... there one day.[/q] I like to think he is Lunatean, Volk-born. I think Pango was born in Volk too. But you're right, he just suddenly appeared in Dream Champ and Beach Volley... so I have no idea. I like to think that the Klonoa universe is on a floating timescale; therefore they all exist simultaneously and Klonoa can be present on all of them, although not necessarily aware of it. That theory makes the most sense to me, heheh;; And to get back on topic... um... Guntz x Klonoa forever. (SHOT)
2/11/2008 #21
dark gem watcher
guntz seems like he is Volk-born. i mean the volks are war people and guntz seems like he likes violence alot. so i would agree with that he grew-up in volk city.
2/25/2008 #22
dark gem watcher
what race would Janga be? He has one gold and one blue eye, so...yea... I personally think Janga is a cross-breed between a lunatean and phantomillion
3/2/2008 #23

The Buntz/janga would probably play out like this:

Janga: You JERK!!! YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME!!! YOU BETRAYED ME!!!!!*kills Buntz*... oh shit...

Guntz: Daddy!?

j; uh...h-hey kid! I so TOTALLY did not just kill your father, mess up your childhood, and make you become a bounty hunter in the future hell-bent on avenging your dad...*flees*

5/30/2008 #24
Dark enchanter

...even having intercourse, Which I wouldn't even begin to wonder how something like Tat could do.

Trust me when I say you don't want me to open my mouth right now.

Anyway, my pet pairings are of course:



But I love a wide variety of senarios, and would be happy to read/write any of the following;


Klonoa/King of Sorrow

Klonoa/Janga (update yours Noma!)




Leo/King of Sorrow

Tat/Tat (you know, when she splits herself in two?)

Guntz/Klonoa/Zweegle (hell yes)

Guntz/Lolo/Klonoa (really, I just want to know how this would even work more than anything else :P)

There are probebly a few I missed, anyway I blame SS for (almost) all of the above

10/24/2008 . Edited 10/24/2008 #25
Sonic Sunshine

I wish I had a stickler for Zweegle like you. :)

Those are some very interesting pairings. Way to think outside the box. Speaking of thinking outside the box I wouldn't go as far as say that Tat would have something like the " mermaid problem " when it comes to things like that. I'm sure she's just lacking legs otherwise going potty might be a little ... awkward.

10/25/2008 #26

*Takes blame graciously*

You're very welcome, Dark Enchanter. The slash fangirl in me can't help it. x

Guntz/Klonoa will always remain my favourite couple. There's just something in that pairing I've established as canon. I love it so much. If Namco brings Guntz back again... why, my head would implode.

Guntz/Lolo, however... it's my guilty pleasure. It's very, very cracky. It's just the idea of it - they really should be enemies or at least neutral. They aren't even what people would consider friends. But I like it anyway.


10/26/2008 #27
Ivrin Vinkari

I like these pairings



Justin(My Oc)XLolo


And the last one ever for OC's

JustinXCherry Blossom

6/25/2009 #28
Dreamy Aurora

Heh. I'm a little late to the party.

My personal favourites are:

Klonoa x Lolo. Lolo clearly has feelings for Klonoa which were displayed very sweetly at the end of Lunatea's Veil.

Klonoa x King of Sorrow. The way Klonoa held The King while he was dying just made me smile. I also got the impression that The King is some kind of mirror form of Klonoa. I see him as the mature, graceful version of Klonoa.

I personally think that Leorina doesn't really pair up with anyone well; she's too cool for that.

I think that Huepow x Lephise is quite a nice pairing too.

One of the fun things with the Klonoa series is that the crack pairings don't actually seem like crack pairings so you can go crazy with them!

11/4/2010 #29

I made a topic discussing couples in my forum, too. Please check it out. Of course, my favorite couple is Klololo (Klonoa x Lolo.) I agree with the above post that Lolo did portray her crush on Klonoa very sweetly at the end. Did I quote that right? In the new game, I hope there will be more romance between those two.

7/3/2014 #30
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