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I'm sure you have a certain setting you like to write in. Whether it be a certain universe or AU, there will be a certain location/locations that you like to write in, or would like to write in in the future. Here's my top ten fav locations, because I write like crazy all the time producing emo prose set in weird places. Fun. 10. Random battlefield campsite in Namco x Capcom (Guntz/Klonoa related) - This actually is highly unrealistic seeing as there are no campsites visible in NxC... but hey, they've all got to sleep [i]somewhere[/i]. And cook. And do stuff. And rest. Either that or they take over the Tower of Duruga and kip in it. Or hang on to the Red Clan and hope that nobody comes over and slits their throat. </random> 9. That delightful bloody room where Zweegle lives - Dark Enchanter is to blame for this. I can't seem to write the damn pairing anywhere else. >.< 8. That place where Janga ate the Moon - 'One Piece, Two Piece, Three Piece, Floor'. Enough said. 7. Jillius-san's castle - So many things can happen in there. Heehee. I'll leave it up to you to think what they might be. (Have I actually [i]written[/i] something located here? Cannot remember.... O.o) 6. Breezegale - This is where everything usually starts. Sixth place because this in itself is too general. But I like it nonetheless; it's where I usually set Klonoa's home in. And occasionally Guntz's. 5. Breezegale Highschool - Meh... the two spinoffs of terrible highschool fics I wrote are located here. Although it's such a stereotypical setting, I like it because of all its retardness. xD 4. Volk City - Emo travelling fics of mine always end up here, I think. Volk City is where Guntz and Pango both began their stories, I think and I regard them both very highly. Perhaps that's why. 3. Sky Temple - Hmmmm.... most of my fics about Lolo start and are located here. I don't honestly know [i]why[/i], because technically Lolo can be put anywhere including Breezegale. But I end up chucking her in this dreary place. *sigh* 2. Bell's Hill - I don't know why but this always crops up somewhere in my fics. I can mention it carelessly. I can use it as the primary setting. But either way it comes up. I bet it's because of the Giant Moos that populate the area. They shocked the hell out of me so much when I first played Klonoa Heroes. y-_-y~ I mean, the sudden change in BGM and the ^(-v-)^ ^(OvO)^ kind of expressions kind of scared me. Contentment in its extreme. 1. Anywhere with a bed that has bedposts, chains and pink ribbons - Fun time for Guntz/Klonoa is in store... *grin* ^_^ That be all of mine. Thank you for reading this utterly pointless post. *Bows low* This was Solitary Shadow writing in ten fifteen, GMT, at night.
11/6/2007 #1

In no particular order (sorry about vague places, but it gives more freedom that way):

1. Anywhere the Red Clan is - What? It's one of Guntz's babies next to his guns. :3

2. Random place near trees - Heh heh. Anything could happen from intellectual talks to ambushes to a dance. (Gah! I spoiled an event. x.x)

3. On the road (in some vehicle) - Okay... Not going to say Red Clan because I nearly had an episode (a 'freak out' if you will) when a short scene popped up in my brain... (I can't say it...Stupid plot bunny.) But anywhere on the road (or in the sky in Leorina's case) where some important talks can occur.

4. Hills - Any hill will do. Bell Hill, random hill number 45, etc. It's perfect for making a wish on shooting stars or just having the characters look at the sky as they talk or think.

5. Near bodies of water - Serene isn't it? At least until someone starts drowning or a fight breaks out.

6. Safe Houses (Sly Cooper) - Okay, this isn't Klonoa-related but anyplace that the characters can sit down and talk things through is always good. For Klonoa, I suppose the "Safe House" would be Breezegale since it never seems to be in too much trouble. When there is trouble, it's usually mild. Everything serious happens elsewhere.

7. Graveyards - I thought about this once, but never got around to it. Death, creepy atmosphere, and highly unsafe. Now that I think about it, there may be some fanfics I could do...but on that notion, where are the graveyards in Klonoa's world(s)? (Oh dear Claire, please tell me I just didn't inspire more Zweegle ideas... *shudder*)

8. In the air - I love flying. In fact, I love everything about flying, etheral, or bird-like creatures. (Falco, Pit, NiGHTS, and Klonoa are just a few examples.) Okay that was off a bit, but still I'd love to write a scene in the air.

9. Jugkettle - Yep, the ocean. Like number five, except with more possibilities. It's not out in the wilderness and there are shops nearby. Plus, this seems like one of those places where something could begin or end.

10. In someone's subconscious - Where dreams are, images flash, the characters think, and deep conversations are to be had. (Not really a 'place' but I like it anyway.)

8/3/2009 . Edited 8/5/2009 #2

I really don't write enough to reasonably say that I use these setting a lot, but I may as well throw some out there.

1. Volk - I seem to write the most here, especially if Guntz is involved. It's filled with crazy criminals and stupid civilians who don't understand that moving to Breezegale or Jugkettle would assure a much longer lifespan. It's also good for a war setting (so many plot bunnies like that I've left to rot...).

2. Bell Hill - I dunno... Klonoa hanging out around there a lot in Heroes shows that it's a favorable spot to have fun or just get away. Random fields with hills are a typical place to set characters when nothing important is happening. Might as well be a field with hills with a name.

3. Earth - Holy-- ...I know most "anthros on earth" fanfics are bombed and mine was no exception (however, Digging in the Dirt is an exception so far). It's just... it's fun. Even if it sucks, it's fun to write and think about how humans would react to anthros on our world... I'm so dumb. XP

4. Sea of Tears - Dunno why. I like water, I like the beach, I like fish... It's a good place to go for a character to think and maybe significantly look at their reflection in a crazy awesome dramatic and symbolic way.

5. A forest - I admit it, most of my stories spend a majority of their time in some unnamed forest. Though I personally don't go in forests too much unless there's a trail (it's tick city in there, maaan...), fanfic characters apparently do... 'cause they're immune to bugs like bees and mosquitoes and the like... yeah...

6. A warehouse - In Volk... A perfect place for gang members to hide out, store their stolen goods, and do crazy spit. This is usually only used when my "Guntz joined a gang after his father was killed" idea comes into play. I've even used it before his father was killed (in a short short fic on my dA account). It's useful 'cause no civilians or cops are gonna come running over if there's a ruckus.

7. Some kingdom - Usually a made up one surrounded by brick walls inside a forest... with old school traditions and a greedy king who treats the lower class civilians like some old fart who forgot to take his happy pills that morning... Yeah, I'm running out of ideas.

8. Space - If I ever got to writing a Star Fox fanfic, I know almost every scene would be in space. Yeah, yeah! Let's fly those Arwings in space like crazy 'cause there's no gravity and even if there was we've got super special awesome G-DIFFUSERS! AAAARGHHH!!!


9. Uh... um... hmm... High School! - I hate it. I don't know why I'd ever write about it. I don't ever have to go to High School again so why the hell do I suddenly feeling like writing a KLONOA HIGH SCHOOL ONESHOT?!1!!one1!!

10. ...The Spirit World - An insubstantial dimension deprived of life and physical entities contrived of lost emotions of regret, despair, hopelessness, denial, anxiety, and depression where what was once just starting has come to an end.


8/5/2009 #3


Chibi, on No.9// DO IT. DO IT NOW. I DEMAND IT.

8/5/2009 #4

Well, I've only played the second game- Lunatea's Veil but some of my favourite locations are:

~Mountains of Mira-Mira/ Jungle Slider/ Dried Sea of Tears (?)- Really fun and a great view from high up.

~La-Lakoosha- I wanna live there!

~Joylant Plaza- Lots of fun events and pretty colours and fireworks.

~Sea of Tears- A beautiful start to the game and the island looks so peaceful.

sorry, couldn't think of 10!

7/26/2010 . Edited 7/27/2010 #5
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