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Hey all.

First: sorry for my english, I am from Germany and I have no idea where I coul ask, so I am asking you XD

There are many FF in which Ziva speaks some parts in Hebrew. Where can I find a webside to translate some words in here native language and the result is NOT a mystic hebrew symbol, just a word I can read, "understand" and rewirte? Some of you must know because you are doing it ^^ If its in english it's ok, I just need a few little words, I think I can handle that even in english ;)

I would be so glad if there is someone out there who could help me.


11/15/2011 #1

Rats, I just lost the whole post, argh! That'll teach me.

OK; I'm very much a beginner with Hebrew, but I might be able to help. I'm not certain I understand what you're after, but if you mean being able to insert Hebrew into your fics without using Hebrew letters, then I may be able to give you a hand. If that isn't what you meant, let me know, and ill see if I can help anyway! Though, no guarantees...

to start you off, here are some basics that would add a bit of flavour and will hopefully be generally useful. In all cases I'll assume Ziva is speaking, so I will use feminine verb forms Where necessary. If you want to have a man speaking, let me know.

Shalom - hello, goodbye, peace.

lehitra'ot - see you later

Ma shlomcha - how are you, to a man

Ma shlomech - how are you, to a woman

lo - no

ken - yes

Todah - thank you

bevakasha - please and you're welcome

Ma kore? What's up?

Slicha - sorry, I'm sorry, forgive me, excuse me

Boker tov - good mmorning

erev tov - good evening

laylah tov - good nnight

mazel tov - congratulations (literally means good luck, or good constellation I think, lol, but they use it after the luck has BEEN good!)

as you may have gathered from the above, tov means good :-)

B'hatzlacha - good luck (with success, literally) - this for example she could use prior to a mission to wish a colleague success.

anyway, like I said, sadly far from an expert, but I hope this will give you a start. If this isn't what you meant at all, then slicha (forgive me!) and if you let me know what you need, I will help if I can!

2/10/2013 #2
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