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I am a very imaganative person with very little writing skills and I'm sure other people are to. However I belive I have good Ideas that would make a good story So put in a story plot or tell someone your taking it
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Okay, so I had thought of making a story that skips into the very far into the future. The Yonko, formerly composed of Shanks, Whitebeard, and two unknown pirates, one named as Kaidou but otherwise two mysteries, are now formed by Shanks, Luffy, Zoro (I like his japanese name better than Zolo) and Ace.

The Shichibukai (Seven Sea Warlords) still have Mihawk, Doflamingo, Bartholomew, Jinbei, and Boa. With the exilation of Blackbeard and the death of Gecko, Sanji has joined as the one person without an animal reference in his name. Also joining is Damien 'Silkworm' Sutoringu, a thirteen year old boy who's bounty is unknown. (It's said to be equal with Mihawks, but Mihawk's bounty is unknown, and as such, Damien's is also unknown. However, they do say it's higher than Doflamingo's, which is the highest known bounty.) Also, characters have been given Devil Fruits that I made up:

Sanji: Kumo Kumo Fruit-Sanji can have up to eight limbs, gives him super-human strength, and allows him to make spiders out of thin air. Kumo translates into spider.

Zoro: Suchi Suchi Fruit-Gives Zoro control over metal and the ability to make his body metal an make metal come from his body. Suchi means steel.

Damien: Hira Hira Fruit-Allows Damien to shoot wires from his body and control them. Hira comes from Hiragane, which means wire.

What I need is a plot. A problem. Some reason the story is being written. What it's all about. And of course, a solution.

7/22/2009 #1

There can be a problem with the World Government and since these three powers balance each other, it can cause some problems.

Similar to the current storyline, something bag might happen to someone from the Straw Hat crew. Since two Yonkou and one Shicibukai is from that crew, they would move and it would panic the World Government. The question would be whether their loyalty to their former captain and crew is more that their loyalty to WG or whatever..

Since Luffy is stronger than Zoro - and it would always be like that - someone might attach Zoro believing he shouldn't be a Yonkou and stuff like that

These came to my mind, hopefully they would be beneficial.

8/11/2009 #2

Okay, as someone who actually has a shred of knowledge about One Piece, let me break this down.

"now formed by Shanks, Luffy, Zoro and Ace."

Already impossible. Ace is dead, and unless Moria and Hogback get to him, he's staying that way.

"The Shichibukai still have Mihawk, Doflamingo, Bartholomew, Jinbei, and Boa. "

Jimbei has already thrown away his title as a Shichibukai.

"and the death of Gecko"

Whoops. Guess Ace can't become a Yonkou now that Moria can't revive him.

"Sanji has joined"

What. Why on earth would Sanji join the Shichibukai? Do you even read this series?

"Suchi Suchi Fruit-Gives Zoro control over metal and the ability to make his body metal"

Kinda like Mr. 1's Supa Supa Fruit, which made his body metal that he could maniuplate at will? Sorry, but in the OP world, DFs don't overlap like that.

5/15/2010 #3
Oni Kenpachi

i wonder who the new person in charge of the marines is

10/7/2010 #4
White Camel

It's a nice idea, and one that could really go a long way. However, there's several major flaws that Ocil has already pointed out, and I don't personally like the idea of the One Piece crew suddenly being super-powered without the explanation and journey towards that.

You have a great imagination, though. I love the fact that Shanks is still sticking around, even after all that time. XD

3/19/2012 #5
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