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I am a very imaganative person with very little writing skills and I'm sure other people are to. However I belive I have good Ideas that would make a good story So put in a story plot or tell someone your taking it
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Well, this is just a thought I had once as I browsed through Onepiece fics. Why has there never been any timetravel fics? Other fandoms abound with timetravel, Naruto and Harry Potter being prime examples. So why not OnePiece? Possible summary: Luffy failed. His dream ended but his determination did not. As he clung to the last vestiges of life, he only wished for one more chance...
3/10/2008 #1
Well if you want to get technical there is at least one Time Travel fic. The one that this forum has inspired, although you wouldn't know about it unless you where a LuNa fan.
3/11/2008 #2
Really? Can you give me the link?
3/11/2008 #3
Yeah, don't know if it's the type of time Traval your thinking about, but here it is.
3/11/2008 #4

I've just thought of something, why go with the "going back to fix something" cliche when the "see what they would be like without you" would work so much better for something like one Piece.

After all everyone know's that one of the many "rules" of traveling forward in time is that the future you see is as if you didn't exists after the time you left.

4/16/2008 #5

I'm fairly certain that there are already a few of those, though I can't come up with titles off the top of my head.

3/30/2009 #6

I'm not sure whether this counts, but Aoihand wrote something like a Timetravel!fic centering around Ace. I highly recommend it! There's that fic about Luffy being the king of the sea or something, but it got a little bit too Super!Luffy for me. It's not that bad, though.

8/10/2010 #7
Oni Kenpachi

i hate stories with timetravel since it messes the stroy up big time

10/7/2010 #8

It's pretty cool if the author can manage to make the entire story resolve itself/tie up all loose ends while explaining why absolutely nothing in the time line changed.

10/7/2010 #9

I know an OP Timetravel fic kinda like this. In fact in the story, the Strawhats (at least, in the begining) don't even intentionally Timetravel, it's all mostly an accident. To me, it's one of the best OP fanfics out there, and it's made me cry every time I've read certain parts, and made me laugh at others. The plot is amazing, the characters are in character, the OCs are fun and interesting, and it's all well written.

It's written by NopeJustMe, and here's the link you wanna check it out:

2/15/2011 #10
White Camel

I have a time travel fic. :-)

3/19/2012 #11

I also have a time travel fic, but it's in french....sorry

I am actually looking for someone who can translate it in english.

If you can do it, please PM me !!!

sypnosis : Luffy is a complete morron....we all know that..... but what happens when this idiot actually manages to make his all crew and boat time-travel to the moment of the Marine Ford battle ? Well I can just tell you that it's going to be a complete disaster !!!

2/28/2013 #12
Shiningheart of ThunderClan

About the Ace one. Are you referring to a story about Ace dying and being sent back to witness his birth, but only Past!Ace could see him and Future!Ace taught Past!Ace when he was a child how to escape his crib and say 'brains' to scare the hell out of the bandits? And Past!Ace thought Future!Ace was his father because they looked exactly alike?

5/25/2013 #13
Hi, I've never actually explored the forums before so all this is pretty new to me. But I was just slapped across the face with inspiration for an amazing fic if I could write it without screwing up it would be awesome.. But I've never actually written a fic before and some pointers would be nice if you could.. I just started writing some ideas down and I could already see that it would be a huge fic and a good one I hope.
5/4/2016 #14
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