Plot Bunnies that need a how
I am a very imaganative person with very little writing skills and I'm sure other people are to. However I belive I have good Ideas that would make a good story So put in a story plot or tell someone your taking it
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I hope I'm allowed to issue a challenge. This is the closest forum I could find to get this challenge out.

Just reply if you're interested, or if I should delete this.

Challenge: An AU story with Franky as the main character. Have him either as an Olympic swimmer or diver or lifeguard. You can create any plot/storyline you please aside from this.

Thanks. :)

8/9/2008 #1
Oni Kenpachi

i challange people to write more stories about luffy and his crew instead of having him killed

10/7/2010 #2
Oni Kenpachi

make gin in luffy's crew from where sanji enters the crew like the boy with haki

10/7/2010 #3
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin

I challenge somebody to write a parody/humor story that is a parody of Epic Movie starring the Eleven Supernovas, the S.O.S. Brigade, the Akatsuki, the Espada, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia as the people who enter the wardrobe! You're free to add whomever else you wish!

11/17/2010 #4

Ok I got one! I doubt anyone's gonna accept this but whatever:

I challenge someone to make a multi-chapter story of Robin as an elite member if the World goverment instead of the Strawhats. A story based on the AU profile that I made for her which you can find in my user profile page.

4/28/2011 #5
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin

I've got more challenges, but I don't think anybody is going to accept them.

1. A SanjixRobin fic

2. A crack parody of a musical.

3. A multi-chapter, comedy story with my OCs, the CP9, the Supernovas, the Shichibukai, and the Straw Hats. The plot should be that they're going on a quest to look for someone or something.

5/2/2011 #6

This thread doesn't look dead enough, and I've been looking for a place to put out idea's I can't do myself. :Q

1) I know there's tons of LuffyxNami fics (don't stop reading just yet...) but most of them make Luffy out to be a guy who cares about how pretty Nami is or something and I get sick of the superficiality. So I've been wanting to read a Femme!LuffyxNami fic to see if that might make it a little less stereotypical.

2) Luffy has to remain a girl: as in, forever. That makes it even more hard hitting. Because if there's a chance he might turn back, there's not that really dramatic moment where Nami has to decide whether her sexuality or her love for him is more important.

3) At least one of the male crew member's (and/or Robin, if you wanna get really weird) has to struggle with feeling's for him.

10/25/2011 #7
Majin Hentai X

Here's a challenge that's never been done before

Zoro and Franky both love Nico Robin but neither of them have made a move yet. But then they find out about each others interest in the Archaeologist so a contest of oneup's manship between the tow begins trying to get Robin to like one of them.

It could go any way but at then end there has to be a omake chapter where Robin does something else like admit she's a lesbian, or say that she and Luffy have been together since CP9, or that Luffy declares not dating inside the crew.

5/27/2012 #8

New to the fourm and really only came across it because an idea came to mind for a One Piece story. I've read quite a few with Luffy gaining other Devil Fruit powers other than his Gum Gum abilities, from Ace's Flame Flame powers to lightning based Rumble Rumble powers, and even water abilities from a fan-made Mizu-Mizu devil fruit.

However, I'd like to see what the tale of the Strawhats would be like if Luffy had originally gotten the power to "destroy the world." I mean, what if Monkey D. Luffy had gotten a chance to eat the Gura Gura no Mi or Tremor Tremor fruit, the very same Captain Edward Newgate, aka Whitebeard, had eaten. Or even better, if Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard, could gain and mix both his own Dark Dark and Tremor Tremor fruits, why can't Luffy do the same?

What do you think? Anybody out there willing to either give someone like Luffy "the power to destroy the world"? Or even mix his own rubber qualities and further enhance his Haki enhanced abilities with Whitebeard's powers? Or do you think its too much?

2/12/2013 #9
Shiningheart of ThunderClan

My challenge is similar to Jamez's. People write about if Luffy had another devil fruit. I'd like to see someone try and write a fanfiction where Luffy doesn't even HAVE a devil fruit.

5/25/2013 #10

I thought of a great One Piece story here's my idea: There are plenty of time travel One Piece story's out there but almost always have Luffy going back in time to save his crew well my challenge is Luffy dies and his Crew go back in time to save him and help him achieve his dream. Just no slash pairings ok so what do you say? If you know anyone who would like to do the story plz tell them and me because I would like to read it.

8/5/2013 #11
Oni Kenpachi

I have a story idea that might take a while to accomplish if anyone has time. Could someone add Gin from the Baratie Arc to Luff's crew. The real challenge is that you can only skip the fillers and the Foxy Arc. As well as make Gin slightly stronger than Sanji for the reason that Sanji did lose to Gin in their fight with a bounty of 40 million after the Alabasta, and 100 million bounty after the Enies Lobby Arc. No other OCs can be added unless they are enemies that Gin defeats. For additional details please pm me. Also please give me credit for coming up with the challenge. No Yaoi at all.

10/31/2013 #12
Laughing Writer

I really like this idea, let me know if anyone fellow it through.

6/25/2014 #13

I would like someone to do a Life is a Game in the One Piece world that obeys the rules of the world.

7/14/2014 #14
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