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Hello darlings I desperately need help ... age of the ducks in each movie .... estimated heights .... explanation of the american schooling system and what they call each year and explanations about hockey rules and team details .... like rules about girls playing and well basically anything really as all i know about hockey is in these movies .... basically I am trying to write a couple of fledgling ideas of mine and turn them into best sellers .... kidding .... I just like writing accurate fanfiction and who better to ask for the information than those who write it themselves??? Shower me in your knowledge and wealth of experience ..... wonderful wonderful writers of mighty duck fanfiction .... oh how i love thee let me count the ways ... err well actually as I am bad at typing and maths lets just say there are lots and leave it at that ;) ..... hoping someone has the time energy and inclination to help me with this ... Yours in fanfiction DramaQueen4eva (or as I like to think the future Mrs Sparrow!)
9/17/2007 #1

Erm the origianl ducks are the same age, as there all in class together in the 1st movie. i would say they are 14 years old in the second as there in the junior goodwil games which are for teenagers. 15 in the third movie.

Its just an estimate so you dont have to listen to a word ive said lol but if it helps go me. :)

10/8/2009 #2

Actually the ages are

Characters in the movie





The actors ages in each movie





10/1/2010 #3

Where did you read that? I thought they were 13 in the second and 14 in the 3rd. And 11 in the 1st.

10/5/2014 #4

They are 10 in the first 12 in the second and 14 in the third

American schooling system

Pre-k -4


First grade -6

Second grade-7

Third grade-8

And so on till 12th grade then college

High school levels

9th - freshman -14


11th- junior-16

12th -senior-17

6/11/2015 #5
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