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I, having nothing better to do, decided that it would be fun to create a forum where authors can just talk about Wicked related stuffs. Come on in if you, like me, feel the need to partake in random discussions to kill your boredom.
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Spark the Clairvoyant

Inspired by a semi-conversation with G.G. where I mentioned a lot of things I've made up wheter as jokes, dreams, or stories that I might write for fun if I had the time and willingness. Knowing how I tend to go into over-detail at times in the games thread -muttermutterandreallife-, I decided to put this up for those plotbunnies or otherwise over-active imagination you know would never work and so you don't get them out of your head and the still bounce around in here.

This is very loosely based on the Wild Mass Guessing pages in TV Tropes, but I'm not listing just crazy theories. These are those stories that you'd love to write but have one, two, or twenty nagging details that you find a touch too important to just ignore and hope it doesn't bother your readers.

So post your crazy whatevers here, whether the time traveller that seperated the Menzel Twins, or whatever character from whatever canon is a Timelord (A running joke on the WMG index). Or that crack story you know would be totally awesome as long as people took it in the right humor and you didn't think people would. How about that pairing you swear has to be canon, but everyone you know would laugh at you (I'm not talking one-sided Avaric/Elphaba. I'm not even talking ShenShen/Pfannee. I'm talking Nessa/Milla-level stuff here. Or even Milla/Three.) Or crack pairings you would think are totally awesome!

11/21/2008 #1
Ginger Glinda the Tangerine

Okay... so Maureen and Elphaba are related. This has been coming for a while, guys... Before he skipped off to Oz in a balloon, the Wizard made Maureen with Maureen's mother, and then went and did all his crazy Wizard things. Because you know how there are Oz-versions of people and non-Oz versions of people? Mrs. Johnson is clearly the non-Oz version of Melena.

This would never work, though, because the Wizard came from like the twenties, making Maureen about sixty or seventy depending on which RENT canon you follow. Ah well. Maybe the tornado moved him forward in time as well? Or maybe there was a little help from his friendly local police box...

11/21/2008 #2
Spark the Clairvoyant

This would never work, though, because the Wizard came from like the twenties, making Maureen about sixty or seventy depending on which RENT canon you follow. Ah well. Maybe the tornado moved him forward in time as well? Or maybe there was a little help from his friendly local police box...

I like that last theory. Since police boxes are naturally larger on the inside, he could easily ask the oddly-dressed bobby to drop him off someplace interesting, and then float in on the place using his balloon. You make the Maureen/Elphaba half-sisters thing actually make sense in crazy ways (Since you recognize roughly when he came in, and for the record, between the 1850s and 1915 by my guess depending on which two canons you're using.)

And another one of my theories is that Nancy (You know, the one that Edward!Yero tried really hard to wait for the opportune moment to take to Andalasia?) is Elphie's reincarnation. And only one of two regenerations that find one. (The other being his last.)

11/21/2008 . Edited 11/21/2008 #3
Ginger Glinda the Tangerine

So basically, anything can be explained by "he's a timelord". That's very handy... Maybe that's how Tru's dad did it.

11/21/2008 #4

My crack theories? Hmmmm...this could go on for hours.

#1) Just because three characters are played by Idina Menzel does not mean they are related. Duh. They just bear an uncanny resemblance to each other.

#2) My dad runs the mafia. The signs are there! Seriously!

#3) Gigi just wants to bake me into a pie. There's no real motherly love, is there?

#4) The Wicked fandom's unnecessary obsession with femslash is a result of hypnotic mind-control waves. Every time you read a Gelphie your computer spews out an imperceptible hypnosis ray so it becomes all you want to write or read. Because if it's not femslash, it's not worth it. [/sarcasm]

#5) Mountain Holler contains 95% uranium pellets and 5% caffeine per 33cL glass.

#6) Sale Chenoweth is the current reigning deity of at least five third-world, that's not a theory. That's truth.

#7) Ever since I met Nimby in person someone or something has put a curse on us so that it became nearly impossible for us to coexist online at the same time. Whenever I start posting more, she suddenly gets very busy. Whenever she starts posting more, I suddenly get very busy. You've all seen this one in action.

#8) Toyotas are made of cheese. Not Limburger, not Cheddar, but Toyota cheese. Don't mind the crunchy stuff, that's just the metal.

#9) The real reason Twilight exists at all is because the author wanted to reach a shelf about a foot taller than she could reach. Instead of asking for help, she wrote about twelve inches of crackfic and stood on it to get what she wanted. She then sent it to a publisher in bits and pieces and pretended she worked on it for ages.

#10) The strawberry cake is actually edible. Wolfie just wants it all for herself.

#11) Sparky came back, only under a different username. She lurks and laughs at our idiocy.

#12) Peppermint tea is a long-lost panacea of which a lot of people fail to grasp the potential.

11/21/2008 #5
Ginger Glinda the Tangerine

Gigi just wants to bake me into a pie. There's no real motherly love, is there?

I'm very hurt that you should say that, love. But to show you how much motherly affection I have, I made you a muffler. *hands muffler*

11/21/2008 #6

*Stares blankly at the muffler* It

11/21/2008 #7
Ginger Glinda the Tangerine

Is green a problem? It matches your eyes, dear...

11/21/2008 #8

It's fine. I'm just used to red. And Sis might wonder what I did with her muffler which is now actually mine because she gave it to me.

11/21/2008 #9
Ginger Glinda the Tangerine

Well, you could wear red and green at the same time, and be festive and Christmassy...

11/21/2008 #10

Hey, you're right! Christmas is well on its way! And it's cold so there's no reason I can't wear two mufflers!

11/21/2008 #11
Ginger Glinda the Tangerine

There y'go, see? You know me, bright ideas just pop into me head...

11/21/2008 #12

I had a weird-ass dream. xD

So for some reason, my friend Bk, my friend Josh, my friend Mee-shi and my other friend and I were at this school far, far away in the mountains and apparently we had to write books and I wrote like this really long one and a short one and Bk was like "DAMN!"

11/21/2008 #13
Spark the Clairvoyant

Yay! I just had an awesome dream that while very clearly influenced by one of my favorite shows as a young teen (Including names of the characters and appearances), was different enought that maybe if I could change the names, it might just work. For one thing, in my dream, the protagonists were older (College or boarding school high school students as opposed to middle) Second, it was a mild deconstruction of the show, which, while anyone who set foot in the alterna-world would be cartoony, the real world would have everyone normal (Though still capable of their magic) except for creatures so amazing that they remained in cartoon form (Like a dragon) Third, the powers that each of the girls developed were vastly different.

But there would be some very clear problems: For one, stories based on dreams rarely make sense. For another, the elements each of the girls had, while they were able to develop in ways that were not strictly offensive or defensive, had two that had shown usages of the elements THAT MAKE SENSE (Like the wind-user flying) that I can't change the powers the girls get. Thirdly, the magic system is exactly like the one from that show. While the show's a little obscure, especially on this board (And among fans of the style now) it would be painfully obvious to those who go out of the way and find out about wish power and a ruler who is decided based on having the strongest. For a final thing, actually, one of the girls did change appearance vastly. You see, she's the only one with a canon love interest. And as a young teen, I kinda... um... -blushes- lustedreallybadlyafterhim... and the girl changed to my appearance. (And things seemed to get sexy now the two were close enough to of age.)

This dream presented an awesome theory: Said world had the easiest entrance to it in Argentina, and some of the higher-ups in the Argentinian Government knew about this world and begged them to wish that Barack Obama wins the American Election and that's why he won. I don't care how happy I am that he won versus John McCain, this is why he won Ohio if anyone asks me.

11/22/2008 #14

Two things:

a) I once had a dream that me, my roommate and one of the pharmacists that I work with were wandering forever through the world's largest parking lot, trying to find our car.

b) Also I think the violent problems of the world could be solved if the entire planet became one giant nudist colony. Where would you carry concealed weapons?

11/22/2008 #15

B probably wouldn't be such a good idea. You HAVE played Sam and Max, after all. Obviously Max keeps his arsenal somewhere...if there is a will there's a way.

11/22/2008 #16

Dreams I Have Had:

I think it was because I'd been reading Grania the night before...she and I were on a ship. A modern-day cruise ship. Shaped like a hollow square. And I happened to look out the window and there, thrashing around in the freezing water, was tiernan, dressed in clothes resembling that of the little icon indicating that the FFN user is a Fanatic. So Grania and I went dashing through the opulently carpeted and painted wide tunnels of the ship's bowels (doors marked, unlocked, and everything well-lighted). We picked up some other female along the way. Then I opened a door, and lo! it led into open water (and Drowning!Tiernan). Grania and I both jump into the water, and he is pulled out. After that it just degenerated into random dream-bits.

Also notable are the ones in which one of my brothers cut off the other's thumb (my mother had a very terrified reaction to this) with garden shears, and the time a couple of years ago when I dreamed that a horde of nuns stampeded through my school--that was it: just ran through and the dream ended.

And last night something about lettuce.

the violent problems of the world could be solved if the entire planet became one giant nudist colony.

But all those ugly people...

Nudist colonies became the subject of a very long and very funny conversation in camp one night. It culminated in a story of how one of us had been boarding at somebody's house, and their three-year-old had walked in on her in the shower. Someone mentioned how he'd remember it years later; "Yes, " HCO contributes--"he'll say, 'you know, when I was three I walked in on ethis random girl in my shower--and she was hot!"

I suppose my voice went awry on the last three words, because somebody responded, "So seeing a naked girl makes you have a British accent?"

And then the line which became a refrain up to this day: "Then there must be a lot of British people in America."

11/22/2008 . Edited 11/22/2008 #17

Last night I dreamed I sold stick figures to Barack Obama in a little French village.

11/24/2008 #18
Spark the Clairvoyant

The Justice League were in my dream last night (But... but... I hate DC.) They were against a group that would use brainwashing and had a circus gimmick and brainwashed Movie!Legolas as well (Who ended up looking like a cowboy)

Also I had a dream involving the Seniors pulling some sort of prank involving soda, and me stealing Doc's Time Machine.

11/25/2008 #19

I had a dream in which I woke up to my alarm, got up easily, got dressed, had time for breakfast, and got to the bus stop on time with nice weather. I was yelled awake to a rainy day with ten minutes to spare and chocolate cake on my way out.

11/25/2008 #20
Yorkie Lover

A whole thread dedicated to theories and such? :O Where have I been?! Yorkie ♥'s theories!

So. Where to begin...? Like Riti and others have said before, I really think the character of Olive Snook is based off Cheno's Glinda. Not too much, but... There's some times where I'm really like, "Whoa." I don't know if it's because of who plays her or not.

11/26/2008 #21
Ginger Glinda the Tangerine

I dreamed that I was getting married. Not sure to who, but my cousin seemed to be involved somehow. My boobs were at least a size bigger, and the Harry Potter characters were involved somehow. Fred was playing the violin for whe we walked up the aisle. He had a little pen...

Also, I dreamed that I was in the storyline from Dollhouse, which is Joss Whedon's latest venture and not even out yet, I don't think. So I was beating stuff up and killing mystical alien creatures. But I did scream a lot... have a feeling I looked like Jessica Alba or Eliza Dushku, though.

I guess that's what I get for putting myself to sleep with Fight Club. :P

11/30/2008 #22
Yorkie Lover

I had a dream that I was in school. Well... It was like my school. We were locked in a room for some reason or another lol. But it was definitely school- there were teachers around.

Anyways. I walked into this room and gasped. Kristin Chenoweth was there! I flew at her and yelled, "I LOVE YOU!" She backed up a bit (unconciously) and said, "Oh."

"I mean, you're my IDOL!!"

I guess she composed herself by then, because she smiled and said, "Aww, thanks!" I mentioned how I want to name my kid Kristi Dawn after her (which is mostly true... not only after her though :P). Then I got a great idea. She should meet my English teacher! We were in school! I grabbed her arm, chattering incessantly.

"Oh, let's go meet my English teacher, you'll love her, we're birthday buddies, you're almost the same height..."

Then I woke up cause my sister was yelling up the stairs for me- Cheno was on the Today Show. :) But that was my favorite dream ever. Even if she thought I was a little weird in the dream. :P

12/1/2008 #23


I dreamed that I was on a dude ranch (appearantly, the dude ranch is the Vinkus, because there was a big sign that said "Vinkus".) Anyway, I was looking at the tumbleweeds and Fiyero's father came out and gave me an 8 gig iPod with Vinkun tribal chants on it. I remember jumping up and down and hugging him. And he was very scared of me, so he created this "quest" I had to go on for him... then I woke up.

12/1/2008 #24

My theory is that if someone disappears for about seven months they should be spared upon return... *_*

12/1/2008 #25

That's not a theory, that's truth.

I have a strange philosophy, and all the signs say that I should be in the Hindu religion. :P I think I'm a Hinduist born in a Mormon's body. (0)_(0)

12/1/2008 #26
Spark the Clairvoyant

Like Riti and others have said before, I really think the character of Olive Snook is based off Cheno's Glinda.

You misquote me. I said they're very similar, and implied that she only played one kind of character, only knowing those two. They have one thing that's very similar, Olive and Glinda were created with Cheno in mind (Or at least tailored to her once she got the part. Like how do you think "Girth" happened?) I've only seen her in a few interviews but her public Persona is very similar to both of the characters, and so I think both were created to be something of an actor avatar

In short it's not one is based on the other, it's both were based on their actor, who happens to be the same woman.

12/2/2008 #27

Crack theories:

1. Life likes to chew you like gum, but when you lose flavor, just like any other gum, it's spits you out. :O This is life--you're young with so many opportunities for mayhem to happen, but when you get old, you're not fun to mess with anymore and you die.

2. People enjoy other's pain just because they think it won't happen to them. Retards.

3. Ugly people have feelings, too.

4. Die not, want not.

5. It's not how you do it, it's how confidently you do it.

6. I should ban myself from the computer. :(

7. You can't have hot chocolate without whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top. (Because, honestly, I've tried it before, and it's heavenly).


12/23/2008 . Edited 1/6/2009 #28


Okay, to those of you 'cross the pond, Alton Towers is a kickass theme park in the north of England, and Oblivion is a large rollercoaster which consists of a bigass vertical drop.


I had a dream I was going to Alton Towers for my friend's birthday but all of them wanted to get chips instead of going on Oblivion. So I went by myself.

When I got into the seats thingy, I looked next to me and there was Kerry Ellis. Before I could say anything, she said, very angrily, "I can't believe you talked me into this. Adam Garcia is crapping himself laughing."

I looked at the far away ground, and indeed, Adam Garcia was laughing hysterically.

The rollercoaster started up, and just as we shot down the drop and up again, Kerry Ellis goes "AHH AHH AHH AHHHHH! (end of DG :D)"

I give her a strange look and she goes "Sorry, force of habit."

Then I wake up. :)

1/5/2009 #29
Tiggy the Hopeless Romantic

Listening to Defying Gravity without the AhAhahahhhah part is like having sex without the orgasm... it's a tease! *burned by an audio of Idina singing DG live that cuts off RIGHT before the end*

When I was little I seriously thought that no citizens of the Emerald City were allowed to leave, and no one else was allowed in, based on the Wizard of Oz movie. When I grew older and more cynical(read:when I was like ten) I figured the Wizard must've brainwashed the Emerald City citizens so they wouldn't mind.

Then I read Wicked and was like: wait... you mean they can pretty much come and go...

I'm waiting for that to pop up in a fanfic. It could be interesting.

1/5/2009 #30
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