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I, having nothing better to do, decided that it would be fun to create a forum where authors can just talk about Wicked related stuffs. Come on in if you, like me, feel the need to partake in random discussions to kill your boredom.
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All of my topics turn out to be EPIC FAILS. Let's see if this is also an EPIC FAIL.

I noticed that the RANT forum is very serious. It's the most serious place on the BAS. I use it, of course, but sometimes I want to rant about things that aren't really serious. Like the ending of a book I read. Or how something doesn't make sense. (Think: why does Mark's mom call to wish him Merry Christmas if he's Jewish??) So here's a place where you can feel free to rant about fiction.

RULE: DON'T COMPLAIN. I know there will be contradictions. But if someone posts how much they hated the ending of Book A, don't post something that insults them. Present your ideas calmly. That sort of thing. Er...yeah. I think that's it. Enjoy!

9/26/2009 #1
Tiggy the Hopeless Romantic

Good thread! And I have one... my internet keeps being really unreliable, making me poof out in the middle of conversations... as Dahling may have guessed, my internet died while I was IMing her this afternoon

9/26/2009 #2

I was actually thinking of posting a thread like this. And your topics weren't epic fails, they were cool :).

Okay, so my "rant" is that I have this irrational fear of daddy long leg spiders, and it's really getting on my nerves. I used to be able to let them walk around my feet as long as they didn't go on me, but now I can't go within less than 10 feet of them without starting to freak out :(

9/26/2009 #3

haha great topic (:

Ok, no spoilers, but has anyone read the ending of the book 'Catching Fire'? Yes. That is what is annoying me to bits at the moment (:

Not a serious rant at all..

9/26/2009 #4

I haven't finished Catching Fire yet. Eep!

9/26/2009 #5
Ginger Glinda the Tangerine

Think: why does Mark's mom call to wish him Merry Christmas if he's Jewish??

It bugs me that people always say that! :P That's my non-rant. She never says 'Merry Christmas', she says 'We'll miss you tomorrow'. I'm not sure how Hannukkah works, but it could be totally legit. I can't remember what she says in the movie though... if she does say Merry Christmas, it then becomes another reason why the writers of that movie need to do the research before writing an adaptation. *nodnod*

9/27/2009 #6

It was the first thing I could think of, but yeah, you're*does research* The first day of Hannukka in 1989 was on December 23. Maybe they had some sort of family gathering on the third day...? My family does.


I think why I originally posted this was so I could complain about the ending of Harry potter, but I remembered that Girly probably liked it, so...I'll keep my mouth shut.

9/27/2009 #7

Think: why does Mark's mom call to wish him Merry Christmas if he's Jewish??

It's probably because many Jewish families celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas if they are living in any other country apart from Israel, as most everyone else is celebrating...

Does that make sense? ^_^

9/27/2009 #8
Cole Alvina

I haven't listened to Rent in a while (bad Rent fan!), but I'll just throw this out here:

It never mentions what religion Roger is, or if he even is religious, but would it be possible she was telling him to have a Merry Christmas?

9/27/2009 #9

I'm not sure.. it does mention the High Holy Days in La Vie Boheme which would be a direct reference to his judaism, and he leant to tango at a Jewish community centre with the rabbi's daughter. Also when he gets angry at Maureen for taking his camera he references to his barmitzvah. That last one isn't in the stage play, but the other two are in both..

But he could possibly be both, Christmackah anyone?

9/27/2009 #10
Spark the Clairvoyant

Ooh, we now have an "It just bugs me" here too!

It just bugs me that Dissidia makes Zidane look constantly constipated.... no... wait... I don't think that would be gotten here either. (Short version, if you're around animals, you know they lift only a bit of their tail when they need to... relieve themselves, and the model in all the non-FMV stuff has it like that.)

Hm... Refer to my rant a few days ago in the Rants thread. It appears that some sort of evil semi-omniscient, semi-omnipowerful creature is trying to get me to hate Wicked. It really bugs me... that. Partly because all it's doing is reinforcing what I already know, and while some fans might do good to brush up on their Wicked and find out what's AllThereInTheManual, the beating-it-in that's happening in my life is causing me to hate the show. The real problem with it though is, I actively try to not hate anything that is incapable of actively hating me back. Shows, Celebs, Games, whatever. It's not a case of being pushed into "Eh, not my cup of tea" Wicked, it's "Oh my Kaelin, you like that piece of crap? DIE!" towards Wicked.

The thing is, the current nail in the coffin was actually meant as a "I'm trying to get you to understand this using some pop culture I like" tactic by my professor (If her remark about us not-melting in the rain was meant as a brick joke like I took it, muttering something about Trapdoors as I left.)

9/27/2009 #11
Tiggy the Hopeless Romantic

Ugh, the Mark Christmas thing ALWAYS BUGGED ME. Oh welllll.

9/27/2009 #12

It appears that some sort of evil semi-omniscient, semi-omnipowerful creature is trying to get me to hate Wicked.

Oh Noes!!!

Well today is the day of repentance, maybe some higher power can restore your faith [:



ok please ignore that comment, its the wee hours of the morning here and I am sleep deprived o_O

9/27/2009 #13

And we are sorry that you are sleep deprived :(. Meanwhile, I'm here, hating middle school.

9/28/2009 #14

. insomnia is baaaad...

and dito on middle school... can't we skip to college already? (:

9/28/2009 #15
Tiggy the Hopeless Romantic

Don't skip to college. Middle school sucked for me, but High School was OK. College I'm still not sure about.

9/28/2009 #16

I will keep that in mind (:

Actually, I'm not that excited about college.. especially if my parents push the medicine way..

ok this is a rant page so I may rant

I don't really want to be a doctor.


So why must I do medicine?

My parents are crazy.....

9/28/2009 #17

Great page! We've been needing something like this. And as for Mark...well, Judiasm /can/ get pretty mangled these days (Chanukah bush?) , though I admit that a merry Christmas is going a little far.

9/28/2009 #18
Cole Alvina

What's a Chanukah bush? |: Please don't tell me it's the equivalent of a Christmas tree, holiday's aren't competitions.

9/28/2009 #19
Spark the Clairvoyant

Actually, that pretty much is what it is. Despite not being very religious, I've constantly advocated against my mom and sister doing that. (Last year they got a Christmachanukwanzukah Solstice Shrub. Still all Frowny-face about that)

9/29/2009 #20

Chanukah bush: What Jews call their Xmas tree when they don't want to offend the more religious family members.

"Solstice Shrub" has a nice ring to it, though.

9/29/2009 #21
Ginger Glinda the Tangerine

Grrrrr, the uni website is telling me I can enrol for next year's courses now, I even got an email about it, but apparently my summer course doesn't exist and I have no idea where to find the enrolment form online even when I click on the link that was emailed to me. Epic fail.

9/29/2009 #22

Christmachanukwanzukah Solstice Shrub

9/29/2009 #23
Spark the Clairvoyant

I... didn't quite intend it that way. Tell my sister that. -sigh- I didn't get enough sleep last night. One of my legs feels like the bone has split in two, but still haven't shifted too much, and I can't go to sleep yet...

9/30/2009 #24
Yorkie Lover

One of my legs feels like the bone has split in two

This has happened to me........ notttt fun. Ouchie.

9/30/2009 #25

Thank goodness, I don't think that's happened to me. What has happened is that I've felt like the world was suddenly dropping out from under me. It only lasts a few seconds, and happens so frequently, in fact, that I hardly notice it.

9/30/2009 #26
Spark the Clairvoyant

Hah, it's gone today, so I don't think it actually happened. I think it's just part of the sleep deprivation that was goin on yesterday. A lot of bad things happen if I don't get at least 6 hours of sleep. I had three going into yesterday, so I was occasionally drifting off, and I think I ended up having my relatively rare auditory and/or visual hallucinations. (I kept hearing a VG beat, despite knowing my DS was off, for checking three times in the last minute asoasf) Oh well.

10/1/2009 #27

I feel like a part of me died because my musical "obsession" has subsided. as stupid as it sounds. I feel kind of empty.

10/2/2009 #28

I know. I lost my obsession for Wicked, and I feel awful about it. I really want to get it back.

10/3/2009 #29

I just moved to New york and so far I've met no one to feed my obsession. It's stinks

10/3/2009 #30
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