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I, having nothing better to do, decided that it would be fun to create a forum where authors can just talk about Wicked related stuffs. Come on in if you, like me, feel the need to partake in random discussions to kill your boredom.
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Hey guys, chat in the random thread, K? Leave this one for talking about the Book and the Musical! :] Thanks!
10/2/2007 #31
I vote on the Musical!
10/19/2007 #32
I love both, musical and play. I discovered the book first and decided to see the play. Of course I was disappointed by the differences (who isn't) but I still really enjoyed the play since it gave Elphaba/Elphie/Fabala/Fae/Aunty Witch the happy ending I believed she deserved, also the plot of the play was very different from the book and had many good twists and turns. I think the reason I enjoyed the play just as much is because I was warned about the differences and didn't go to see it unkowingly.
10/24/2007 #33
This is a reply to Meltalviel's first comment. I know exactly what you mean. The sex in the book was - I think - pushed a fair bit over the limits, and what Gregory Maguire said about it sort of confused me about the end, when he was asked if the witch was dead he quoted the last two lines of the book and said the witch will never die - confusing seeing as she was covered in a liquid that burns her horrendously if it touches her.
10/24/2007 #34
Being a showtunes nerd, I would be first inclined to say that the musical is better, but now I'm thinking of all the precision mechanics that go into it. Not just Elphaba flying, but they use a different actor (Chisterie's dancer) for the Wizard in the opening number, but of course it's still the actor for the Wizard singing in a recording. And they do that in a few other places too, with the actor talking while he/she (I actually don't know if they use a she) and although it makes Wicked a wonderful (hm...) show, something about it bothers me for reasons I don't fully understand. I forget who made the comment before, I do like bookverse a lot, but the confrontation scene between the Wizard and Elphaba was a lot clearer than the one in the book. I'm sitting there reading it, Wizard talking, Elphie and Glinda leave, and 'suddenly' Elphaba runs off to be a terrorist. I don't know if I was just sleep deprived when reading that part, but I didn't fully understand when Elphaba learned that the Wizard was behind the genocides against the Quadlings and the Animals. On the whole, the ideal Wicked is musicalverse plot in a bookverse world.
10/24/2007 #35
Seashy Stardust
I don't think there was 'too much sex' in the book. But I never mind that anyway. It helped me relate to the book when I first started reading it. But I didn't really notice there was lots, it's only two couples that are shown having any at all and there's a huge distance between them. Melena and Turtle Heart is pretty breif and maguire doesn't really tend to go too heavily into sexual description, it's done in a pretty uinteresting fantasy way with Melena imagining Turtle Heart can separate his body, it's really spiritual and I loved it. And they should have been WAY MORE decription with Elphie and Fiyero! Maguire just teases us! But that's the point I think, leave it our hungry imagination (FANFICS! lol there are loads because people are greedy for more details!). The rest is just puppets at the beginning and end. But I found that intriging because it was so weird and fantasy, with the prophecies about the villagers. (Except the 'eating their sexual parts bit which are made of mushrooms and ran with garlic ewwww! hah but I think 'eww' and shock is the desired effect, because that's the Pleasure Faith for ya! (Glutony and Lust in one) So yeah I liked it all the same. Oh well it's all a matter of perference and sex is an extremely personal thing so everyone with have an opinion on it in any book.
10/24/2007 #36
Seashy Stardust
And I agree with Sidney, the end little bit confused me the first time I read it. But I ended up taking it to mean the after life... 'did she ever come out?' means 'did she go somewhere else'?, 'not yet' - she isn't there yet (but she will go somewhere else) and *SECOND BOOK SPOILER* ......................................................................... ......................................................................... The reader sees her in the second book 'Son of a Witch' in The Other Land (Heaven) with Fieryo. (Page 161) :) So she made it, even though she didn't belief in other worlds <3 So she did 'come out' of death and oblivion. *Sigh* I love :p
10/24/2007 #37
Seashy Stardust
I was warned as well about the differences in the Musical so I wasn't really that disappointed. It was amazing! >.<
10/24/2007 #38
Yorkie Lover
I liked the musical better cause I saw it first. At least I think that's why I like it better. The songs are really catchy, and it portrays ELphaba in a much better light than the book. However, I'm reading the book now (!) (for the 3rd time lol) and it's one of my favorite books. The topics it deals with... genius. If I had read the book first? Well then, who knows?? I was incredibly disappointed in the book when Elphaba went to be a terrorist or whatever and she and Galinda/Glinda were never friends again. And when Boq stopped liking Galinda... I was really surprised by that, probably cuz I saw the musical first lol. ~Yorkie Lover
10/24/2007 #39
[q]The reader sees her in the second book 'Son of a Witch' in The Other Land (Heaven) with Fieryo. (Page 161) :)[/q] I love that part, and it's even more poignant since she believed it was heinous to suggest an afterlife for the Wicked. Maybe Liir, subconsciously, never believed she was really wicked?
12/4/2007 #40
My question is, where was the rest of Fiyero's dead family while his ghost is hanging out with his ghosty lover? Sarima would probably be ticked her paradise isn't such a paradise without a hottie husband...
12/4/2007 #41
Rofl. Sarima can find another hottie ghost, k?
12/4/2007 #42
Well, not too hot, I think I remember from the book Sarima was fat.
12/4/2007 #43
She was just a little pudgy xD. I always feel bad for Sarima; she's one of the most hated-on characters.
12/4/2007 #44
Mm, in an attempt to revive this and out of curiosity, what makes an actress a superb Elphaba/Glinda for you? Is the acting more important than the singing, or is it their style of singing, or their mannerisms?
3/3/2008 #45
Tiggy the Hopeless Romantic
I'm big on acting with Elphaba(s) and singing with Glinda(s). Don't know why... I mean, both have to do both, but... eh. I think you know what I mean.
3/3/2008 #46
Kennedy Leigh Morgan
I'm the exact opposite lol. I focus more on Glinda's acting and Elphaba's singing. I tend to think Elphaba's a pretty straight-forward character, you can't help but like her. But then she's got these power-ballads that she's got to pretty much nail. On the other hand Glinda has much more potential to be very two dimensional, but when an actress plays her "right" she's a very round character. That said, since I haven't said yet, I discovered the book first and I like the musical better. The book was very well written, and I liked all the subtext. But what intrigues me the most about Wicked is Elphaba and Glinda's relationship and I definitely think the musical focused more on that and showed the impact they had on one another much better.
3/4/2008 #47
Tiggy the Hopeless Romantic
I actually think because Elphaba is SO straight forward, she can come off a little flat if not played well. She can come off a little 'I'm so innocent, and never did anything wrong'. That's not really true. Elphaba has her faults, and only when you can SEE her faults do you really love her. I feel like her power ballads don't mean much if there isn't much emotion behind it. But that's just me!
3/6/2008 #48
I focus on Elphaba singing and G(a)linda's acting. I think there are so many layers to Glinda that you have to play them well, and singing perfectly doesn't appeal to me as much, although I still think that a Glinda needs to have a good voice. Elphaba is very straight forward, and Tiggy's right that she can come off flat, but if there isn't power behind the vocals, then you don't get the power in the character, as Elphaba's songs pretty much sum her up.
3/7/2008 #49
I think I focus mostly on acting for both of them, with Elphaba's singing a little more than Glinda's. Though I've never had the misfortune of seeing a good actress with a bad singing voice in the role, so it's really just whichever one is more important xD. That's probably why I love Kendra so much. She has a nice voice, don't get me wrong, but she doesn't do as well on some of the higher notes as, say, Megan Hilty. However, her acting, to me, is impeccable, and you can just see the emotion radiating off of her in the Finale and other emotional songs. Anyway. So what about Fiyeros? Acting, singing, or looks, since I know that last one is important to some of you? xP
3/8/2008 #50
I'm going to be totelli honest here: [i]you can't have an ugly Fiyero[/i]. It just completely defeats the point of him being some Scandalacious Prince. But he must be able to sing well. Adam Garcia was okay looking, and he's a good actor/dancer but his singing was not good. In ALAYM, Fiyero has to show the emotion in his voice as all they're doing is sitting sideways to the audience anyway, so only the people on the front row can see their facial expressions, so in ALAYM the emotion has to be put through in the voice. And he needs to be able to hit the notes *__* The Fiyero we have now, in England, is Oliver Tompsett. He has a lovely voice and really puts in the emotion in ALAYM. His harmonies with Kerry are to die for <3 And he's a strong actor, very good dancer and good-looking xP Plus he's always nice to his fans, whereas Adam Garcia was a complete arse, even at Cast Change he refused photos and autographs.
3/8/2008 #51
Tiggy the Hopeless Romantic
[q]Anyway. So what about Fiyeros? Acting, singing, or looks, since I know that last one is important to some of you? xP[/q] That one was aimed at me, wasn't it? =P Well, while I do enjoy a nice looking Fiyero... OK, I love a hottt Fiyero. Actually maybe a not-so-hottt Fiyero would be better for me. All I can remember of DTL is how Clifton looked in the pants. Anyway, I think the acting is more important than the singing when it comes to Fiyero. Part of it is the fact that Fiyero does not actually sing alot. Most of Fiyero's character is in the acting. He is actually a very round character when played well, but VERY flat when played poorly. It's the difference between him being a flawed, lovable 'hero' and him being your basic 'Joe Male Lead'.
3/8/2008 #52
I agree about the acting thing, but one of the reasons I don't like David Ayers as much is because his singing (no offense to him) is just terrible xD. He's adorable, and his acting is very good, but his singing kinda ruins it for me :S. Imo, the acting and singing have to be a nice blend, with acting a little more important than singing. Looks aren't [i]as[/i] important, but I do agree with Gravi in that it would defeat the purpose. (But really, Adam Garcia was a jerk? I never would have guessed :()
3/8/2008 . Edited 3/8/2008 #53
Mel, might I add, I'm in love with your avatar <3 [q](But really, Adam Garcia was a jerk? I never would have guessed :()[/q] He was mostly nice, so far as I know, but every couple of months he would refuse to do anything at stage door and would just walk off, ignoring everyone, no matter how polite they were. And at Cast Change, he was [i]horrible[/i] apparently and wouldn't do anything, when he knew it was the last day that they would have to talk to him.
3/8/2008 #54
Tiggy the Hopeless Romantic
I agree that singing is important! I just feel like if there's no good acting, there's no point. And I didn't like listening to Adam very much. *shrug*
3/8/2008 #55
*shows cast change autograph of Adam* I got mine, and I was pretty far down the line, and I remember him as a nice guy... There were other people that were ruder than him, in my opinion. Anyway, back to the original topic. I would say that overall acting is more important than the singing. As long as the singing is fine, that's great. As long as Elphaba holds her long notes (I'm a sucker for those), Glinda hits hers nicely (, and Fiyero goes up in ALAYM on "it's up that I fell," (he fell [i]UP[/i], people!) I have no complaints. As said before, a lot of them can be played very good or very bad, which to me makes the acting important. Though I have never seen someone act so badly that they totally ruin the character. As for looks, you cannot have an ugly Fiyero or G(a)linda for that matter. Of course, everyone has a different image of what is beautiful and ugly... For Elphaba, it doesn't really matter if she, let's say, looks more witchier or more young and innocent, as long as she can act good throughout the show, how she looks ceases to matter.
3/8/2008 #56
[q]*shows cast change autograph of Adam* I got mine, and I was pretty far down the line, and I remember him as a nice guy... There were other people that were ruder than him, in my opinion.[/q] Oh, really? I apologise then, I heard he was horrible D:
3/8/2008 #57

I discovered the book first and prefer it by a little bit to the musical...but not much.

4/13/2008 #58
Ginger Glinda the Tangerine

I like both, because they deal with such different issues. The book was ruined a little for me by "Son Of A Witch", which was so much more terrible. Seriously, how can you have a Wicked book without Elphie?

Also, I agree with what you guys were saying about acting. The singing is important, but if you're a wooden actor the singing becomes irrelevant.

4/14/2008 #59

exactly. If you can't act, you shouldn't be on stage, no matter how great a singer you are. And yeah, son of a witch almost wrecked it for me too.

4/14/2008 #60
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