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I, having nothing better to do, decided that it would be fun to create a forum where authors can just talk about Wicked related stuffs. Come on in if you, like me, feel the need to partake in random discussions to kill your boredom.
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A Lonely Planet

I recently had this idea where we talk about silly ways to take over the world (as a joke).

Like I say I'll take over the by teapots and you say your idea.

1/16/2010 #1
Vision in Blue

I will take over by throwing my textbooks up in the air, and then using my crutches to hit them (like a baseball bat) at important world powers. (:

1/16/2010 #2

I'm all for subliminal messages through worldwide musical broadcasts (:

1/17/2010 #3

I love your idea, Neon :)

This is actually kind of a coincidence this thread was made because about a month ago I told Dahling I was taking over the world (jokingly), then about a week ago she asked me how it was going.

I told her I asked Hitler for help but he wouldn't help me because I'm only 50% German, so I decided to get help from Anakin Skywalker instead. I also said we would recruit geeks/nerds/dorks for a whole army :P

(I'm joking, by the way).

1/19/2010 #4
Pied Piper Pluto

I'd gather an army of otaku (otakus?), who would be clad in cosplay of various anime (animes?), then told to reenact the "Pirates vs. Ninjas" flamewar. The sane people would be too busy laughing at the ridiculous image of cosplayers arguing that Naruto could totally kick Luffy's butt (and vice versa) thus presented that they would not notice me hacking into the President's computer to put my own fics into his account, therefore controlling the entire government by becoming the President.

...Geez, I think I just got +5 in Insanity.

1/19/2010 #5

haha WINN okeh so maybe your plans are a little better thought out..

Just for laughs; my friends and I were incidentally discussing this a while ago and one of my friends had a suggestion that amused me-

Set up a harem outside the US base in Iraq, earn a pile of money, have plastic surgery to look like Queen Elizabeth, then abuse your monarch power and take over (:

Flawed, I know, and a little innappropriate but eh :D

1/20/2010 #6
A Lonely Planet

I still think teapots is a good idea, I mean who suspects the evil teapots when they all look so innocent (joking).

1/20/2010 #7

Teapots are devious indeed... who would look for some secret take-over-the-world-with-me device hidden in a teapot?I see your tactics :D

1/20/2010 #8
Tiggy the Hopeless Romantic

Flawed, I know, and a little innappropriate but eh :D

Honey, if you think that's inaproppriate.... Umm. Yeah.

Broadcast Glee on every channel, constantly.... who would do anything but watch Glee?

1/20/2010 #9

Tiggy, that means I would watch my other shows on Hulu, then Glee on TV :P

I would round up all of the Death Eaters and the Gale Force then create an army, taking over the world! Mwahahaha. Maybe even more armies if any would be willing.

1/20/2010 #10
Vision in Blue

Broadcast Glee on every channel, constantly... who would do anything but watch Glee?

This was my past Thursday-Sunday haha. I managed to be too sore and tired to do anything but watch Glee. That could definitely be used to take over the world- I'll bet on it. *throws chocolate coins into hat*

Another way to take over world: If all the doodles I write in my algebra notebook were enlarged and dropped from the sky, yeah, the world would be mine.

1/20/2010 #11
A Lonely Planet

I like that idea (the one about the doodles), how about drawing pictures (like dragons) and them making them come alive like frankenstien and taking over the world. Some how I think that's a cross of Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles and the mad scientist idea.

1/20/2010 #12
Vision in Blue


*cough* Sorry. Reminds me of an epic episode of Spongebob. :P

And my notes would have some pretty, swirls, cubes, and pyramids. And bubble letters. BEWARE OF THE BUBBLE LETTERS!

1/20/2010 . Edited 1/20/2010 #13
A Lonely Planet

Yes well beware the teapots (joke).

1/20/2010 #14

By singing a creep song with my daughter.

1/20/2010 #15
Vision in Blue

By singing a creep song with my daughter.


1/21/2010 #16

By getting a replica of Nessa's wheelchair from Act II, getting a red light saber (to match the wheelchair, plus out of lightsaber colors, red is my favorite), whipping it out, and chasing everybody around threatening to run over them in my wheelchair then use my light saber on them :P

Or maybe broadcasting live musical theater shows on TV often.


1/22/2010 #17
A Lonely Planet

I would take over with magic.

2/5/2010 #18
Pied Piper Pluto

I'll see your magic and raise you an alchemy.

2/5/2010 #19
Spark the Clairvoyant

I see your alchemy and raise you an army of Artificial humans who are all blond/e and androgynous and tailed.

3/29/2010 #20

Darn. How do I beat that?

3/29/2010 #21
Spark the Clairvoyant

Ragtag group of heroes?

3/29/2010 #22

Hm...I'll hire a bunch of green frogs to sing songs from RENT and while everyone listens, my secret gang of random people will have plastic surgery to look like all the world powers, then kill the real ones. And we'll make them into pies and serve them to civilians.

Oh, and this must involve magic. That way it combines all of my obsessions. XD Or I could just obsess over something until everyone begs for mercy. You guys could help with that, coudn't you?

3/29/2010 #23

Let's see, I gang up with my ninja buddies and make an alliance with the pirates (don't ask... I'm big with Pirates vs. Ninjas). We then go to the Star Wars galaxy and recruit all the awesome Jedi, the Ewoks (awesome teddy bear creatures), and the Stormtroopers (and hope they don't all kill themselves). Then (best part) we eat a lot of sugar (you don't want to know what sugar does to people like me) and go take over the world. THE END.

*and yes, we could just fangirl the world to olivion, Amythista*

8/29/2010 #24

Sara, we should rebuild the Death Star (AGAIN...Death Star III :P) too. For good measure, ya know?

And I'll gang up my pirate buddies to make sure we form that alliance with your ninja buddies :)

8/29/2010 #25
Spark the Clairvoyant

TARDIS. I'd use a TARDIS somehow...

(Yes, it should always be capitalized. It's an Acronym)

9/10/2010 #26

out of curiousity, what does TARDIS stand for?

9/10/2010 #27

Time And Relative Dimension In Space (:

9/10/2010 #28
A Lonely Planet

By giving free hugs!

9/11/2010 #29

lolz. I love all these ideas. I say we just create a massive fangirl army throughout al lthe fandoms and just take over the world because we're that awesome.

9/11/2010 #30
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