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I, having nothing better to do, decided that it would be fun to create a forum where authors can just talk about Wicked related stuffs. Come on in if you, like me, feel the need to partake in random discussions to kill your boredom.
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Okay so We'll just basically write a story one author post at a time. Starting with mine!

It was a sunny day at Shiz University. The kind that meant everyone was outside on this gorgeous Sunday.

7/22/2010 #1

(Heya, Yero!)

Everyone was in the courtyard, milling around, talking and laughing with friends. That is, except for one particular green girl and her sister.

9/23/2010 #2

Glinda has mysteriously disappeared this morning, no one knew this except Elphaba and Nessa.

1/25/2011 #3

Elphaba and Nessa--and the aliens in their shielded ship, which hung in the sky over the school in exactly the way a brick wouldn't. (Thank you, Douglas Adams.)

1/26/2011 #4

(well now, this'l b interesting..)

"I wonder where Glinda disappeared to," Nessa said to her sister.

"I don't know Nessa, but I have a feeling that she didn't disappear on her own accord," Elphaba replied.

1/26/2011 #5

"Glinda is gone?" Boq gasped, skidding to a stop behind them.

1/28/2011 #6

Elphaba nodded, rolling her eyes at Boq's reaction. "She's been gone for a while, now."

7/3/2011 #7
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