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I, having nothing better to do, decided that it would be fun to create a forum where authors can just talk about Wicked related stuffs. Come on in if you, like me, feel the need to partake in random discussions to kill your boredom.
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^ Mystery Diagnosis!!!!!

- Or Untold Stories of the E.R. And Dr. G. I did enjoy Sit Down, Shut Up while it was on the air, but now it's not... *tear, tear*

Ha! No, I'm just always on when nobody else is on... one of the perks of being homeschooled, I guess. *shrug*

V Ever headdesked? (Literally, not just putting astericks around the word.)

5/20/2009 #1,921

^Yes, actually.

You were homeschooled? Awesome. I was homeschooled K-12 and loved it.

v Plans for the future? (college, career, Broadway stardom)

5/20/2009 #1,922

^ Right now, I want to be a veterinarian. I love animals, and medicine. After reading Another Day in the Frontal Lobe by Katrina Firlik, I'd also want to be a nerosurgon.

- Haha! Suh-weet! I should've known. XD It's always nice to meet another homeschooler....

V Favorite memory?

5/20/2009 #1,923

^ That's a tough one. I would have to say the nights my father and I sat and talked while waiting for my brother's basetball practices to be over every time we went to pick him up (they notoriously ran over every week without fail). He died when I was twelve, so any one on one bonding time I had with him was to be treasured.

-You should have known, huh? Was that my weirdness or my brilliance shining through? ;P Veterinarian or neurosurgeon? Lofty goals. I'm going to be a cultural anthropologist if I don't change my major.

V Favorite book?

5/20/2009 #1,924

^ Tough one! I love so many. :) I really love Another Day in the Frontal Lobe.

- Brilliance. You know some finer nuisances of grammar that some other people never knew existed. Not here, but on other forums. xD Oh, that's just awesome. Tell me more!

V Same question!

5/20/2009 #1,925

^ Favorite book? You want me to pick just one? ~short circuits~ Seriously, you don't know how many minutes I've wasted trying to come with a title, any title, that I could say with any authority at all "Yes, that's at least one of my favorites." Books are like children. You can't pick a favorite or all the others get jealous. Not an answer, but I don't have an answer and I really want to blather on about anthropology so there you go.

-- I had intended to be a literature major, but as soon as I took my first anthropology class I was hooked (one of my classes got canceled and I had to find a replacement at the last second. kissmet). We're reading Grand Valley Dani: Peaceful Warriors and all these other ethnographies and everyone is complaining about how boring they are and how they thought anthropologists were all like Bones and this class is nothing like they expected (I love Bones as much as the next person, but ignorance makes me sad) while I'm bouncing off the walls, waxing poetic about ethnographies and field studies and linguistics and our professor (who did her field work in Brazil). I started holding study groups, doing projects outside of class, and hanging around to talk to the teacher and ask questions. One day I realized that this is kind of what I want to study all the time. I've just finished my sophmore year, so I haven't taken much but prereqs and a couple of basic courses, but I can try to field some general questions. I'm already looking ahead to my fieldwork (Honduras). My anthroplogy professor (for I've taken the same one for both Gen. Anthroplogy courses and Archeaology) was considering taking me along as a research assistant on a trip to Peru this summer,because we really hit it off and she knows how dedicated/excited I am, but I lost out to a graduate student (which makes sense, but is disappointing). [/long windedness]

V Um, favorite movie? (and I have an answer to this one if it gets turned around ;) )

5/20/2009 #1,926

^ That's hard, too! :P RENT: Filmed Live on Broadway and Billy Elliot are my two current favorites, though.

-Wow. Just, wow. That is so interesting... it sounds like fun!! I'll have to keep that in mind if I take any, later in life. Keep it up! :D

V Same question? (You asked for it, Squ! :P)

5/20/2009 #1,927

^ The Princess Bride, always has been. It even beats out White Christmas

Writing is slow going when you have to keep up with the BAS. ;) I've written like two sentences in the past hour. My reviewers are going to be angry.

V Why fanfiction? (Why write it? Why read it? Whatever you want to do with the question)

5/20/2009 #1,928

^ Write it: I like exploring things; exploring characters, or creating alternate scenarios. I like reviews too; they make me smile, and reviewers are usually awesome. Why read it? Because I like seeing what other people come up with! :D

- I. Know. I've been trying to write the next chapter of my story for... what, two hours now? I haven't written anything yet. :( *sob, sob*

V Same question! (Squ, when you stop asking such intersting questions, I'll stop copying them! :P)

5/20/2009 #1,929

^ Write it: I have wacky ideas that won't leave my brain alone and/or sometimes there are things that need to be explored that just aren't on screen/stage. Plus, there is a certain wish-fufillment "here's how it should have happened" element. Also, like you said, awesome reviewers and valididation (I glow every time someone says I have talent as a writer). Read it: Love to see what things people can come up with and which scenes they find significant enough to expand on.

-Really need to buckle down because I've set the bar too high the past couple weeks and now if I don't upload something--at least a drabble-- every day I get all these--read: three or four--messages asking "What happened today? Are you sick?" ~sigh~ it's nice to be loved I guess.

V What kind of music do you usually listen to?

5/20/2009 #1,930

^ Theatre! Lots and lots of theatre! :D And stuff from the 60's and 70's, and stuff in other languages... or a combination of the three!

- Wow! Haha....

V Favorite type of popcorn?

5/20/2009 #1,931

^ Movie theatre popcorn, no butter but lots of salt

--I'm currently on a library computer and it's going to kick me off soon. I need to go save my two lines of fic. ;)

V Favorite type of salad dressing (running out of ideas)

5/20/2009 #1,932
Spark the Clairvoyant

^ Dead popcorn (Y'know, "The only good X is a dead X"? Nevermind. I just hate corn products.)

- Jury Duty. Had to get dressed up dressy, go downtown, and sit and wait for my name to be called. It wasn't until the end where they were just checking we all were there before saying "Judges are good, bye bye now"

V Stuff that made you go "Meh"

5/20/2009 #1,933

^ Squ: I make a really good basic one, with olive oil, flax oil, balsamic vinegar, and mustard. Yummmmm.

^ Riti: My back. I'm sick of it hurting. I can't care anymore, though.

- Oh, well, bye, Squ! See you another time. ;)

V Are your toenails painted?

5/20/2009 #1,934

^ Nope.

-I am listening to "Get Out and Stay Out" and am in awe.

V Have you heard it before I mentioned it?

5/20/2009 #1,935

^ No

-I just agreed to write another request from someone who PMed me. I need to stop doing that. It's called the Summer Fic Exchange, not everyone request a fic from Squ. It was a good idea though so I didn't mind agreeing to write it.

V Summer plans?

5/20/2009 #1,936
Spark the Clairvoyant

^ Class for a month, relax a couple weeks, then London.

- I love that town. I am such a bad American, being such a wannabe Brit.

V Favorite kind of muffin?

5/20/2009 #1,937


I want to hide in your suitcase. You don't mind, right? :P

V Favorite kind of dessert?

5/20/2009 #1,938

^Brownies. Plain and simple.

I dig doodling...although the only way I can draw people is as chibis (big head, little body, oversimplified)

V Favorite book you've had to read for school?

5/20/2009 #1,939

^ Chocolate ice cream (there's some in the freezer, presumably for Shavuos, but I've decided that if my mother didn't say that I can't have any, then I might aswell make sure that it's not poisoned).

-A few weeks ago my cousin got engaged; that night was the engagement party and as I was having a fine time with food and my cousins, my chemistry teacher walked into the room. A very OMFGWTFDHY moment. We acknowledged each other and I slithered off. As I was mentioning to one of my cousins that my teacher had just showed up, my mother came up to me and dragged me to say hello to her. Helpless, I said hello and quoted Dr. Horrible ("what a crazy random happenstance!") and asked her how she came to be there (groom's mother's best friend; Jewish Geography is crazy). Then she said, "So, what happened with that last test (note: I forgot everything and failed)? You left out the entire last page?"My mother later apologized for dragging me over, but that put a slight damper on my evening. And I hope I do well on my final, because now I will most probably see my teacher at the wedding (two days after I come back from camp, dusty and probably mosquito-bitten and goodness knows how many pounds heavier).

V Do you like Cluefinders? I just took all our Cluefinder games and the Carmen Sandiego to my room. I'll spend the whole night with them.

5/20/2009 #1,940

^ Beowulf. That had a lot more to do with the class discussions than the material though.

--My people are kind of cartoonish too for the most part. I wish I could show off some of my sketches again, but I have to leave the McNugget one on until Inkhandedlady sees it (long story short, I nicknamed her drabbles the Fanfiction McNuggets and I want her to see that I'm advertising for her)

V Favorite subject in school?

5/20/2009 #1,941

^ Most of them! C'mon, I pick my subjects! :P

- My map just fell on my head. *sigh*

V Have you ever worn clothes over pajamas?

5/20/2009 #1,942
Spark the Clairvoyant

^ I love the lit courses I take for Uni.

- My people are kind-of comick-y, but I'm making the concious effort on that part. -points to Av as sample and then further points to for more stuff as well as seeing how her style has evolved-

V Like drawing?

5/20/2009 #1,943

^English and AP Bio (I would take it a hundred more times).

-I have a story about frozen suppositories.

V Favorite pizza topping?

5/20/2009 #1,944

^No, no clothes over pajamas. ^ Yes, love drawing. ^ My favorite pizza topping is eggplant, but I usually only get that as a choice when I make my own pizza

*giggles* Don't everybody post at once or anything

V Favorite kind of flower?

5/20/2009 #1,945

^ Bougainvillea.

- My back still hurts. Damn. :|

V Can you cackle?

5/20/2009 #1,946

^ When so inclined

-Now I need to go look up what a bougainvilla is.

V Can you whistle?

5/20/2009 #1,947

^ Yes! I can also blow a shofar, so I'm just that much more awesome. :)

- You should. They're pretty!

V What is your favorite type of fruit?

5/20/2009 #1,948

^ Mangoes (has strange feeling I said this already today)

-Already forgot I said Iwas going to do that. I'll go look them up now.

V Favorite vegetable?

5/20/2009 #1,949

^ Hm... kale. I really really love kale.

- Why do we seem to be having an epic ^-V game battle? XD

V Favorite kitchen gadget. (i.e. blender, food processor, ice cream maker, popcorn popper, et cetera....)

5/20/2009 #1,950
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