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I, having nothing better to do, decided that it would be fun to create a forum where authors can just talk about Wicked related stuffs. Come on in if you, like me, feel the need to partake in random discussions to kill your boredom.
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Tiggy the Hopeless Romantic

Alright, I've taken it upon myself to make a sort of welcome thread/FAQ. If someone disasgrees with this thread, feel free to delete it.

Q) Are there rules here?

A) Not rules, per se. But there are some guidlines I wrote up a while ago to help ease some tension.

1) Take care with what you say. Your words can affect people more than you may realize. You are free to state your opinions, just be careful the way you say it.

2) Please no chat speak. I'm not a grammar Nazi and my spelling is atrocious, but there is no need to talk lyk dis.

3) Don't post to simply post. If you have something you want to say, by all means post in the correct thread. We'd like to hear your thoughts. Just not in simply bumping old threads. Conversation goes in the Random thread.

And... really, that's it.

Q) What's a Board War?

A) When we get to the end of a thread, we battle for the last post. And go a little insane.

Q) Strawberry Cake?

A) Don't even ask. And REALLY, don't eat it.

Q) I like Gelphie. Am I welcome here?

A) Yes.

Q) I like Fiyeraba. Am I welcome here?

A) Yes

Q) I like Morrible/Doctor Dillamond. Am I welcome here?

A) Yes.... get it? This isn't the place for a pairing war. Some prefer one pairing. Some prefer another. It doesn't matter.

Q) What is all this about having Broadway Stars for parents?

A) I have no idea where that even came from. But it's good fun and who can turn down new siblings?

Q) Marriage?

A) Yeah. Marry whoever you like. Marry your sister for bonus points. If you and your sister/wife manage to reproduce that's icing on the cake. If those children happen to be insects, you just might be awesome. *eye roll*

9/21/2008 #1
Doctor Wolfie

Q) Strawberry Cake?

A) Don't even ask. And REALLY, don't eat it.

*snerk* *bows* Actually, you should eat it. ;)

If you and your sister/wife manage to reproduce that's icing on the cake.

Strawberry icing on strawberry cake?

And Tiggy, I'm gonna actually flag this, since this is a good post to have on the top. Tell me if you want me to unflag it.

9/21/2008 #2

But could somebody please explain the strawberry cake to this poor pathetic newbie? I do know of its existence; I have a moment in one of the last few chapters of a fic that probably won't be finished for a long, long time in which Elphaba runs into Shell in a market. Shell is looking at pastries and Elphaba advises him 'no matter what you do, don't eat the strawberry cake'. For that alone I deserve an explanation, no?

9/21/2008 #3
Tiggy the Hopeless Romantic

No prob. If anyone thinks something should be added, just say so.

Oh... I'll let Wolfie field that one. Because I frankly have no idea where it started, but I know she had a hand in it.

9/21/2008 . Edited 9/21/2008 #4
Doctor Wolfie started as a joke that I baked poisonous strawberry cake, I believe, back in October of last year. And I would systematically give one to every newbie as an...initiation rite. And they'd eat it and die. :P

I killed Heffy this way. Who knew that killing could bloom into such a beautiful friendship? *snerk*

9/21/2008 #5

A) Yeah. Marry whoever you like. Marry your sister for bonus points. If you and your sister/wife manage to reproduce that's icing on the cake. If those children happen to be insects, you just might be awesome. *eye roll*

We are awesome, look! *points to twins, one wearing a shirt stating 'AWE' and the other with a shirt stating 'SOME'*

You know what's also awesome? This thread.

9/21/2008 #6
Spark the Clairvoyant

Can I add that this is awesome, Tiggy-twin, I'm jealous of all the newcomers. My sisters, half-sisters, Gravi, and the Chenoclan had to explain it all to me and I had to actually take notes. I still have them somewhere.

9/22/2008 #7

What also might help is this:

It's the history thread ^_^

9/22/2008 #8
Doctor Wolfie

Although that thread hasn't been updated for a while...but that's okay. :)

9/22/2008 #9
Tiggy the Hopeless Romantic

Looking at the history thread just makes us all look insane. And short.

9/22/2008 #10

I know it hasn't been updated since March (I contemplated putting that in with the original post, but decided against it). But it still gives new people a sense of what goes on here, especially the board wars.

9/22/2008 #11

Poisonous strawberry cake? Ah craziness!

9/22/2008 #12
Doctor Wolfie

Poisonous strawberry cake? Ah craziness!

Yep yep. So...since I never got to ask you...want some cake? ;)

9/22/2008 #13
Yorkie Lover

cough*this thread would have been very helpful two months ago*cough

But that's fine. I read the history. :) And I think this is a very good idea, if my opinion counts for anything. ;)

9/22/2008 #14

Yep yep. So...since I never got to ask you...want some cake? ;)

Since the food I keep at school mysteriously vanished...sure. I'll test it for poison first, and if it's not too toxic, I'll eat it during a class that I really want to get out of (ME: *starts foaming* TEACHER: everything okay back there? ME: Help...Wolfie...strawberry cake...ate... TEACHER: Please, don't cause any more trouble. ME: AHHHHH...*dies*)

9/23/2008 #15
Spark the Clairvoyant

It's killed many, HCO, including what has turned out to be my little sister on my first day on the board (And for a while she sported Green Skin, too, What happened to that, Lurkie)

9/23/2008 #16
Ginger Glinda the Tangerine

I don't think I've ever eaten the cake... although I have been offered it. O_O

9/23/2008 #17

I have but one thing to say...

Morrible/Dr. Dillamond?


9/24/2008 #18

'Tis nothing compared to the Harry Potter fandom, where it's a shipping free-for-all. Some people actually took Lily's comment to heart, and now there are Lily/Giant Squid fics out there. Seriously. And I wonder why Killy and Grommetik are listed in the character filter, but not any of the Quadlings?

9/24/2008 #19
Spark the Clairvoyant

Turtle Heart's listed. (Though Candle isn't, I don't think) Character filters are... strange... so Turtle Heart's listed as... Turtle H. as if Heart were his last name.

9/24/2008 #20

I emailed the character list email yesterday to see if they would fix Ama Clutch, Turtle Heart, and remove the last initials for most characters (because honestly, Tiggular's a musical name, as is Upland, and Thropp is rather redundant... how many Elphabas are there running around?) as well as add a few like Candle, Sarima, etc.

9/24/2008 #21
Tiggy the Hopeless Romantic

Though last initials (on Fiyero and Glinda) might be my fault. I included those initials on my list... though GM has said that even though the musical came up with Tiggular, he likes it and plans to use it as Fiyero's last name.

And I do want Sarima definitly added to the list. And if they add Candle, add Trism too.

9/24/2008 #22

Adding my own appendix to the guidelines here.

If you know who made your avatar, be sure to credit them appropriately or at least acknowledge that you're using their design if you ever end up talking to the original artist. It's a courtesy thing.

11/3/2008 #23


does it make me a bad person to speak in I.M on a writing site?


I credited my Avatar - by the wonderful Amecons on LJ - some amazing Wicked Avatars check her out.

Anyway the last thing I posted on here was 'Morrible and Dr. Dillamond - ew.'

Well I was browsing the other parts of the circle and I found something that made me shudder in my ruby slippers -

Harry Potter.....



AKA Prof. Lupin

now is that not just a bit weird?

I'm all for Homosexuality - I love the gays as Kristin says...


ew, just ew.

Now this has no relevance whatsoever,

but i suppose we WERE talking about ships. :)


11/3/2008 #24

Dearie, there's far worse out there: think Lily/Squid or Dexter Jettster/Padmé or Aragorn/Aragorn

11/6/2008 #25
Valkyrie War Cry

What about - MY BABY JUST COOED! - Grizzly bear/Emmett or Bellatrix/Nymphadora or Ron/Voldemort....

11/10/2008 #26

There's an icon saying "Billy Black/Wheelchair". Also, "Freud ships you and your mom".

11/10/2008 #27

Really, guys. Why are you talking about ships in a GUIDELINES thread? Hm? *Raises eyebrow*

11/12/2008 #28
Ginger Glinda the Tangerine

They're just using it as an example of how to spam, right guys? *winks*

11/12/2008 #29

Because there's so much confusion over and mistreatment of ships.

11/12/2008 #30
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