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a wrestling forum that just so happens to go by my favourite wrestlers theme song. a concidence? not likely! come in and have fun but i warn all the admin is wierd!
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ok, since facebook is so big i thought it would be nice to have a topic for it....

if anyone wants to add me i'm here


^^ leave links to anything wrestling related things you may find on your travels of facebook people!

if you want some one to talk to ( and i know you) you can add me.... i don't really care.... i like talking to people online....

anyways, cya everyone!

5/27/2010 #1

and yes, me making this topic is sad coz theres like.... 2 regular posters on this forum lol

5/27/2010 #2

I'm not on Facebook because I have too many relatives on there who are nosy. I'd rather be on something different where no relatives would see my stuff.

5/28/2010 #3

i see your point lol

if you have one you can add me.

6/8/2010 #4

I've thought about joining DA, but I never post art.

6/10/2010 #5

it has a fanfic section too.

i post sabretooth fan poetry there.

7/9/2010 #6

Oh, okay. Well, I'll think about it. Is it free to join?

7/10/2010 #7

yeah. but you can pay for extra stuff. :)

7/22/2010 #8

Well, I'd rather have it be free to join without having to pay. What extra stuff can you pay for?

8/5/2010 #9

it is free to join just you get extra stuff on it...

i don't know iv'e never bothered paying. XD lol iv'e never seen the point. i just stick with a normal non-paying account.

there, no you don't need to pay to LOOK at my account just in case you may get that into your head. XD

you can look at my account and see if you decide you want one. ^^ iv'e found some alright wrestling flashs over that site actually. :)

11/2/2010 #10

Yeah, I know that. I've seen some TMNT art on DA before. I might get one, but I'm not sure yet. I've just got too much other stuff to do right now.

11/18/2010 #11
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