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Yup, this is all about your favorites... Mine are...(In order) LukexTear GuyxNatalia AschxNatalia JadexDist JadexPeony AnisexIon/Florian/a hungry Jabberwocky And my favorite crack pairing is LukexIemon (which, sadly, lacks fanart and fics...what?)
5/27/2007 #1
Seraphim Starlight
Favorite pairings, huh? Let's see. In order... Guy x Natalia Asch x Natalia Luke x Tear Anise x Ion/Florian Jade x Natalia (heh, it could happen, right???) And last but not least, my guilty pleasure... Jade x Anise. ( I mean, once you get past the whole age difference thing, it's not so bad...*nervous sweatdrop*)
5/27/2007 #2
Heh, I think I once saw some fanart of JadexNatalia. Actually, I think I have it saved... And as for JadexAnise...I'd support it once Anise gets older.
5/28/2007 #3
Seraphim Starlight
Fanart??? Really??? On DeviantArt maybe? I've seen doujinshi for that couple on eBay, but I've never found anything elsewhere...
5/28/2007 #4
lol Not from deviantart. I think it was from some Japanese site. Well, I found it, and it has JadexNatalia, LukexTear, and GuyxTokunagaxAnise in it. They're all dancing too XD Well, my fanart collection is mostly LukexTear, Luke, and yaoi, it seems (didn't want the last one, it just...happened). But I haven't seen much of JadexNatalia either... I'll show it to ya soon enough, just not now. And perhaps some of the AschxNatalia and GuyxNatalia fanart as well (which isn't too much). Oh, and LukexIemon has fanart now!
5/28/2007 #5
spiral downward
well, I don't think anyone has said these [or have they? XD], but: Asch x Luke Ion x Sync Guy x Luke Jade x Saphir [Dist] Jade x Peony aaaand that's it. XD sadly, I oppose LukexTear and GuyxNatalia [me no flamer], which sums up majority of the fanfiction here in the Abyss section. so, I guess that means I better start writing, for my part. I make jokes all the time about Luke. if he was in a yaoi pairing, he would HAVE to be the uke, because he's L-uke. XDDD but bah, I ramble. buut, I have two crack pairings [or so I call them..]: Anise x Peony [it's too hilarious] Anise x Guy ahh. should those ever see the light of day, I would be satisfied. XD buut, if you know ANY good doushinji [err, I spelled that right, right?], tell meee. :D
6/1/2007 #6
What the heck, might as well list mine In order AschxNatalia LukexTear AnisexA hungry jabberwocky (which needs fanart!) GuyxNoir Yeah, I know that last one is weird, and I am one of very few who likes it, but I will work it into a fic someday, already know which one too Not a fan of yaoi, but I have started rather liking fanart of Asch and Luke along with Asch and Ginji portrayed as friends.
6/3/2007 #7
Let's see... LukexTear (duh) AschxNatalia (duh again) GuyxNoelle (not-so-duh) JadexJade (in the meaning that he is too cool for anyone else XD) DistxNebilim ("Heh heh...Professor...I'm coming!") AnisexIon SyncxArietta VanxLegretta
6/8/2007 #8
Okay. I just have the thirst to write all I like/love!! LukexTear (hearts) LukexAsch (hey, I can't help it!!) AnisexIon AnisexFlorian NataliaxGuy NataliaxAsch (my fave!) AriettaxIon NephryxPeony General CecillexGeneral Frings (call me a dreamer cuz I am!) Legretta/RegretxVan I'm okay with all of the others, but just not as much... I'm not really one to push. ^^ Don't kill me for some of my own thoughts, please...
6/10/2007 #9
Yes, yes a long list for me~ :'D My utmost favourite: Synch/Ion *hearts* Here we go: Tear/Luke Natalia/Guy Arietta/Synch Anise/Ion Regret/Van Jade/Anise - Hurray for crack pairings? Noelle/Guy Noelle/Ginji - Shoot me if you must. Tear/Van Yulia/Guy - *Whistles* It COULD have happened, and it probably would have, if not for the time factor... Dist/Jade Jade/Peony Guy/Luke Luke/Asch Guy/Van Van/Luke Van/Asch Synch/Guy - Second favourite 8D Ginji/Guy Tear/Regret Tear/Natalia Yulia/Tear - :| Mieu/A buusagi Guy/Fon Machines And if it were a bit earlier, I would guess: Yulia/Lorelei Yulia/Southern-Cross - haha at Star Ocean 3-ness Yulia/Fon Machines And (Due to cross-overs...): Synch/Arbel (From SO3) Have a nice day. =D
6/18/2007 . Edited 7/30/2007 #10
My total obsession: SYNCH/ANISE Sync/Anise [This pairing need more love... It could have happened... Why can they not see? D8] Ori!Ion/Arietta [She's obsessed with him... You can definately tell.] Luke/Tear [No brainer~] Guy/Noelle Guy/Natalia Asch/Natalia Jade/Natalia Jade/Tear Tear/Sync [total crack] Mohs/Score [You know it's hot. ;P] Van/Regret (Legretta) Jade/Luke Asch/Guy Guy/Luke Jade/Dist Peony/Jade Synch/Anise/Ion LOL I DON'T THINK THREESOMES COUNT. /o/
6/20/2007 #11
Lulz, I haven't posted in an FFN forum in ages. Ultimately, these are my favorites: Jade x Anise Guy x Van Luke x Natalia Peony x Dist Ion x Sync But, I also like these~ Luke x Tear Luke x Guy Luke x Asch Luke x Van (just one-sided, though) Tear x Natalia Tear x Van Guy x Natalia Guy x Asch Guy x Jade Guy x Peony Guy x Sync Anise x Ion Anise x Sync Anise x Florian Anise x Arietta Jade x Dist Jade x Peony Natalia x Asch Arietta x Sync Arietta x Original Ion Frings x Cecille Sync x Florian And I'm totally not going there with the crack... o_o
6/21/2007 #12
Colonel Curtiss
Greetings there. If we're talking about love, I'd go with: Asch x Natalia Luke x Tear Arietta x Original Ion Anise x Ion Guy x Arietta Legretta x Van (Haha.) If we're talking about strong bonds (no, NOT THAT, bad fangirls!): Jade x Peony Jade x Anise Guy x Luke Luke x Asch And purely for crack: Jade x Dist.
7/5/2007 #13
Well My favorites are : Guy X Luke! (God I love this Couple ) I swear I ahve like 300 fan art of them Plus The Fic I'm writting makes this couple more Enjoyable XD Jade X Peony (Duh) I mean Have you seen the Hints they Give In the Game play?!?! How can you not like them. Jade X Dist(Sorta of funny) I saw this is kinda of the S& M Relationship Seeing as Jade said Dyst was a Perfect Pet xD -Imagines Jade spanking Dist - X____X I should go
7/14/2007 #14
In order: LukexTear LukexGuy GuyxOC AschxNatalia (don't ask .) AnisexIon (again don't ask) SyncxArietta (once again don't ask) JadexAnyone xD TearxNatalia I don't have too many faves but if I get more I'll let you know
7/30/2007 #15
I've always like the JadexTear pairing myself. Tho it could never happen in the game. Then JadexDist come in 2ed.
9/25/2007 #16
Resident Bishounen
For me Jade/Peony is top. Followed by Jade/Dist and Guy/Luke. And Lastly, Frings/Cecille. There are a bunch more I don't mind, but these ones stand out most, for me.
9/27/2007 #17
Black Xavier
I felt like posting my faves too. XD Luke x Tear (I love this pairing so much. I look into every little detail or hints!) Guy x Jade (...what? I think they look great together. XD) Jade x Peony (too cute, and hilarious XD I imagine lots of rappigs in the scene) Anise x Synch (:P) Natalia x Asch (they're too sweet to deny) I love the friendship that Luke and Guy share. I'm afraid I can't see them as a couple though. But I think I'm open-minded enough to accept it. I'm not into Natalia x Guy pairing but I suppose I'm fine with it. Well, that's about it. Luke X Tear: definitely my obsession. For people who are interested, here's a club link in deviantART. It's all about LxT:
10/7/2007 #18
for me i'd have to say: TearxLegretta i mean c'mon am i the only one that has seen this? Legretta definitely had a thing for Tear in the game, why else would she so obsessively keep trying to take Tear on their side and sometimes u could also even hear the tone of her voice that she had a thing for Tear!
10/19/2007 #19
That's because she's Van's (which is the person she totally loves) sister. But that is opinion and no one can change it. My favorite pairings are: (not in order) Jade/Peony (can somebody tell me a good story with this pair in it?) - Some scenes with both of them on it were totally hilarious! and of course, scenes with Jade and Dist, though, I personally think that this pairing is one sided. (Jade ignoring Dist...) Guy/Natalia - It was quite evident on the game... Guy/Luke - they're bestfriends... or more. Natalia/Asch - Another evident on the game. Though Natalia obsessing over Asch is quite undesirable. Luke/Tear - It's a cannon. And they look good with each other. Jade/Nebilim - it might possibly be a one sided story. General Cecille/General Frings - wah! they look good with each other! Ughh... i can't remember them all.
10/29/2007 #20
Resident Bishounen
Darkemogirl: If you don't mind a little self-promotion, I've got a short Jade/Peony fic up here. Anyway, I agree with you about Dist. I don't think Jade likes him much beyond friendship, but watching Dist go after Jade is just so much fun.
10/30/2007 #21
Luke[Long hair]/Natalia [Short hair Luke freaks me out.... its kind of annoying =_=] - I love the stubborness of both <3 even if they are friends they constantly fight, and I like love/hate pairings xD Tear/Asch - A pairing that will totally kick your a** D: <3 Noir/Her fans - Pure love with them haha.... :| if I have to choose a yuri pairing... it will be.... Noir/Natalia - <3 The thief and the princess, like a lesbian fairy tale... and for a yaoi pairing... Synch/Asch - C: As I say... love/hate is totally priceless <3
1/6/2008 #22
Well, I'm going to be hunted down and burned alive for my favorite pairings. Oh, well. Four people on this forum won't hate me. My OTP of Tales of the Abyss Jade/Tear Sorry, canon pairings make me puke. Besides, alternate pairings are so much more fun. Other pairings I find myself liking for no particular reason: Luke/Natalia Asch/Natalia Guy/Tear Luke/Noelle Guy/Noelle Ion/Anise Florian/Anise Sync/Arietta Ion/Arietta Noir/Asch Noir/Guy Cecille/Frings Asch/Tear
2/8/2008 #23
E.S. Simeon
[q]Well, I'm going to be hunted down and burned alive for my favorite pairings. Oh, well. Four people on this forum won't hate me.[/q] [q]Sorry, canon pairings make me puke. Besides, alternate pairings are so much more fun.[/q] Now what's wrong with odd(and some crack) pairings? There's nothing wrong with other pairings, and I agree with canon pairings being the bane of existance, simply because there is already too much of it in the game that by the end it gets insipid... Watch, my pairings are just as kill-worthy as yours simply because they are mostly fanon-based. Yeah, OTP for TotA are: -AnisexLuke (Self-Explanatory) -LukexNoelle (Didn't she blush at him in one point of the game?) -AriettaxLuke (Uhhh, yeah... crack, but it would look cute!) -GuyxTear (Works too well if it wasn't for certain events in game, heh)
2/21/2008 #24
raspberry soap
My favorite pairings(in order): Sync/Anise Luke/Tear Jade/Natalia Peony/Nephry Asch/Noir Frings/Cecille Guy/Tear Guy/Natalia Jade/Tear Ion/Arietta
3/13/2008 #25
Aurore Chase

Tales of the Abyss pairings? Well...Let's see~

GuyXNoelle, my favorite one! Their scene in Sheridan for the ''Hopeless Dreamer'' title is SO cute! 3

LukeXTear, of course!

FringsXCecille...This one is so romantic, yet so sad...T_T



PeonyXNephry (Kind of, but I like JadeXPeony too)



LukeXMieu (Of course!)

3/31/2008 #26

Hmm...pairings for Tales of the Abyss? Lets see...










JadeXAnise (when she's older)

I think that's it... I know I dislike AschXNatalia or LukeXNatalia even though she ironically happens to be engaged to both of them. If I was Asch I'd just find Natalia annoying because she fonds over him all the time. And I just prefer Luke with Tear.

5/4/2008 #27
The Number VI

For me, my favorite pairing in Tales of the Abyss is:

1. Luke x Tear (they're cute)

2. Frings x Cecille (I love their tragic story)

3. Guy x Cecille (Man, it's almost i***!)

4. Jade x Dist (I love how Dist reacted when Jade teased him)

5/9/2008 #28

That would be because Legretta was Tear's trainer for quite a while and grew attached toward her as a mother figure - Not a lover figure. But, if things were different - they probably would've made a perfect couple.... :D

6/8/2008 #29

I liked Abyss but I honestly feel that it wasn't as much of a 'breeding ground' for pairings the way Symphonia and even Legendia was. I also found myself hating the canon pairings for this game, which is really strange for me considering that I'm usually a canon fan (i.e, LloydxColette). But here's my list anyway, and I honestly found quite a bit of yaoi in this game to boot:



AnisexJade (One-sided; my favorite of the pairings. I love Anise's crush on Jade. XD)

AnisexIon (One-sided. Either way.)

LegrettaxVan (One-sided; I also love this one. There was so much evidence of this in the game, IMO. Legretta having feelings for Van, but he being too concerned with his goal to notice and return them.)

DistxJade (One-sided; as if this wasn't obvious enough in the game. XD Dist's feelings for Jade.)

NephryxLuke (One-sided; Nephry having a crush on Luke. XD)

And in my honest opinion, I think SyncxArietta is CUTE but I've seen many terrible fics with this pairing. I think it's tricky, but it can work.

Lots of one-sided romances in this one for me. XD

7/22/2008 #30
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