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the electric phantom

When I look through comments, I am always infuriated (Look at my vocabulary, Mom!) when people call Raoul a fop. He's not! He can't help being sexy!! I mean, it's Patrick Wilson with long hair. I don't see a problem!

2/8/2011 #1

Actually, both Kay´s Erik and ALW Phantom - Gerik and musical-version - are very vain and superficial.

6/16/2011 . Edited 6/16/2011 #2
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

Actually, being a fop has nothing to do with being handsome. A fop, by definition, is "a man who is overly concerned about the way he looks or dresses." Therefore, if anything, ERIK is the fop and Raoul is not. Just sayin'....

9/5/2011 #3
La Femme Victorienne

The use in which fop is used is usually referring to a man of considerable high social status and wealth. A person that is able to afford being concerned about his beauty/appearance, in other words. Fans usually use this term with Raoul to mock his status of comfort as a Vicomte as compared to Erik's anguish over the fact that he knows he will never be able to achieve normalcy due to his appearance. Though if you went strictly off of the definition, yes Erik would appear to be this, but the tone and context in which the word has been used over the years implies different meanings to the original definition.

To make a long story short, yes Raoul is a fop, or dandy, or whatever other word you wish to use. If only for the purpose of him believing he would win Christine solely on his status and appearance in comparison to our lovely Phantom

12/27/2011 #4

And yet, some Phantoms - ALW Phantom, Gerik etc - are very shallow and appearance-conscious, mocking people for THEIR looks (Piangi) while Raoul doesn´t do it.

12/28/2011 #5


5/25/2018 #6

Yes. And in fact, in the movie, Raoul's wardrobe is a little anachronistic. His hairstyle is something you would see in the 1700's, not the 1800's.

9/18/2019 #7
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