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Artemis Mitera

Pfft, what's that supposed to mean? If a god is able to do everything but just doesn't want to, then what stops it from having co-gods too?

3/27/2009 #91

Well, their can be his little helpers he assighns to do the sea or whatever, but if God himself can't do the sea, then why bother believing in a weak god?

3/27/2009 #92
Artemis Mitera

That really doesn't make sense because if there are multiple gods, then they're just part of the One that is All, and only are symbolic meanings with ruling over specific domains.

3/27/2009 #93

Then isn't the "one who is all" God , then? Whoever has the powers to do whatever he can is God. Not like, going out and killing amass number of people, but like controlling the weather in 5 different places and performing a miricle in another while answering 2 prayers type.

Who the heck it this "One that is All" crap? No offense, of course. I'm not into any/all this new age stuff, and if it isn't, sorry.

3/27/2009 #94
Artemis Mitera

One is All. They all are part of one being, one consciousness. (That is, if we're still talking about the possibility of multiple deities)

3/27/2009 #95

I don't believe that at all. I believe in a God who can control all, but may or may not choose to, may have helpers, but may not...

I don't get it, really. Well, i do. But. :-/ Hope you see where I'm coming from???

3/27/2009 #96
Artemis Mitera

If you had a better explanation, you'd get it. I suck at explaining the concept. XD

3/27/2009 #97

I suck at explaining anything, lol

3/27/2009 #98

There is a big difference between delegating so you aren't doing it all yourself, and delegating because you suck. And just because God can't handle the load of supporting the existance of all creation and guide the hand of fate and keep track of all the people and what they want and what they think they want and where they are going and handle the incoming and outgoing souls and whatever else a God does, doesn't mean that God is weak. Oh, and there are the other planets, stars and galaxies to consider. Even if they don't have life, they still have chemical reactions, radiation and an effect on us, however insignificant. There is a LOT to do as a god.

Oh, and the helpers may not be gods so much as demigods or angels. And why shouldn't God come from a race of people like we do?

EDIT: Btw, the better explanation is that Jynxed means God is like an ocean. Many drops of water make up that one ocean, though these drops of water can be both themselves and the ocean at the same time. That is the 'one that is all' concept in a nutshell.

3/27/2009 . Edited 3/27/2009 #99

I firmly believe that God can handle everything- All powerfull, etc. If a god can't handle everything, who handles the things he doesnt?

3/27/2009 #100

Check the edit on the previous post; the answer is right there.

Anyway, kings are powerful, even though they can't suture a wound, program a rocket to go to the moon or give birth to a baby. Superheroes are considered even more powerful, but they can't necessarily do all that either. But these skills I listed are easily learned by anyone, and easily done by anyone trained (or built) to do them. Just because God is the most powerful being ever, doesn't mean she can do everything, will do everything or even wants to do everything. She may leave the easy and simple stuff to everyone else and only work with the really hard things.

3/27/2009 . Edited 3/27/2009 #101

All I have to contribute to these topic:

Whether or not God exists or not, Jesus was a pretty cool guy, which is something even non-Christians tend to agree on. 8D~

*shot for being stupid*

3/27/2009 #102

Yeah, that's true. A son of God (as we all are) is debatable, but he had a lot of great ideas and really tried to help people.

Then he died horribly because Karma came full circle, or he needed to fake his own death so he could live a more normal and low key life that lasts a lot longer.

3/27/2009 #103

She may leave the easy and simple stuff to everyone else and only work with the really hard things.

Or he. Wow, i never thought I would say that, lol.

That doesn't mean she can't do the simple stuff. I'll shut up now. xD

3/27/2009 #104

Lol, the God I believe in is he, she and whatever else people need her to be. For me, I need her to be a her. Kind and unthreatening.

3/27/2009 #105
Sakura Ocean

I don't think God is real. I don't know why I just don't believe he exists but I don't insult people who do believe in God.

8/2/2009 #106

Personally, I think god was just invented by the people in high power to control the weak minded.

8/2/2009 #107

Personally, I think both of you, and I, are right. I think God was a convenient excuse for people to control others, just as so many other things are, I think people's idea of God is just a figment of their imagination, and I don't really think anyone has any clue what God really is, if God does indeed exist.

I think half of it is either made up or oversimplified to the point of missing the point entirely. I mean, look at what they did to Jesus! And he DID exist. But now they all think he is the son of a non-corporeal being, magical, perfect, and able to bend the laws of reality with no regard the the laws of physics, conservation or anything else. Sure. Why would God create a plane of existance with laws as solid as they are just to throw them out the window when she wants to get something done? Nah...not believable. But having created all those laws, she would know how to work around them to get stuff done...like preparation before the fact. Really, most religious doctrine makes no sense if you think about it, which makes me wonder if that's the reason most religion frowns on free-thinking.

8/3/2009 #108
Trippy Hippie

I have had thoughts where as I do and don't believe in God. It is just very hard to imagine how one could create oneself and make the universe. I do believe in God but I have had my wonders if there really is a Heaven and if people are going to go there. A friend of mine just thinks that we are all going to Hell regardless of what we do.

8/10/2009 #109

The problem with God is that God has so much power, we really can't comprehend it or how it works. Which makes reasoning things out really hard. Not to say one shouldn't try, just realize you won't get a satisfying answer that make the God or not? question obvious. It still largely has to do with what you believe, truly, within yourself. And don't believe in God for any reason other than that. If you think she exists, go ahead and believe. If not, go ahead and don't believe. If you are unsure, go ahead and wait for as long as you like before deciding one way or the other (if ever). God is not, and never has been, in the business of making us do what she wants. That's why we have free will; to make our own decisions.

A friend of mine just thinks that we are all going to Hell regardless of what we do.

That makes no sense. What is the point of that? Think about it like this: If you were an omnipotent being that lives forever, how long do you think it would take to get bored by endlessly torturing people? Not long, trust me. Even if God was ever into that, she wouldn't be by now. There's no purpose to it, no challenge, no fun. But there is a purpose, challenge and fun in watching what people will decide to do in certain situations. To see people's strengths and weaknesses and see how far one can be pushed, then be surprised by someone you thought wouldn't be able to take it.

Besides, if God wanted to send us all to hell anyway, why wouldn't she just do that right off the bat?

Good to see you again, Gaara. Nice name.

8/10/2009 . Edited 8/10/2009 #110

I belive in God but not the bible, it seems more like a piece of literature then fact. If stuff like that happened then, why can't it happen now? It's weird, I know. I don't think science and religion are completely different areas, with one being correct and the other false. I can't buy the whole "Let there be light" method of creation but that doesn't mean God doesn't exist in my opinion.

1/2/2010 #111

Oh yeah, science can explain the workings of the universe but how can they explain how it all started in the first place, how can they explain anything before 'the Big Bang'? This question is only half rhetorical, if any one knows the answer I would be happy to hear it.

1/2/2010 #112

Things that God made happen don't make sense from a scientific viewpoint because God is not science. God is God.

The work of God cannot be explained by any other method than that, and if you don't believe it it doesn't mean it isn't the way it happened. It just means you don't have the faith in God to understand and believe the miracles created by His hand. Christianity is not about explaining. It's about having faith and believing and feeling.

1/2/2010 #113

I belive in God but not the bible, it seems more like a piece of literature then fact. If stuff like that happened then, why can't it happen now? It's weird, I know. I don't think science and religion are completely different areas, with one being correct and the other false. I can't buy the whole "Let there be light" method of creation but that doesn't mean God doesn't exist in my opinion.

1/2/2010 #114

Double post?

1/2/2010 #115

haha oops

1/2/2010 #116
Cottleston Pie

I believe God exists.

If The Bible is false then the sun's light would be darkness to me. [This line is taken from King Tirian and the Unicorn Jewel talking about if Aslan was false in The Last Battle]

I do not understand why horrible things happen. I think this is an issue all people don't understand.

I know that Christians must be people of faith in word and action.

1/3/2010 #117
Snow Falls Down My Window

I believe that God exists. I mean, who could've made our world and universe and all the rest of it? Only God has the power to do all of that. I believe that when I die, I'll go to heaven.

1/4/2010 #118

If God exists, then Christianity is a very poor portrayal of it. Simply because, within which ever book in the Bible that talks about Moses and the Egyptians, there's a clear line that states something along the lines of, "And so the One God brought his wrath upon the Egyptians, for they were the ones who enslaved Jews." Hypocrisy to the highest degree. In Christianity, anyways.

Something occured to me over the Christmas holidays, I went to Christmas Mass (I was raised Catholic, drats) and the sermon was basically saying, "ololol, Catholicism pwns all" to put it in simpleton terms. The priest/deacon/dean/whatever was up there, in front of hundreds of people on Christmas Eve, telling us how awesome Christianity is next to all the other religions, and he definitely liked to point out Buddha and the Prophet Mohammed.

I simply ask: Why?

None of it makes any sense. I've never experienced divine intervention, I've never witnessed a miracle, I've never seen anything good come to my family/friends from the worshipping and praising of some supreme being. The Bible is a book, a book written originally written a 1000+ years ago. Did anyone notice one of the Ten Commandments clearly says you'll be smitted by God if you don't solely worship him? Huh?

I'm not here to say God is stupid, and people waste their time on faith and religion - because the morality and life-values taught through faith, are practically a necessity.

But it all doesn't matter really, Allah/God/Buddha/Supreme Being, whatever. It shouldn't dictate your lifestyle, their rule shouldn't be -the- rule.

You should be living each day to the fullest, because what if you die tomorrow and heaven doesn't exist?

1/6/2010 #119
Snow Falls Down My Window

Well we are entitled to our own opinions, and religion is a sensitive topic, but if there was no God, than how was this world created? If you say that this world was created from...I don't know, asteroids forming together, than who made that? Who made it? It has to be God.

1/6/2010 #120
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