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Otaku Takeshi

Heres a normal game where the poster on top, types a question, and the poster below, answers, and gives another question.Heres my question.


If a robber tries to steal something from you, what would you do?

12/12/2008 #1

Kick him in the head. If I'm too short, in the groin. All's fair in love and war, my friends.

If you could move to anywhere, but you'd have to stay in the airport terminal, where'd you go?

12/12/2008 #2

I'd stay in the lobby.

If you could have 1 super power, what would it be?

12/12/2008 #3
Dejsha's World


If you were in the medieval times, what would your career be.

12/12/2008 #4

A Smith.

If you had to team up with one person for the rest of your life, not maryy, but more of a teammate relationship, who would it be? Someone famous? Someone infamous?

12/12/2008 #5
Dejsha's World

Druss the legend, but I'd probably sleep with him with out him knowing *ahem*

12/12/2008 #6
Dejsha's World

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Do you have msn?

12/12/2008 #7

Andrew Zimmern's house, where'd I'd beat the living crap outta him, shove him in a closet, shave my head, and assume his identity. Bizarre Foods here I come! And no, unfortunately.

12/12/2008 #8
Dejsha's World

Question: I need a question.

12/12/2008 #9

Uh... Why didn't I ask one?

12/12/2008 . Edited 12/12/2008 #10
Dejsha's World

Because you have short term memory:d joke;d

Do you like Rowena for a girls name and do you know a good middle name that will go with it?

12/12/2008 #11

Yeah, but I dunno... Anne?

What do you think?

12/12/2008 #12
Dejsha's World

Sort of, was hoping something, kind more deep. I was thinking something like a unique (I know Rowena / Rowan, which one do you like better) is unique... But...

I made up the name Nehkeadi what do you think...

Help with middle names Rowena?

Do you dislike Rowena or like?

12/12/2008 #13
Otaku Takeshi

Its ok.

What do you do if a dude goes into your house? (I'd smash his head into the window.)

12/13/2008 #14
Trippy Hippie

Decapitate him.

What would you do if the internet never existed?

12/13/2008 #15
Dejsha's World


What would you do if you were blocked from a forum and then had a rude pm sent to you about events that never happened as the person thought? (see "GRR I'm blocked)

on this forum. Hope you forgive me for the post

12/13/2008 #16
Otaku Takeshi

I'd send alot of messages....in caps.

What would you do if there was no video games, movies, and all those electronic stuff?

12/13/2008 #17
Dejsha's World

Literally die:d

What would I do if my dream husband Druss (from the Drenai series - that's the ebook i wanta download but can't find any websites) said no to marrying me?

12/13/2008 #18
Otaku Takeshi

Cry....for a whole year? :D

What would you do if a lost boy that looks tired and hungry is.....lost, and he looks like he stolen stuff?

12/13/2008 #19

Ask him for my money back, give him a twenty dollar tip if he does so.

What would you do if you lived in a shoe?

12/13/2008 #20
Dejsha's World


What would you do if you could fly

12/13/2008 #21
Otaku Takeshi

Say, "WOOHOO!!!"

What would you do, if you had a lightsaber?

12/14/2008 #22

Run around yelling random things while doing crazy fight moves. :D

What if it was always night time?

12/14/2008 #23
Otaku Takeshi

I'd be Batman and run around, and jump and grapple and stuff. Then after that, play dance music loud. :D

What if you were a superhero?

12/14/2008 #24

I'd be the Punisher and free roam at night ruthlessly killing drug dealers and mobsters and terrorists.

What would you do if a Werewolf bit you?

12/14/2008 #25
The Inklings Podcast

Um, scream, I guess.

What would you do, if you were using a cane (this is today's experience whilst walking to the shops with my guide-dog instructer) and you kept hitting cars which were parked on the wall (which is a brick wall and it goes to the carpark - the carpark is on the opposite side of the wall) as the cars park their heads (noses?) over the side of the wall, facing the path, where I'm walking. Would you call the council?

12/14/2008 #26
Dejsha's World

Woops, other account:d sorry

12/14/2008 #27
Otaku Takeshi

Thats ok...even though I don't know what you are talking about. To The Belgariad Universe: Umm....start a riot at the carpark thus annoying the drivers then hitting their cars with my cane...?

If you were to be a anime character, who would you be?

12/16/2008 #28
Dejsha's World

I know this sounds stupid, it's a question i meant to ask the other day, what's anime:d lol

12/16/2008 #29

Anime is an animation style, where basically the people have insanely huge eyes, little dots or lines for noses, and pointy chins. The girls have crazily long, blowy hair, and tend to wear skimpy frilly dresses/skirts with a lot of huge bows.

What if fire was cold?

12/17/2008 #30
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