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Lady Logos

Well 2012 is this Mayan calendar thingy.. You can find the theory simply by google: 2012 :D

Dark Angel is series of starring Jessica Alba as genetically engineer super girl type in the broken world. EMP was launched from the sky and all electronics just went to hell :D Nice thought ain't it :D That's the basic's of it. I suggest that you watch it. It's a very very good piece.

And thanks about Maul :D

12/30/2010 #1,231

Hehe, I understood the part about 2012, just wondered what it had to do with Dark Angel. I remember that show now when you mentioned Jessica Alba. I think I watched a few episodes of it, but never watched it again.

Didn't James Cameron make that?

12/30/2010 #1,232
Lady Logos

yeah he did.

12/30/2010 #1,233

No question for me to answer. :(

And Sharo, I would say you have red hair, blue eyes, and are of medium height.

And you are right on all accounts except that my eyes are blue and not brown. :)

12/30/2010 #1,234

Wow, I'm impressed. Although my hair is dyed black, it was originally strawberry blond; more red than blond, though. My eyes are blue-grey; more grey than blue, and I'm 5,4. I applaud your accuracy. =D

How did you do that?

12/30/2010 #1,235

Well you seem very outspoken, and since the stereotypical red-head is pretty outspoken (my little sister is a read-head so I can say this with some accuracy) I decided that was probably the best guess, and since green eyes and red hair is very stereotypical (and besides green eyes are not very common) I decided blue was the next best choice, and then average height was just a guess. :)

How did you come to the conclusion that I was a short brunette with brown eyes?

12/30/2010 #1,236

Well, you seem pretty even-tempered and smart, and I noticed on your profile that you have a lot of intellectual interests. In my experience, people like that tend to be brunettes (No offense meant to the other hair colors out there.), and more often than not brunettes are brown eyed. And the height was just a guess as well.

Speaking of your profile, I noticed you were Christian. Did you have a nice Christmas?

12/30/2010 #1,237

I did have a very nice Christmas. :)

Did you have a nice Christmas?

12/30/2010 #1,238

Yep, it was great. Kind of wished it would've snowed like it did last year, but ah well. I still had fun cooking Christmas dinner with my mom and listening to my dad yell at the TV while watching football. Great stuff. =D

Do you take your tree down the day after Christmas or after New Years?

12/30/2010 #1,239
Lady Logos

Sorry that I didn't leave a question.

This year we didn't have a tree in our home, and usually when we do we use a plastic tree and it's usually in our living room till... the end of January at least.

Do you believe in Horoscopes and if you do do they work for you? (I bealieve somewhat. I have this one site that usually comes true.)

12/31/2010 #1,240

I personally don't believe in them, but sometimes they are fun to read. :)

Does your penname have a specific meaning?

12/31/2010 #1,241

Yep, it's a referance to my birthdate.

What are you doing/what did you do for new years?

12/31/2010 #1,242

I'm not doing much this year. I don't feel like dealing with the crowds downtown to watch the countdown. I'll be sitting in my living room, drinking champagne to bring in the New Year. =D

Do you even like New Years? (I could really care less about it, personally.)

12/31/2010 . Edited 12/31/2010 #1,243

Only because it is the only time of year when my parents don't mind me staying up till midnight and beyond.

Do you watch House?

1/1/2011 #1,244

I used to, but I kind of lost interest in it. I only like House's character and the very weird medical cases he has to solve. I don't like the rest of them.

Do you watch Fringe?

1/1/2011 #1,245


Do you watch NCIS?

1/1/2011 #1,246
Lady Logos

sometimes.. I don't own a tv. so it's really a matter of fate this one. When I'm visiting my mom then yes.

What house you'd be if you were in the Harry Potter universe? (You know school houses, Slytherin, Gryffindore and so forth.)

I'd probably be in Ravenclaw or Slytherin.. Most probably in Slytherin.

1/1/2011 #1,247

I only know Gryffindore and Slytherin, so I'll say Gryffindore because they seem to have more fun.

Who do you prefer better, Harry or Ron? Personally, I like Ron. He's cute in a boyish way and he makes me laugh.

1/2/2011 #1,248
Lady Logos

Harry, so many chances to make him bad, good, good in a bad way, bad in a good way and so on. The options are limitless, whereass Ron.. Well, he's quite unintelligent and somewhat of a black sheep of the Weasley family. And then there's that, that at times he can be so annoying. But so can Harry.. Nope. I'd actually now that I've tought about it, pick Lucius or Luna :DDD

In your opinion what is the most beautiful and interesting language? (I'd pick Latin or Francais. They just click, they are beautiful and old languages both.)

1/2/2011 #1,249
Lady Elizabeth of York

I have always loved Francais.

If you were forced to decide between Jasper Hale and Edward Cullen and neither or both were not an option. Who would you pick?

1/2/2011 #1,250

I think the question I'd have to ask is; could I kill them once I pick them? If yes then I'd pick Edward. If no then I'd pick Jasper.

Are there any tolerable Twilight characters?

1/2/2011 #1,251

I think Jasper is semi-tolerable.

Have you ever had a dream that has really made an impression on you? Like it doesn't matter how much time passes, you never forget it?

1/2/2011 #1,252

Yeah, a couple.

Have you ever watched the sun come up over a city?

1/2/2011 #1,253

Sadly no. :(

What is your favorite song?

1/2/2011 #1,254

Depends on my mood, right now I love listening to Dancing Through Life from Wicked.

What's your favourite song?

1/2/2011 #1,255

I love that whole musical. :)

I have way too many favorites to pick just one, so I'll just go with the whole musical theater genre. :)

1/2/2011 #1,256

forgot to put a question.

Do you have a favorite musical?

1/2/2011 #1,257

I love Wicked, CATs, RENT, and Memphis.

What about you?

1/2/2011 #1,258

My all time favorite is a tie between Les Miserables and Jekyll and Hyde. :)

Where do you like to go when you write?

1/2/2011 #1,259

I really don't have anywhere to go. I kinda just have one spot designated for when I want to curl up and do something. In a corner on an old comfy chair with two windows.

What do you like to wright?

1/2/2011 #1,260
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