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A granola bar this morning, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, carrots, and doritos for lunch, and fish crackers right now.

What did you do to make yourself bleed?

1/13/2011 #1,321
Lady Logos

I accidentally cut my thumb, brushed my teeth (I have this problem with them at the moment and have to use a special salve to them which irritates the roots and makes them bleed more easily but it's better to my mouth on the long run.) and I bit trough my lip by accident when I cut my thumb.

Have you had coffee today?

1/13/2011 #1,322

Ouch! And nope. I don't like coffee. I did have a hot chocolate though. :)

Do you like hot chocolate?

1/13/2011 #1,323
Lady Logos

I like it with alcohol.. Specially with Jallu as we call it here.. it's a three star half/brandy.

Are you clumsy?

1/13/2011 #1,324

Kind of. :)

Why is my dog such a useless guard dog?

1/14/2011 #1,325
Lady Logos

Maybe you haven't trained it well enough. If it doesn't know it's purpose, how can it fill it.

Why does a person who is healing very nicely and has a good life and everything going right in their life want to kill themselves?

1/14/2011 #1,326

I have no clue. I'm not good with suicidal people or what goes on in their heads. Sometimes I have no sympathy for them whatsoever and other times I feel very sorry for them. It's hard to tell who means it and who's trying to get attention. Nothing in life is worth killing yourself over. Nothing. That's usually what I tell them. Then they usually spout about how I don't understand what they're going through, blah, blah, blah. Fine. Whatever. Go see your psychiatrist, then and STFU if you aren't going to listen to me.

Why can't people learn to appreciate what they have?

1/14/2011 #1,327
Lady Logos

Because they don't remember the time when they didn't have it or have never lost it.

Why people worry about things that they can't do anything about?

1/15/2011 #1,328

Well personally it is because I like to have that element of control in my life, and when things begin to spiral out of my control, I tend to become the worst worrier you will ever meet and I get really anxious. It is a really bad habit, and it is something I am really working on a lot.

Why do people read and write poetry?

1/15/2011 #1,329
Lady Logos

Because it's a perfect way for expressing things in a way that does and doesn't make sense. It let's me to get all the emotions out of my system in a way that lets other people ponder about them and my world view.

I'm finally getting my life in order, so why am I not happy that my life actually for once should be making me happy and satisfied?

1/15/2011 #1,330

Because perhaps you revel in the chaos. Sometimes people who have lived in chaos for so long, find it hard to adjust to the well adjusted life that they may see as boring. (Although this might be too much psychology talking...)

Do I seem really young on here?

1/15/2011 #1,331
Lady Logos

Nope. I'd say based on your writing style and things that you're.. a little older than me.. so 21-22?

How old are you?

1/16/2011 #1,332

Wow, I'm flattered. :) I'm actually only 16.

Do you believe being a tolerant person means having to believe everybody's personal choice is correct?

1/16/2011 #1,333
Lady Logos

Nope, tolerance is simply that you can stand being around other people at all.. I have very low human tolerance in general..

Is partying good for people?

1/18/2011 #1,334

Depends on the kind of partying.

Do you like driving?

1/18/2011 #1,335
Lady Logos

Depends really, I can't drive myself as seen that I have no license to do so. But yes I like sitting in a car while my friends drive around and we listen to something or other.

What is your favorite site of all times? (bookmark)

1/18/2011 #1,336

I have several favorites. Right now my top three are this site, NationStates, and Altered State (which is a Star Wars based RPG)

What's your favorite kind of tea?

1/19/2011 #1,337
Lady Logos

everything goes but vanilla. I like White tea, Oolong, Russian is very very good as well.. All Twinings teas are good. But I especially like Twinings Earl Grey. It's my basic tea and my favorite of all times. I can't never get bored with it.

What's your favorite kind of soda?

1/19/2011 #1,338

Sprite. No matter what anyone says about them being the same, it is better then Sierra Mist and Seven Up.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

1/20/2011 #1,339
Lady Logos

There are oh so many things.. I've slept in a tree.. and in a grill.. And many other places.. I have been up 4 days straight.. I've done many crazy things.

What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

1/20/2011 #1,340

I honestly can't remember, because I think I've probably blocked it out a little. The closest I can think of was when I was about fourteen, and in the grocery store with my mom and her friend. I'd always looked mature for my age, and was often mistaken for twenty-something (partially because I was rather...well-endowed.) So I was lagging behind a little, and this group of guys (probably in their thirties), passes by. One of them says to me, "I see you, girl," in this really suggestive voice. It both terrified and embarrassed me beyond belief. I just stared in horror for a second and ran away. Of course, Mom's friend said, "Take it as a compliment!" Sickos.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

1/21/2011 #1,341

*grimace* You had to ask that question, didn't you? I've got a one word answer: Published.

Is there any reason why someone should kill a person? And if so, why?

1/22/2011 #1,342
Lady Logos

Many. For me.. Well.. War for one, and then there are many other "good" reasons to kill another human being. But that's all I'm willing to discuss about my views.. Even that wasn't My view about things, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Do you believe that human being could develop to something else?

1/22/2011 #1,343

No I do not. I don't believe in evolution though.

If the world goes completely black, what would you do?

1/24/2011 #1,344
Lady Logos

You mean a world without Light? I'd be happy as hell.

Why there are so many religions in your opinion?

1/24/2011 #1,345

Because everyone needs something to believe in. That doesn't mean that I agree that every religion is correct, but everyone needs something to put their faith in.

Can you believe that people once thought the earth was flat?

1/24/2011 #1,346
Lady of York

Yes. It does sorta look as though it's flat.

How did we find out that the world wasn't flat?

1/25/2011 #1,347
Lady Logos

Can't actually remember. Someone just researched it at first, his views weren't accepted but later proven to be the truth or something. That's the general gist of it.

How you do your taxes in your country?

1/26/2011 #1,348

H & R Block...or I make my roommate do them. Usually it's the roommate, though.

What's your ideal setting to read in?

1/29/2011 #1,349

In my room, with my show tunes playing on my Ipod dock, and with me cuddled up in my pajama bottoms and my robe with the window open and no other light. :)

Have you ever fainted before?

1/30/2011 #1,350
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