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I had like the freakiest dream last night. There was a piece of paper and my sister kept telling me not to read it, but I read it and it said something like if you read this then someone will come into your room and kill you. Then someone walked behind me and I halfway woke up. Suddenly my back had a sharp pain in it and all my muscles tensed up. I almost screamed but I woke up all the way. It was so weird.

1/13/2009 #151

That is a very freakish dream x.x

1/13/2009 #152
Azral Returns

Freakish indeed.

1/13/2009 #153

I was in a dream and tried to wake up because I thought my front door was open (I live alone and I can see my front door from my bed) and I thought someone was trying to come in, but I was paralyzed and couldn't see well, so I knew I was still asleep and fought like the devil to wake up. I wasn't able to move until I was completely conscious.

I really hate it when this stuff happens, and now my mom is scared for me.

1/14/2009 #154
The Wandering Muse

wow that's awesomely cool.

I once had this dream where I met my ex-bf in an alley loitering around, smoking. A knife appeared in my hand out of nowhere and I proceeded to slam him into a wall continuously using telekinesis until his head started to bleed. I grin crazily with a dark glint in my eyes. It's like watching myself continue to stab and brutally hurt and twist and plunge the already bloodied knife into his body. I start to dig his eyes out and completely beheaded his head. I tossed it behind me carelessly. I stood up with my head tilted to the side, observing the red liquid pooled into a small puddle next to him. Everything around me was in black and white except for the one pool of red in front of me. I stopped to catch a drop of red on my finger and put in my mouth.

That's when I woke up

1/15/2009 #155

So last I had a pretty lame dream about Angel lol.

Me and my mom were taking down our christmas tree and all of a sudden Angel and Gunn come and kicked down our front door and for some reason Angel was able to come into our house with out being asked. Gunn and Angel come running over to us, looking at our christmas tree. Angel was like" I bet these bulbs have camera's in them" He turns to me and says " DO YOU WORK FOR WOLFRAM & HART" I replied " Dude this is North Dakota..I don't even know who you are." Then it ended with everyone standing around in Awkward silence.

1/15/2009 #156
Otaku Takeshi

lol, that's pretty funny..

I had dreams before last night, First, I dreamed that I was going to the airport with my two brothers, but there was weird stuff happening like, hippies singing....O_O

Then after that I was playing Metal Gear Solid, and I was changing Solid Snake's appearance, the pants and the shirt and stuff...I was in a place where there was enemies all around....

1/17/2009 #157
Otaku Takeshi

Last night I had a dream, I was with my brother, and we were like in a black light room, we were wearing black and green suits.....just to watch a new anime..o-o

After that, I had a part of the dream, that was referring to my dream of Metal Gear Solid, THEN, after that part, There was one anime girl, and one anime guy, which looks like an anime that my brother was watching, the girl was sleeping, the guy was waking her up, then when she woke up, I woke up...that was pretty cool. XD

1/17/2009 #158

Hey guys, my dreams are giving me story ideas.

Right now, I have one going on fictionpress under the penname 'Perfect Cookie.'

It's a story about a girl and a guy...they're best friends, and not romantically involved in any way. They look alike, but aren't related. The girl is 2 years older than the guy, and is a little tougher than he is. They both hear about a conspiracy in their school-that is not high school- and investigate together as travelling buddies, while desperately trying not to fail school.

I'm developing the plot right now, based off of me, my experiences with school, and a boy I knew who looked just like me, and shared the same interests with.

1/18/2009 #159
Otaku Takeshi


Yeah, some dreams give people story ideas.

1/19/2009 #160

I'm done chp. 1 already. I'm a fast writer when I set my mind to it, but you will never see my typing up a history essay.

1/19/2009 #161

Go ahead and try to analyze this crap...

Well, there's acouple reoccuring ones...but mostly it's the same general theme...

Someone I care about is in some sort of catastrophic situation and I try to save them...but in the end, I just watch them die or wake up before I can do anything.

Or, at times, i'm watching someone I care about die or be killed and I think "Holy shit, I have to stop this" then someone tells me "it's fine, theres nothing you can do" then after I just watch the person die, everyone else around is like "Oh my god! you idiot! why didn't you do anything?!"

and...Sometimes...I'm just killing random people...but usually (once again) it's people I care alot about.

Yeah...I dunno.

1/19/2009 #162
Artemis Mitera

Friendships. If you see someone die in your dream, then pro'lly your friendship will die. With your lack of effort or near effort, it seems the friendships might end due to bad circumstances.

Watch your friendships and see how they are. Don't try to sabotage them.

1/20/2009 #163
Otaku Takeshi

I had a dream last night, It was a very very happy dream for me. :D

I dreamt that there was news, I saw online on the computer, the news was, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Second Season was coming out this spring. O_O

Then....I was talking to Artemis, Insy, Angel, And Ana....about it. o-o

1/20/2009 #164
Otaku Takeshi

I had a dream last night, my family went up a small mountain, there was a candy store, there was snow on the store, then the snow fell down. I touched it, it was fun...blah blah..(I've never touched snow until I was 2 years old) My brother and I, went inside the candy store, bought some, then we found a secret door, LEADING to a huge buffet place.

There was Orange Chicken (Chinese Food), steak, blah blah blah the things in buffets. Then!!!! My brother and I ate.....for the whole dream. O_O

1/22/2009 #165

Wow, Death. That was...disturbing. But what do you think it meant? I mean, was it a fantasy dream where secretly a part of you wants to do or try this? Or maybe a fear dream where you are afraid you might? It could also be an adventure dream and all you were doing was trying it out in a way that hurt no one but still showed you what it was like. Last thing I can think of is that maybe the violent murder is a metaphor for the purposeful destruction of some kind of life that you associate with that person. It all has to do with your state of mind in the dream.

What do you think?

Lethal Logan: It looks like you feel responsible for the pain of your loved ones, you feel powerless over the bad things that happen to you and those you care about, yet somehow you get blamed in the end, either by them or you. They will keep coming back until you come to terms with the reality of your situation or until you realize the meaning behind the dreams, it kind of depends.

I had another of those stupid fight-to-wake-up dreams yesterday morning, so I told my mom about it she said a spirit can't do that and I was just astral projecting and having a hard time getting back into my body. I don't know, but I tried something new tonight and had such an easy time waking up that I don't think I'll have this problem again.

Then this morning I had two dreams about dying. In the first I was living out a fear dream where I was afraid I might not realize I'm dead and end up deluding myself into being an Earthbound spirit for years and years. I've almost gotten over that now. The second I was in the body of some sick, paralyzed jock as he died and I left his body with him, then tried to leave the hospital room and ended up walking down a kept-up version of a train or subway car full of people as it took us smoothly to where ever we were going. The cool thing was what I felt during this and it seemed almost like a representation of dying, leaving the body, then crossing over. IDK, but it was kind of cool to experience.

1/22/2009 #166

Darkwinter999: Interesting, I've been the told that dreams pull things out of the subconscious mind like thoughts, memories, fears...etc. thanks for your insight.

Anyone but me sleepwalk?

So far i've only done it when i'm in an unfamiliar place....Sounds funny, but I stood up and fell off of a bunk bed on a boat once. Then acouple years after that my girlfriend at the time was trying to wake me up and I punched her in the windpipe. I didn't know what had happened until I heard her coughing...Most memorable time though would probably be when I walked from my apartment into an elevator...I've always been pissed off that someone woke me up that time...I want to know where I was headed.


Sleepwalking anyone? ;)

1/22/2009 #167
Otaku Takeshi

Nope, not me. I would like to try though. :D

I had a dream last night with Elijah Wood. T_T I can't remember it all but, My two brothers and I was in a space ship and crashed in a forest, I was in a forest (Lord Of The Rings looking like forest), then Elijah Wood was there, my brothers and I were talking about Elijah Wood going back to Happy Feet or something like that. That's all I remembered. o-o

1/25/2009 #168

I had a dream where I was in a room without a door and 4 windows and two beige colored beds and a view of a forest during fall, and I'm just standing there staring out the window at nothing.

1/25/2009 #169

I'm the opposite of a sleepwalker; I'm actually paralyzed when I sleep sometimes. My spirit leaves my body and makes it that much harder to send signals to it.

Oh, and you're welcome. Hope you feel better about that.

Why do you think you sleepwalk in unfamiliar places? Is it because you aren't quite so relaxed in a new place and therefore are not able to fall into as deep a sleep, or do you think a new place makes you edgy and you might be trying to go home when you sleepwalk? If the sleepwalking only happenes in new places, you might actually have a shot at stopping it (provided you want to) by finding out the root cause of your sleepwalking.

1/26/2009 #170

Darkwinter999: Interesting, Do you mean literally your spirit leaves your body? or are you saying that you sleep so deeply that in a way your psych leaves your physical being? I mean, not doubting it, anythings possible...but, how would you have consciousness of that? and umm...about sleepwalking...How would I go about finding the "root cause" of something subconscious? Native American regression? Naw, i'm joking...but really, if you know, enlighten me! I like your insight!

1/26/2009 #171
Artemis Mitera

What she does is called astral projection. Look it up.

1/26/2009 #172
Otaku Takeshi

...I dreamt last night that I was in the animated TV show, Called, "The Simpsons" Bart and Lisa were there, me, Lisa, and Bart were in a basketball stadium, then everyone in the audience started throwing basketballs at Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse. (And some other kids) I looked at everyone else throwing basketballs, then I joined in by throwing some balls. (I was in the audience) Then it cut to a part where me, Lisa, and Bart were in a office, Ned Flanders was there,also Rod and Tod. I was sitting in a chair, while Ned was telling something to us about something. Then Bart found a button connected to a Kind of Like train set, and kept pressing it, while it was doing that, it played Christan music except it kept repeating the first part. The train set, had Rod and Tod in it (toys), so, it kept running and so. The End.

1/27/2009 #173

I want a dream about the Simpsons.

None of my dreams are interesting! Except the one with those rainbow hats with the little propeller on top but........yeah...

1/27/2009 . Edited 1/27/2009 #174

I had a dream where I was Bart Simpson once, but I was only him for about five minutes of the dream before I was somebody else.

Just 'cuz none of the dreams you remember are interesting, doesn't mean none of them are! Every time you go to sleep, you dream. No exceptions. You just don't remember most of the time.

Logan: Yes, it literally left. And I was consciousof that because of all the training I've done. I now know the difference between being in a body and not being in one, and I remember a lot more of my dreams than most do. Not to mention having a lot of control. I can pause, rewind, rewrite and alter my dreams, sometimes with full knowledge of the implications, sometimes just because I'm used to doing it so much in my daydreams. And there are a lot of dreams where I remember about my powers and can use them (though it isn't always the same power, which is...weird...) Plus, a lot of the dreams recently where I have been leaving my body, I have almost full conscious intelligence in, so I can remember to memorize a lot of the feelings I have in those dreams, and my memory lasts much longer with much more vividity than in usual dreams. I call them voluntary dreams 'cuz I went to sleep on purpose with the intent of doing stuff I can only do in a dream.

How would I go about finding the "root cause" of something subconscious?

Well, what are you thinking and feeling when you go to sleep in an unfamiliar place? What are the differences between the familiar and unfamiliar to you? I don't know if you can do this, but most people ignore the voice in the back of their heads that protests weird things for weird reasons, and listening to it, letting it speak, can be the key to understanding what your subconscious is thinking.

Other than that, I don't really know. Most of the other stuff I've heard may not work for a skeptic.

1/27/2009 #175

Darkwinter666: That's interesting...Actually, i've heard of people training themselves to do that. One of my friends is a clairvoyant with alot of control (don't know if that would help doing what you do but...anyway) I remember her talking about trying to make her soul leave her body...I dunno, she had a book with guidelines on how to do it or something...Like, when she was almost asleep at night she would go into a deep meditative state and try to make it happen...She said that she could feel something, but she always stopped because she was afraid once she got out she wouldn't be able to get back in. Useless information, and I probably sound like an idiot talking about something I know nothing about.

and...umm...What am I thinking when I go to sleep in an unfamliliar place? Usually, it's the same everywhere...It's all the bullshit... It's nothing and everything all at once...I mean, you know...the unknown. I'm not saying that this is some terrible problem...it's a somewhat common human thing...Some people just have coping mechanisms...So anyway, I usually fall asleep either pissed off about today or worried about tommorow.

What's the other stuff you've heard? Just forget i'm a skeptic...Like I said, anythings possible.

1/27/2009 #176
Artemis Mitera

The other night, while I was napping. I dreamt that I was in a hotel/ship place with a killer in the vicinity. I was trying to get everyone to one safe spot after he was found outside. Then next thing I know a butler fell down the long well type thing (that leads to the bottom floor-- the cargo? area) and had a bomb strapped to him...

Then I kinda woke after trying to find my little brother after seeing someone get attacked in the shadows then ran away...

1/28/2009 #177

Wow, weird dream Jynxed. Any idea what it means?

Last night I had a dream where I was driving my car and having trouble doing it safely and I couldn't figure out how to get where I wanted to go, but then a car carrier (you know, the one that transports several cars to dealerships and such) somehow hooked a tow line to my car and started dragging me along. I had no idea where I was going and I kept crashing into stuff.

I was telling myself that although I may suck at leading my own life, it'll be worse if I try to depend on someone else.

Darkwinter666Lol! That's what I wanted to call myself, but the first yahoo account I tried to create with that had it taken already, and I just stuck with 999.

Logan: I have a theory that anyone with psychic abilities can learn anything psychic if they train hard enough. It may not work the same, it may not do the exact same stuff, but I'm pretty sure ghost whisperers can learn to see the future and dream walkers can hear people's thoughts. They just have to learn how because it's all the same power. So anything you can tell me about how your friend got more control as a clairvoyant (foresight, right?) will be extremely helpful--especially since I've already displayed some ability for that.

Useless information, and I probably sound like an idiot talking about something I know nothing about.

Actually, that's exactly my experience. I got scared one time when I tried to leave my body and refused to leave, but you should tell her that although it can be difficult sometimes, she just has to try as hard as she can and it'll happen. I've had trouble four times and every time been able to get back in again eventually. And if she REALLY wants to make sure she can get back in, she can ask/tell god or whatever in a commanding voice that she wants an easy exit and entrance into her body that night and it'll work. For me it worked the first night, but I've been practicing this stuff for a long time; I think average might be a week or two for it to work perfectly. But make sure she knows that it has to be a commanding voice or it won't work; it's her own will that makes it happen.

So anyway, I usually fall asleep either pissed off about today or worried about tommorow.

Stress can keep you from entering a deeper state of sleep. Do you have to sleep a lot? Do you wake up tired? Does it take a long time to fall asleep? If you say yes to any of those questions most of the time, you may just need to relax more and shuck some of this stress you are under. I'd suggest counselling.

it's a somewhat common human thing

Common doesn't mean you need to stand for it or endure it. And don't be ashamed of being that way; we are all a product of the environments we grew up in. No, we can't blame all our problems on the people around us, but a lot of it is at least partly their fault. How you are is not entirely your fault, but don't use that as an excuse not to change, but a reason you deserve to change. Try to better your lot in life by removing the emotional issues that are burying you in the mud so you can take to the air and fly.

Just forget i'm a skeptic...Like I said, anythings possible.

Don't write yourself off for being a skeptic. Sharing information isn't just a privilege for those ready to believe but for those interested in hearing it. If you didn't want to know, I wouldn't waste my time, but you do, even if you aren't ready to believe yet. I'm still not quite ready to believe yet! ;D

I've heard a lot and discovered a lot myself. I can't really back anything I haven't found out for myself, but most of the stuff I have personally experienced is too real and repeatable to ignore. Sometimes when I go to sleep at night, my mind quiets down and I can hear other voices. I remember hearing voices all the time when I was a little kid, but I never really listened because I could feel they weren't talking to me. Now I can hear them again when I start to fall asleep, but I still don't usually pay attention because I know they are not talking to me. I just don't have the forethought at the time to make a different decision. But I swear to you, one of those conversations was entirely in Spanish (or Portuguese; I've only ever heard Spanish spoken). I know those were real words because I could understand enough of it to tell everything was in the right order (spanish verbs sound different from the nouns and adjectives) and that it could make sense if I'd know what the words actually meant. But I only took three years of Spanish in high school.

I also listened to two or three people talking about me one time when I was asleep. That was a little disturbing, but I tried not to wake up until they were done. I still can't remember what they said. XP

Wanna hear more? I'll try to dig up the psychic thread for you; I wrote a lot of stuff there too.

1/28/2009 #178

Darkwinter999: Ha ha...sorry about the name thing. Random thought, but your name makes me wanna go to Scandanavia, like Lapland or something,Ha...Well, Thanks for the psychic advice...If I see my friend I'll tell her about it.

and ummm...

You're right, I would probably answer yes to all of those questions, actually sometimes I avoid sleeping altogether...In regards to the counseling thing, pathetically enough, i've tried it, but I don't like names, diagnosis and all that....Seems almost condescending....and like you said, I also can't back anything up I haven't found myself.

Man, I really don't know what would be better or worse, ya know...? Hearing extra stuff like you do...Or hearing nothing at all that makes sense...

Just out of curiosity...When do you first realize you could do that stuff...? I mean, Did you always do it, but not understand it...or Did it all manifest right in front of your eyes out of nowhere?

Sorry if this is hard to read, i'm not good at organizing stuff ;)

1/28/2009 #179

I actually had a humorous dream last night!

Maybe it's because the show was on but, in the dream, I was joining TAPS...Ya know, Ghost Hunters...but for some reason that meant that I had to leave my band.

My band and I were sitting around this huge important-looking conference table, and I was telling them that I had to leave the band to become a ghost hunter...I don't really remember them saying anything...but then it just kinda fast-forwarded to an investigation with TAPS, and I was thinking 'man, this sucks...I wanna play music'...and I don't remember anything else...but it's kinda funny now.

1/29/2009 #180
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