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lol, that would be hilarious :)

Yeah, my dad. Didn't know I knew him until he walked up to me. Creeeeppy.

Have you ever saw something and thought you'd saw it differently earlier?

5/1/2009 #301
Artemis Mitera

Lol why would it? XDD

Wow, that's so weird.

Hmm, yeah, I think I have if I know what you mean.

Have you ever gotten tired of hearing about the swine flu? XD

5/1/2009 #302

Yeeeeeeeees. Jeez, depressing much??

Have you ever thought the phrase 'if looks could kill' is very true?

5/1/2009 #303
Artemis Mitera

No, but I've wanted to try it out sometimes.

Have you ever had an itch from a moquito bite last for days and its killing you? T_T

5/1/2009 #304

Yes, so bloody annoying.

Have you ever had chicken pox?

5/1/2009 #305
Artemis Mitera

I dont remember that far!

Have you had it twice? O.o

5/1/2009 #306

It's actually physically impossible (apperently). I haven't even had them once...but I have hunch I'm about to

Have you ever wanted something you know you couldn't have?

5/1/2009 #307
Artemis Mitera

I've heard that people have had it twice, I forgot who though.

Many times. Even including people. T_T

Have you ever wanted to shove someone down the stairs?

5/1/2009 #308

Yes, and then I've impulsively done it.

Have you ever acted on instinct?

5/1/2009 #309
Artemis Mitera

Ouch. Nasty.


Have you ever not?

5/1/2009 #310

Lol, no

Have you ever done somthing stupid and gotten caught?

5/1/2009 #311
Artemis Mitera

Close to it, mwahahahaha.

Have you ever thrown a party just because?

5/1/2009 #312

Constantly :)

Have you ever been telling the truth, but felt guilty anyway?

5/1/2009 #313
Artemis Mitera

Not really.

Have you ever been called a liar WHILE you were telling the truth?!

5/1/2009 #314


Have you ever had a mental lapse and forgot simple things?

5/1/2009 #315
Artemis Mitera

Um, like earlier? yea sure

Have you ever accidentally farted in public?

5/1/2009 #316


Have you?

5/1/2009 #317
Artemis Mitera


Have you ever tripped while trying to be sneaky?

5/1/2009 #318

Yes. That always sucks.

Have you ever said something and have it be interpreted as something else?

5/1/2009 #319
Artemis Mitera

Yes, it always happens to me. D:

Have you ever wanted to fight your brother because he's getting more lippy than usual?

5/1/2009 #320

Yes. And I usually do...depending on the brother.

Have you ever forgotten an important article of clothing when you get dressed in the morning?

5/1/2009 #321
Artemis Mitera


Well, many times. Especially for work.


Embarassing, really...

Have you ever just danced in the rain?

5/1/2009 #322

As much as possible.

Have you ever felt like an idiot for saying the wrong thing?

5/1/2009 #323
Artemis Mitera

True that. :(

Have you ever just talked on the phone for hours without really talking about anything?

5/1/2009 #324

Sometimes. I avoid it. Phone calls are dreary.

Have you ever wondered who you could have been?

5/1/2009 #325
Artemis Mitera

I used to do it all the time. Wonder what would have happened if I did this and instead became that. You know?

Have you?

5/1/2009 #326


Have you ever wondered what those things on a turkey are called?

5/1/2009 #327
Artemis Mitera

Those things? No...

Have you wondered why they sky wasn't a cool color like green?

5/1/2009 #328

If it was green there would be a tornado...

Have you ever wondered how people get weird nicknames?

5/1/2009 #329
Artemis Mitera

Like for you? Yes.

Have you ever wished that you were born in a different century?

5/1/2009 #330
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