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sally's sister

Yup, and it's really yummy.

Have you ever had junk food for breakfast?

3/30/2009 #91
The Inimitable Enigma Cypher

Hell yes. :D

Have you ever put chicken wings on pizza?

3/30/2009 #92
Artemis Mitera

Hell no.

Have you ever ate a James Coney Island Blizard? Mhm-mhm good

3/30/2009 #93

No but all this talk of food has made me hungrey. Thanks guys! Lol!

Have you ever stayed up all night just because you could?

3/30/2009 #94

yes. :)

Do you have a cat?

3/30/2009 #95
Tecmo Bo


Have you ever not showered for a weekend?

3/30/2009 #96

I remember you!

And no.

Do you think the moon is made from Cheese?

3/30/2009 #97
sally's sister

(AJ, remember the 'Have you ever'! 8DD)

Heck no.

Have you ever blamed a friend for something that was actually your fault?

3/31/2009 #98
Artemis Mitera

Uh, no. That's horrible. D:

Have you ever tried to not run over roadkill again?

4/1/2009 #99
Otaku Takeshi

Yes. I never did kill someone on the road.......maybe in my head though...

Have you ever tried thinking of sheep dancing to the "Blue Danube" for you to sleep? (Just. Last. Night. XD :D)

4/1/2009 #100
sally's sister

Um, nope. Don't think so. XD

Have you ever stumbled over a chair?

4/1/2009 #101
Artemis Mitera

I'm pretty sure I have. I am clumsy... D:

Have you ever tripped upstairs?

(I'm sure someone asked already)

4/2/2009 #102
sally's sister


Have you ever stolen anything?

4/2/2009 #103
The Inimitable Enigma Cypher

Yes. XD Not from a store though, if that's what you're thinking.

Have you ever been in a serious fistfight?

4/2/2009 #104
Artemis Mitera

Hell no. I'm too pretty for that.

Just kidding. :D

Have you ever pulled a girls hair just because?

4/3/2009 #105
sally's sister

No. If ever, then only teasingly, and without hurting her.

Have you ever spent 100$ on books only?

4/5/2009 . Edited 4/5/2009 #106

No but close!

Have you ever spent hours in a bookshop?

4/8/2009 #107


Have you ever jumped off a bridge because you could? *coughcough*

4/8/2009 #108
sally's sister

Um, no. You see, if I had, I wouldn't be here now. XD (You alright?)

Have you ever fallen fully clothed into a pool?

4/8/2009 #109

Yep. More often then I would like.

(yep. It wasn't too High)

4/8/2009 #110
Hallow Eve

Here's a funny one...

Have you ever fallen into a tree?

4/12/2009 #111

No, but I fell onto a tree root, right on my tailbone. Paaaain!

Have you ever started a flaming war?

4/17/2009 #112
Robert Strand

Many a times. Each and everyone of them was a blast, until I got banned once for being a dick to a new member. I'm sorry, but you better have facts to suport your bullshit claim.

Have you ever eaten a MRE?

4/17/2009 . Edited 4/17/2009 #113

A what? Guess I haven't...

Have you ever dropped a piece of furniture over your feet?

4/20/2009 #114
Trippy Hippie


Have you ever jumped off a cliff?

4/20/2009 #115

Gaara, I haven't, but I dropped a half of my Nutella sandwich at one of the lookout points in the place called the Great Ocean Road.

Have you ever dreamt about Chuck Norris? Like, not dream as in daydream, but going to sleep and him actually appearing!

4/20/2009 #116
Trippy Hippie

No, I haven't.

Have you ever went to a Bob Marley cover concert?

4/21/2009 #117
Artemis Mitera

No, never.

Have you ever almost wanted to run an old lady down?

4/21/2009 #118

OMG yes! I feel like such a demon now :P

Have you ever actually ran over someone before? Like not just in a car, but maybe a go-kart or a truck hahaha... sorry guys, not asking very good ones...

4/21/2009 #119
sally's sister


Have you ever lost in a competition?

4/22/2009 #120
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