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Rai Science

To be honest, I think that people can be original...its just that some people should not be. For instance Erin-of-The-Cullen-Clan wrote this: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5415549/1/Twilight_World fic due to an original idea, and its one of the most horrible and blasphemous fanfics I have ever seen. The author can hardly spell, and replaces all biblical figures with Twilight characters. For example, Edward is God and Jasper and Alice are Adam and Eve.

This story is one of those large examples of why some original ideas should not be made. Here is an exerpt from the first chapter:

Edward had just finshed creating the world. He had made a betaful garden for Alice and Jasper to live in. They were the first people to live on the erth. Jaser and Alice loved each other alot and were gong to have kids because thats what Edward wanted therm to do. Howevr he mad a apple tree that he tald them that they were not aloud to eat the apples form. Japper and Alice dint want to eat the apples because they didn’t want to make edword anger.

But then one day a eval snail named Joms came down thru the tree and talled to Japper whou was siting undar the tree.

“You should eat my apples.” Jomes said. But Japser igored him, he new edwart did not want him eating the apples from that trea.

“NO!” Said jaser, I love Edward thy God.”

The snae did not give up thou. He said to japer.

“Why , my apples are rond and red and very deisous.”

Japper looked at the applkes witch locked very delious. He picked one off the tree and bite into it.

“This is yum,” Said japster. “Alice, come here and tast this apple/”

Alice come over and told the apple off jasper, He bite into it and she said. This is the best apple I have ever had.”

Then Edward saw wat they were doign from heathen and got anger.


The author's note is just as bad: A/N: STOP IT NOW YOU MEENIES!!!1, This is mi stori and I will do wat i want. You are all eval SINNARS that wurship SATAN! Leeve my stroy alone, tits betta than your storiis

This was a fic that made my eyes want to bleed, and pray that it was just a troll fic, not an actual fic, written by someone who thought it was a good idea.

2/2/2010 #61
Failariel Pallanen


It's a troll fic, I reckon. But if it really is a serious fic, then the rabids have sunk to a whole new level of retardism if they've started comparing Edward "Glitter-Stu" Cullen to God.

2/3/2010 #62
S1ither Hither

I honestly don't see the point of trolling - the only thing it serves to do is make yourself look like a prat. -shrug-

2/3/2010 #63
You Can't Forget This

That fic is just... -shudders-

2/4/2010 #64
Rai Science

I know. It's the first fic to ever make me beg for it to be a troll fic. The possibility, that anyone could have written that and meant it, frightens me deeply.

2/4/2010 #65

It's a troll fic, alright. But honestly, I don't blame the troll - Twilight as a franchise is begging to be trolled and have the piss taken out of it.

2/4/2010 #66
Third Kind

It's a troll fic, alright. But honestly, I don't blame the troll - Twilight as a franchise is begging to be trolled and have the piss taken out of it.

You're right! :D

But this is one I found recently that just piised me off: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5713787/1/Spongebobs_death

2/6/2010 #67
You Can't Forget This


-headdesk- x100

So...bad. o.e

2/6/2010 . Edited 2/6/2010 #68


that wasn't even the funny kind of fail.

2/6/2010 #69
Third Kind

I clicked on the link to Twilight World and I think the fics been taken down as an error message came up.

No wonder if FF.Net deleted it... :)

2/7/2010 #70

This author is so bad, he brings a new meaning to the word "badfic". 90% of his work is mis-spelt. And he cannot write a decent plot-line. Not only that, but he attacks anyone that flames him.


Generally, all his fics are bad. The best one is his Athesit Manfesto. He also had a really bad Percy Jackson fic, but was deleted.

2/9/2010 . Edited 2/9/2010 #71
The Sleeping Tide

Edward "Glitter-Stu" Cullen as God. How may screaming fangirls would like that to happen ? There are a lot and I mean a lot of bad fics in FF 7. The game was over hyped and the screaming fangirls have long since flooded it with bad fics.

2/9/2010 #72
Third Kind

Omg. I just clicked on his profile and I think my brain was tortured. X0 THAT WAS THE MOST HORRENDOUS SPELLING I HAVE EVER SEEN!! Come on, that's just heavy disrespect for the English Language!

2/9/2010 #73

What? You mean Alistairlevi13?

2/9/2010 #74
Wow, I went to that guy's profile and...it takes some talent to screw the English language up that bad. Holy crap that gave me a headache. I was going to read one of the stories just for lol's, but reading the summaries was enough, I think. Now, if you don't mind, I am going to find some legible fics and read those so I can make sense of the world once more.
2/10/2010 #75

You wanna see bad spelling and awesome trolling:

Hans von Hozel

If I'm having a crap day, I just read one of those, laugh my ass off, and move on with my life. But don't read more than like, 3 at a time or your head might asplode.

2/10/2010 #76
Third Kind

Holy crap: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5734639/1/THE_CHEESYPINEAPPLE_STORY_FT_SPONGEBOB

There's a lot of awful SpongeBob stories popping up more recently. Nowadays, its hard finding a decent story on there... :(

2/11/2010 #77

I wouldn't know about the Spongebob fics. Don't trek into that fandom as I am not a fan. I, however, do seem to be quite lucky as I don't accidentally pop into badly written hardly ever.

2/11/2010 #78
Third Kind

You're lucky then :). I've been running into them more often lately :(.

2/12/2010 #79
Ember's New Groove

I've only actually come across one troll, by the name of 'bojak'

he's a complete 'tard. :\

2/12/2010 #80
You Can't Forget This

I've only actually come across one troll, by the name of 'bojak'

-reads their profile- o.e

2/12/2010 . Edited 2/12/2010 #81
Ember's New Groove

I gave hima few scalding reviews, and the git went and flamed one of my fics in retaliation. I let him have it, and he didn't reply, the coward. :D

2/12/2010 #82
You Can't Forget This

Nice one! xD

2/12/2010 #83
Ember's New Groove

wot? mine is a gooder and say bad?


These are the 'reviews' he gave me. :D

2/12/2010 . Edited 2/12/2010 #84
You Can't Forget This


2/12/2010 #85
Ember's New Groove

Well, I must say, I got a few lulz out of them when I read them. :D

2/12/2010 #86
Third Kind

Wow! I couldn't even read it! D:

2/13/2010 #87
Ember's New Groove

Lol, trolls tend to have that effect. :|

2/13/2010 #88
Third Kind

God, I still have panic attacks over the troll who wrote 'Sandy has a Baby' (under the SpongeBob section)...

2/13/2010 #89
Third Kind

WTF: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5734639/1/THE_CHEESYPINEAPPLE_STORY_FT_SPONGEBOB

Are fanfic writers getting stupider by the day or something? Has some sort of mystery illness warped their minds? O_o

2/15/2010 #90
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