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Ember's New Groove


Well, I've seen worse trolls...but honestly, that wasn't even the funny kind of troll.

2/16/2010 #91

This guy is funny. He actually believes in what he is writing. Not that anyone can understand it.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2134634/believer_in_christ

2/16/2010 #92
Ember's New Groove
urgh...I hate self-righteous religious people like that. I couldn't read it, the prat was just getting on my nerves.
2/17/2010 #93
You Can't Forget This


2/17/2010 #94

Uhhh...wow. That just...I think my mind is....no words to describe...

Urgh, I need to read something that has correct english in it now to cure my brain. Whether a troll or just someone with lack of knowledge on how to use the English language, that guy made my brain hurt.

2/17/2010 #95
Third Kind

I've also seen some pretty bad Ed Edd n Eddy fanfics around D:

I don't want to give links. It seems to me that Ed Edd n Eddy is a series that's popular among trolls DX

2/18/2010 #96
The Inimitable Enigma Cypher

I must admit, My Immortal is horrendous, a travesty of "literature" (if you want to go as far as to call it literature), but I have seen worse. *shudders*

2/18/2010 #97
Third Kind

I've also seen some pretty bad Team Fortress 2 fanfics D:

Can't believe people are writing crap on a good game like TF2 D:

2/19/2010 #98

XD My Immortal! I just discovered it a while ago through a lot of searching on google. I'm still trying to get through it without killing my brain. It's so horrible I love it.

2/21/2010 #99
test subject nine

Oh man... some of these have made me laugh, and some have made me cringe and close the window really fast. Thanks for sharing all these. XD

2/23/2010 #100
Third Kind




2/26/2010 #101
Deleted User Accout

There are some REALLY awful ones on here with really bad spelling and alot of mary sues, but I really don't want to say where they are becuase I don't want my fics to get bad reviews... :)

3/1/2010 #102

I've read some pretty bad fanfics in the past year.

But My recent discoveries just makes me ask:

How do you write a story on the game Dance Dance Revolution?

There are only so much bad fanfics a person can take before becoming comatose.

3/2/2010 #103

It's r-tards like this that make all fanfic authors look bad:

Rika's Reincarnation

If it's not a troll... it's hard to believe that that broad is 19.

@Twister: I know, I thought the same thing! But they ship the dancers with each other. I don't know what idiot thought of it first, but apparently it has a fanfic-base. I guess.

3/2/2010 #104
Third Kind

How do you write a story on the game Dance Dance Revolution?

There are only so much bad fanfics a person can take before becoming comatose.

I know how you feel. I found sections for Tetris and Pong respectively.

Seriously, Pong?!? LOLWUT?!? It's just two sticks and a ball!!! But I will let Tetris slide, as I found some good fanfics...

3/4/2010 #105

I found this gem in the neopets section:

"fuck man" sed bruce (dats his species not neamem)"what is rong" asked his pal lupe "fuck man just fuck" bruc ajumped off a crlifff "lupe" thea lupe said "brucae is dead" anonced a chia "um nyom nom nom" luaper ate chaia and pooped him out "Dats how chocolaete chiaz ar made" said ellen dedgenresdesthe endThat was the whole story.

3/4/2010 #106
Lol wut? What is that?
3/4/2010 #107
test subject nine

That was spectacular.

3/4/2010 #108

I know right?! Didn't drag around and got right to the point!


3/4/2010 #109

ellen dedgenresdes= ellen degeneres?

3/4/2010 #110

I can only assume.

I pray that was a troll, because if it wasn't, I'll just kill myself right now, because there is no hope left.

3/4/2010 #111
test subject nine

Oh man, seconded. D:


3/5/2010 #112

Of course! I played Mother 3 last year, and I almost beat it...but one day the emulator crashed. I was pissed. It was probably the best GBA game I ever played...and I never got to see the end. I'm going to try playing it again during the summer.

At one point I even had the Ultimate Chimera as an avatar on here, but I lost it somewhere in my files. I could go on a whole discussion about this game, but then I'd be a little off-topic!

3/5/2010 #113

Edit: Double post...sorry for making you guys suicidal about the awful fic I posted D: That's neopets for you.

3/5/2010 . Edited 3/5/2010 #114
test subject nine

Awww, but the ending was the best! So tragic. I actually only beat it... maybe a month ago? I dunno.

I played it on my Gameboy SP in Japanese, so I didn't have to worry about the emulator thing but it did take away from the game's plot a little. I had the script, but it wasn't quite the same. Definetly my favorite GBA game ever though.

PMing you because this is way off topic, haha! To compensate, I bring some crap Maximum Ride fanfiction. Yeah, I scanned the site for bad-fic-ness really fast to make up for going into an M3 discussion here. XD

It's called 50 Moments of Dylla, and each "moment" is a sentence or two. I gave up on MR a long time ago, so I don't know who this Dylan guy is, but here's one of these moment things:

Dylan uses the hammer to smash a watermelon before tossing it to Ella who crushed a whole row of glass bottles with it.

"Smashing stuff with hammers is fun…" Ella giggles.

...Certainly not the worst, but I can't stand it when people write such short and pointless things. But at least this person can spell, I guess.

3/5/2010 #115


Never have read Maximum Ride, but I could see how that fic would make a fan of it kinda mad.

Maybe. ...

3/5/2010 #116

Oh My God, I read that crimson blood and at first I started off laughing but as I read more I could actually feel my face melting. I am still unable to smile and probably look hilarious with my face like it is. I've never read a fic so bad that my facial muscles stopped working before. Again, Oh My God.

3/13/2010 #117

I found the worst author ever: Mangogirl. She wrote about 20 stories on...urk...I don't wanna say.

Warning: Her stories are disgusting. If you want, just read the reviews for them- they're hilarious. You don't even have to read the stories to know how bad of an author she is.

3/13/2010 #118
The Love Bug

"I found the worst author ever: Mangogirl. She wrote about 20 stories on...urk...I don't wanna say."

Ohmyfuckinggosh, that was horrendous. Utterly revolting. What she did to Oz was just sick and wrong...if that wasn't a parody then I'm going to go kill her for the good of humanity, and even if it was I'm slapping her with a wet haddock-she needs it badly.

Also, what sort of person actually WRITES Himmler/Goebbels Nazi pr0n? There are some things you just don't do! Tasteless, utterly tasteless. And a bad writer to boot.

3/13/2010 #119


What sort of sicko writes that stuff about spiderman? And harry Potter?!?!

She has killed my brain, it will never again live, so now thanks to all these bad authors I have a melted face and a dead brain.


3/13/2010 #120
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