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Your avatar rules Emo boy/girl!! ^^ 1111

lol did you hear digimon xcros is out!! 6th season OMG OMG OMG *Pops fireworks again* ^^

8/29/2010 . Edited 8/29/2010 #61
Otaku Takeshi

Beyblades ©


"Pay us 500 dollars."

"FREAK YOU. *punches then runs*"

8/29/2010 #62

*Possesses them and makes them chase after you* you stole my copyright gimme it back!! ©© -_-*

8/29/2010 #63
Omnipotent One Envy

Kimi's a girl, but I'm not. It's a shame nobody knows the admin these days. She's been gone too long.

8/29/2010 #64

When will she be back? ^^ Go OCD FTW ^^

8/29/2010 #65

I wonder what ever happened to Kimi? I never knew her.

Sy, how's your forum been since I left?

8/29/2010 #66
Omnipotent One Envy

I wonder what ever happened to Kimi? I never knew her.

She'll probably never be back. I knew her a little, but that was years ago.

Sy, how's your forum been since I left?

Mostly dead.

8/29/2010 #67

Yeah, it's been 2 years, hasn't it?

Sorry for suddenly leaving your forum. I got in a fight with someone...

8/29/2010 #68
Omnipotent One Envy

Oh? I didn't notice. You can come back anytime you like, but the best times are when I'm there. Just wait around and it'll be interesting again.

8/29/2010 #69

I'm surprised that you didn't see it. It was with one of the new kids.

Do you have any form of messenger?

8/29/2010 #70

Yeah do you have facebook drown the world in tears? ^^

8/29/2010 #71
Omnipotent One Envy

Do you have any form of messenger?

Syrus_magistus for yahoo.

Yeah do you have facebook drown the world in tears? ^^

Who knows? I am not her.

8/29/2010 #72

Do you have facebook Sy? ^^

8/29/2010 #73
Omnipotent One Envy


8/29/2010 #74

Ok ^^ will you be joining us in my paradise lost rpg? http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/76189/30530248/1/#30850670

you can be like a vampire or something if you want ^^

8/29/2010 #75
Omnipotent One Envy

Roleplay forums are destroying Fanfiction, and probably belong on fictionpress if they're not related to a real fandom like Twilight or something. Thanks anyway. I prefer discussion forums. Much more fun, yes. Nothing personal, I'm sure the real Kimi would love to.

8/29/2010 . Edited 8/29/2010 #76

Ok ^^ do you like digimon?

8/29/2010 . Edited 8/29/2010 #77
Shiore Yashagoro

I kinda liked Pokémon in the old days.

8/30/2010 #78

Me too ^^

8/30/2010 #79

I am back to Fanfiction!!!

8/30/2010 #80
Otaku Takeshi

The admin was a girl? @-@

8/30/2010 #81

Dont be sexist ^^

8/30/2010 #82

Duh, Otaku :P

8/30/2010 #83

Yeah otaku :P

9/1/2010 #84

I will be gone for awhile. Labor Day weekend and stuff xp Going to be so bored out of my mind.

Bye y'all *waves and boards plane to destination spot*

9/2/2010 #85

OMG is that KAMIJO!? Your new avatar is teh smeeeeeeex!

bye bye Ju-san Kik ^^

9/8/2010 #86

Well, actually I am already back ^_^

And yes that is Kamijo-sama and this ava is Kamijo-sama too ^_^

I say sama because I really like saying it XD

9/8/2010 . Edited 9/8/2010 #87

Ohai tharr~! Haha I knew I liked that avatar ^_____^

Yeah he is totally deserving of the 'sama' honorific *bows at his feet* Do you like Malice Mizer too? Versailles is like the new Malice Mizer :P

9/8/2010 . Edited 9/8/2010 #88

I like the song Beast of blood ^_^

OMG KAMIJO-SAMA IN DRAG!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjUrQ9PZe24

Kamijo-sama is the one singing.

9/8/2010 . Edited 9/8/2010 #89

That was lovely! He sounds soooo different here :))))) haha the boys I like are usually in drag so it didn't suprise me at all xD

9/8/2010 #90
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