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The Sleeping Tide

Screaming Fangirls- Who don't they piss off ? On the other hand it can be fun to make them mad until they turn really red in the face and their head explodes from all the pent up rage.

Badly written smut- More of an annoyance then anything. Some people need to have their keyboards taken away and be beaten with a good book on writing good smut

Mary Sues_ No. Just no.

Bad fics that get a load of good reviews while good fics barely get any. Or in my case my old fics that I am not going to pick up again because I have made far too many mistakes in them and they need far too much work yet I get people bugging the piss out of me to finish them.

Politicians- Their like diapers, and need to be changed frequently for the same reasons

Grammar\Canon Nazis - These are the people that are responsible for making me not want to role play my favorite fandoms any more. I do not tend to take rejection very well and I rarely bother with putting in any kind of application to join RP games any more since every one is pretty much looking for those who have perfect grammar and spelling. My brain does not work that way, It never has and never will.

Parents who will NOT control their heathen children.

Not being able to find a decent place to go fishing any more.

Wanting to do nothing but sleep all the time. I know its just my bi polar but it gets irritating after awhile

The people who are dumping their pets off at shelters or on Craiglist for the most stupid reasons you can think of

Stupid people

Close minded people

Spoiled kids who get everything they whine for

3/2/2009 #1
The Inimitable Enigma Cypher

I agree with you on the screaming fanfirls bit, particularly since I have a sister who is of that particular type of fandom. (freaking Jonas Brothers fans...)

I also agree with you on the stupid people bit. I mean, sometimes I wonder how people get as stupid as they are nowadays.

A few of the things that I hate:

People on the bus that see that I'm trying to listen to my mp3 player, and yet they try to talk to me anyways. (Um, hello, if I wanted to talk to you, I wouldn't have Linkin Park blasting at TOP F*CKING VOLUME!)

Venom fanboys. (check out the Spider-man fandom. you'll know what I mean.)

Miley Cyrus. Seriously.

Jonas Brothers. HATE them.

Twilight. Oh, how I hate that series.

Country music

Slash fanfics involving my two favorite characters. Um, eye bleach, please.

3/2/2009 #2
sally's sister

Twilight. Oh, how I hate that series.

I second that. The hype's getting downright ridiculous.

And...uh, I can't think of anything else right now. XD Maybe I'll come back to it.

3/2/2009 #3
sally's sister

Oh, oh! And I hate people who don't care about other people's feelings. Who just make fun of someone to be cool.

3/2/2009 #4
Saber Wing

I completely agree with you on most of those points. Especially the Mary-Sue's, close minded people, stupid people, and badly written fics.

I HATE Miley Cyrus, and the Jonas Brothers too. Ugh. And High School Musical. Can't forget that. *gags*

3/2/2009 #5
Trippy Hippie

Fuck Cyrus to hell, and the Johoes should be thrown in a death metal pit.

3/2/2009 #6
Artemis Mitera

Stupid hoes who think they're so cool when they're not.

Customers who treat workers at a minimum wage job like shit.

3/2/2009 #7
Trippy Hippie

Stupid fucks who believe the world revolves around them.

3/2/2009 #8
REVOLuTiontte En Casca

Just plain stupid people. :D

People who can't tell the difference between actual stupid, fake/deliberate stupid, absent-mindedness, deficieny and/or inanimation. *....*

3/3/2009 #9
Saber Wing

People who aren't intellegent enough to pick up sarcasm. That annoys me to no end!

3/3/2009 #10
The Sleeping Tide

Reviewers who threaten me with plagiarism just because I have used an idea some one else already has. Ideas get reused a lot, some one is bound to have the same ones as some one else. This does NOT make it plagiarism.

3/3/2009 #11
Phantom Thief Zel

Dumbasses. I seem to be surrounded by them, but hey, who isn't? I'd say about half of my school's population is of the 'dumbass' variety.

My inability to stop f***ing procrastinating. There's so much I want to write, too. D8

Self-insert fanfics. They're almost as bad as Suefics. Why the hell do I want to hear about your creepy fangirl adventures in whatever fandom?

People who think they're superspecialawesome writers (and make such claims in their profile for all to see), when in truth they can hardly be called 'average.'

Half days. Now, I ain't complaining about getting a half day instead of a full day of school... But WTF is the point of going to school for three hours? JUST LET ME SLEEP I AM A CRANKY CYNICAL AND EXTREMELY TIRED TEENAGER.


3/3/2009 #12

People who obsess about something (Twilight) to the point where I want to scream at them.

Defiantly the one where people talk to me while I'm listening to my mp3.

Friends who bitch about other people to me. Here's a clue: I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT.

3/3/2009 #13
REVOLuTiontte En Casca

People who *think* that they're obsessing over something, and act in an overdone manner so that they won't have to admit to themselves that they're wrong.

People who *think* that they're obsessing over something, and use it as a community factor even though they're hardly near the definition. Like the sort who see squealing people, go over and say "Really? I'm a xxx fangirl too! Squeal!" and then moves on to befriend a potential boyfriend's sister/friend/relative, and uses her as a means, and so on.....

People who have no idea that they're obsessing over something even though they are. I.e., stupid people.

People who act in accordance to the patterns of the typical obsesser, even though they aren't(, just so that they'll fit in/feel accepted)

3/4/2009 #14
REVOLuTiontte En Casca

Read the comments. This has got to stop guys, let's do a boycott....

3/4/2009 #15
Saber Wing

*headdesk* Ugh, this is ridiculous! It's seriously pissing me off now. What's next?! I can see it now T_T. High School Musical: Puberty.

I can't believe people are stupid enough to watch that shit!

3/4/2009 #16
The Inimitable Enigma Cypher

*ferociously bangs head on keyboard until a permanent imprint of the keys is visible*


As if I didn't have enough to be pissed off about today.

Oh, here's something else:

DUMB FUCK MOVIE PRODUCERS who don't see how retarded HSM is!! I mean, who gives a flying fuck about the problems of very unrealistic teenagers in that lame series!?


3/4/2009 #17
sally's sister

Wait, wait-- a fourth movie?

Hah, next they'll tell us that they'll make a film about the life of the Jonas Brothers. Everything you ever wanted to know about them! Bah.

3/4/2009 . Edited 3/4/2009 #18
The Inimitable Enigma Cypher

'K, that's an image I did NOT want in my head. :P

3/4/2009 #19
REVOLuTiontte En Casca

Let's go en masse and storm down the HSM forums here. Huzzah!


EDIT: No, scratch that, the forums are dead. If I recall correctly.

3/4/2009 . Edited 3/4/2009 #20
sally's sister

That the article about Stephen King saying that Stephenie Meyer is not a good writer is topic number one in my class, as well as in the Internet. Of course, they want to bite his head off.

'Oh my God, this comment may drive a stake through Stephenie Meyer's heart, I hope she never reads this...'

'How dare this idiot say something so mean!'

'She's the best writer ever, and if she weren't, why would her books be so popular?'

Need I say that it's driving me insane?

3/5/2009 #21
REVOLuTiontte En Casca

Whoever made the comments needs to meet me and my new splint-bow. I just so happen to have a brief history in amateur weapon-making, involving chopsticks, rubber bands and a decent bit of practical physics....

'Oh my God, this comment may drive a stake through Stephenie Meyer's heart, I hope she never reads this...'

I hope I do, and I hope she does. And may it burn through her sick self-inserting mind forever and ever, until she goes insane and recalls all of her books back for recycling.

'How dare this idiot say something so mean!'

How dare that idiot say something so ignorant.

'She's the best writer ever, and if she weren't, why would her books be so popular?'

Stupid people like her feed the market, that's what.

....man, I gotta get a look at that article...

3/5/2009 #22
sally's sister

The hardest part was not to throw something after those ignorants, like my shoe.

It's a hard business; you've got to be able to handle critisism. And Stephen King didn't say that the book sucked, he actually stated that he understood why those books were so popular. He only said that she wasn't a good writer, and I think anyone who has the slightest idea of books will agree. Reading Twilight was like reading fanfiction. (Yes, I read it.)

But please, only because those books are popular doesn't mean that the author's a good writer, as Stephen King said. The plot was just bound to attract many teenager girls.

Stupid people like her feed the market, that's what.


And those Twilight fans just can't stop to jump at our throats when it comes down to the series. It's annoying, especially because there's so much to critizise.

Such things really get me mad.

Sorry, but I'm confronted with Twilight over and over again in school. Besides, Stephen King is one of my favorite authors.

....man, I gotta get a look at that article...

Just google it. Give in their names and you'll have a great selection.

3/5/2009 #23
Anarane Faelivrin

'She's the best writer ever, and if she weren't, why would her books be so popular?'

I haven't read his books, but I'm pretty sure Stephen King would pwn Stephenie Meyer's ass at writing any day.

3/5/2009 #24
Saber Wing

'She's the best writer ever, and if she weren't, why would her books be so popular?'

If Stephen King had something bad to say about her writing, he must know what he's talking about. The guy is legendary, and he's been doing this for a long time.

3/5/2009 #25
Phantom Thief Zel

'She's the best writer ever, and if she weren't, why would her books be so popular?'

... That disgusts me.

Her books are popular because she knows what idiotic, boy-crazed teenage girls like to read. Also, last I checked 'popular' does not automatically equal 'good.'

I don't mind Meyer's writing - actually, I love The Host - but she comes no where close to even being in the top 100 authors of all time. Gawd, Twilight fangirls sicken me.

3/5/2009 #26


Ignorant people.

Speaking of ignorance, people that use the word IGNORANT incorrectly piss me off. Stop telling me "you igna-ent" because I ran into you on the street. The definition of ignorance is (maybe not word-for-word) but essentailly, lacking knowledge in a certain area...I know I ran into you, but tell me to watch where i'm going, don't say i'm too stupid to know what happened.

cheesy teenage vampire novels (f*ck you)

"scene kids" (that ain't punk rock) Wish I could take you all back to New York '77...Then you would understand the insignificance of that adorable over-priced Misfits T-Shirt you got at Hot Topic.

Alot more....

3/5/2009 #27
REVOLuTiontte En Casca


One of my friends refers to me as ignorant whenever I reply her SMSes or IMs as "-,-", "o", "oh", and yadda. It's sort of a ritualistic joke by now though, so I'm okay -,-

3/6/2009 #28
The Sleeping Tide

My old fanfiction pisses me off. I look at it and cringe wondering what the hell I was thinking when I wrote it. I made a lot of classic noob mistakes on them. My old stuff is all on permanent hiatus since I would have to completely rewrite them and I do not have the time or motivation to do so.

Another thing that pisses me off is the immature reader that will not stop bugging me and whining at me to finish the old fics when I have already said repeatedly that I will not.

Twilight, enough said. Who isn't pissed off by super sparky emo teenage wanna be vampires that would not last a day in Ravenloft ?

3/6/2009 #29
Saber Wing

My old fanfiction pisses me off. I look at it and cringe wondering what the hell I was thinking when I wrote it. I made a lot of classic noob mistakes on them.

Yeah, same for me. I can't even read my old stuff anymore without cringing every two seconds. It just makes me want to rip them apart and rewrite them. *shrugs*Maybe I will someday, but I'm otherwise occupied with another fic at the moment.

3/6/2009 #30
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