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Yoshino in the Moonlight

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4/24/2009 . Edited 4/24/2009 #1

My friend introduced me to fanfiction. It seems like forever ago though...

4/24/2009 #2
sally's sister

I weirdly still remember that, although it was long time ago, when I was a fan of Dragonball Z.

I went on some page, looking for some information of Bulma and Vegeta, and then found a paragraph where the two of them kissed. Since I loved that pairing completely, I clicked on the hyperlink, thinking it was something that happened in an episode, that there was a scene with the two of them that I hadn't seen yet. But it was a fanfiction.

That's how I found it.

4/24/2009 #3
Anarane Faelivrin

I found it through Quizilla...~

I was looking for quizzes, when I found a Harry Potter story. I clicked on it, thinking it was some weird quiz, but I read it and found it was a fanfiction about some couple. xDD

But I found FFN through my sister. -nod- She used to have an account aaaages ago, and I remember looking over her shoulder when she was posting some fic. XD

4/24/2009 #4
Ten ways to spoil dinner

I found Fan Fiction from a site about Legend of Zelda. There was a link to 'fanfiction' and I was curious. I even remember the first fanfiction I read.... which happened about two or three years ago.

4/24/2009 #5
A.J. Starhiker

hmm...if I remember correctly, it was by following browser links for Star Wars. There was one for fanfiction. This was probably 10, 15 years ago when Yahoo, Excite, and Webcrawler were the major search engines.

4/24/2009 #6


4/24/2009 #7

I was like nine...and I just got my first computer, and I was looking on the internet for anything to do.

So I innocently clicked on this Digimon fanfiction thing, not knowing what a fanfiction even was. It was...quite weird. Too bad even my first fanfiction was a yaoi about my favorite character dying and my least favorite doing...well anyway, that's how I found fanfiction and this website.

4/24/2009 #8
Hallow Eve

My older sister introduced me to in when I was twelve. She told me to be careful about what I read and not to read anything rated M. So of course I did. XD

Sorta wish I hadn't sometimes. Some stories are just.... ( shivers) disturbing.

4/27/2009 #9

A friend referred me to it a few months ago - she was very keen on the whole idea. I got hooked soon too!

5/2/2009 #10
Elliot Pole

Well, I was imagining a Yugioh battle in my head with the Duel Disks in stuff but people not on the show. I went to Pojo and started a thread on the story, not knowing that there was a section for fanfiction, since I didn't know what fanfiction was at the time. Someone posted on my thread and said, "This doesn't go here. In fact, I don't think there IS a place where this belongs." Later I was exploring Pojo and found a section for fanfiction, and saw a plethora of Yugioh fics. Then I started writing some of my own, along with a Pokemon one.

5/2/2009 #11

It's pretty interesting.

Back about 5 years ago, I had an obsession with Super Smash Bros. I was looking for some funny screenshots from the game, and when I searched it, I found this one girl's website on geocities-her name was Zelda'sFox38, if anyone knows her, which I doubt. It had a lot of fan-stuff on it, and a trilogy of fics that were...amazing. (They got deleted, though...) She said she moved to fanfiction.net, and when I went there, I was disappointed to find out that her SSBM trilogy wasn't there. So, I searched up some fics about yoshi, my favorite character. (That's also the reason for my penname.)

Oh, and that was back when FF.net had a lightbulb on the front page as their 'mascot.' Any of you older members remember that?

Anyways, I found this typical fic about yoshi playing through adventure mode. The story was okay, but when I checked the reviews, someone flamed the author about 'hurrying the f*ck up already.' Naturally, swear words scared me back then, and I was afraid that someone would flame me like that if I signed up. So that's why I put off signing up for 5 years.

I think my first favorite fic on this website was "Kirby, Pikachu, and the Cardboard Box." It's still here! You can read it on my favorites list.

...Edit: Nevermind! I found that trilogy of fics I was talking about! Here it is, if you're interested:


5/2/2009 . Edited 5/2/2009 #12

A long while back I was a huge fan of naruto. I was randomly looking up some stuff concerning said show on Google, and a fanfic popped up, so I read it. Very short, and boring, but that's basically all there was to it.

5/31/2009 #13
Cosmic Hobo

I was looking for the original episodes of Yugioh one day, and i stumbled across a yugioh fic. And the rest is history. :D

6/7/2009 #14

Be prepared, It's a long story!

okay,so the summer of 2008, my friends (underworldfan,gothgirl12) and I were hanging out together. GG12 was on her mom's computer reading a twilight fanfic. Later, I was bored and logged on to read some fanfics. Then i forgot about fanfiction until last November when I was searching some books on yahoo and there was a result for a fanfic. I made an account and here I am.

6/8/2009 #15

Stumbled across a few fanfics while looking for Naruto wallpapers on a website (the quality was dreadful, I might add, but they got me interrested anyway).

6/9/2009 . Edited 6/9/2009 #16

I... think... it was when I stumbled across the EQ-alternaverse by Wingthing!

6/9/2009 #17

I found it a weird way... I was watching a moive on New grounds and then I saw someone who had a link to a fanfic. I read it and it was a I think it was a Goten x Future Trunks yaoi.

6/9/2009 #18
xXLittle Rose AngelXx

It was last year, my friend was bored in...Geography I think it was, and she was looking for Harvest Moon wallpapers, when she found a link to Harvest Moon fanfics, and she was like "OMG! OMG! OMG!" So I googled it that arvo and found fanfiction.net, and now I'm obsessed :D

6/10/2009 #19
Failariel Pallanen

I can't remember! I think I was looking something up and stumbled across it...but..-shrug-

6/19/2009 #20

I wrote some stories based off of Lemings and Donkey Kong in 4th grade and in 9th grade found the site.

6/19/2009 #21
The Endless Rain

If I remember correctly, I was going through a crazy phase with Zelda, and started typing random character's names and some story popped up that I took interrest in thorugh the title. And so, I discovered FF.net

6/19/2009 #22

If memory serves I discovered it while browsing through the Kryptonsite. I think someone mentioned it and I decided to check this website out. Either that or I randomly typed the word fanfiction into google and this is what appeared first. It's probably the latter.

6/19/2009 #23
Otaku Takeshi

I was searching on Google for Haruhi last year (it was still when I had the obsession..) then I found some site for haruhi fans.......sneaked into their forums.......and they were talking about FFN an there ya go.....I found it. (preety stupid huh? :D)

6/20/2009 #24

Back when I was twelve when I watched the 4kids (well it wasn't even called 4kids at the time...) Yu-Gi-Oh I decided to look up episodes of it. I found a link on a paticular site that said 'fanfiction'. Amazingly interesting story right? lol

1/2/2010 #25
Cottleston Pie

It was back in 2002.

I think I was looking for stuff about the Powerpuff Girls and I found the Pokey Oaks Fanfiction Library [which doesn't exist anymore, I think].

Then I somehow got here. Maybe some of the authors there had accounts here.

1/2/2010 #26
Snow Falls Down My Window

About a year ago, I said to myself, "Do people write their own stories based on Bleach?" I decided that that would be very interesting. I looked it up on google and a link to this site appeared.

1/2/2010 #27
You Can't Forget This

A friend introduced me to it~

1/21/2010 #28
Ember's New Groove

Me too.

1/22/2010 #29
Saber Wing

I have no idea. Um...I think I was eleven or something, and I was bored searching online for things about Final Fantasy VIII. That's when I found this site, and the rest is history. I think =p

4/7/2010 #30
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