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So you want to laugh at the N00BI3S and StuSuethors. This is the place. We never sleep. Come hang out and talk about anything, but you are on your own if you see foul language. Formerly the L.F.E.
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Saber Wing

Hey there all newcomers: Welcome to LFE! We're a friendly bunch here, really. But, there are a few basic rules that you need to abide by.

1. If you're going to act like a little kid, I'm going to treat you like one. No bickering over stupid high school bullshit that nobody cares about. This is a place of peace and respect. It always has been in the past, and it always will be if I have anything to say about it. For the love of all that is holy, if someone cyber rolls their eyes at you in a joking way, GET OVER IT.

2. If you have ANY KIND OF QUESTION about something you need help with or wish to know more about, DO NOT post a new topic asking about it. Go to theMain Helpthread for questions pertaining to the website and issues with it. Go to theMiscellaneous Questionthread for any other questions you might have. AboutANYTHING.They are pinned, you can't miss them. If we have to see another new topic, asking for help, we will just lock it without answering the question. Don't do it.

3. If you are aiming to post a new topic, please check first to see if it exists in the main threads or otherwise. Once again, I'd like to make that clear. Also, please keep the idiotic new topic suggestions to a minimum. For example: "ZOMG, I just updated my profile! Everyone go look!" or "So-and-so is a jerk and I hope they f'king die." You get the picture. We're just going to lock it anyway. Don't bother.

4. Respect your fellow forum goers. If we see you antagonizing anyone for no reason, you will be warned, or perhaps even banned depending on the offense. If you go around constantly picking fights and instigating drama, there will be consequences. We will issue a warning, but if the offenses continue, we will not hesitate to ban you.

5. I don't care if you swear, but people, there is a point where it gets excessive. Just don't use it in every two words of the sentence, okay?

6. I'm not asking you to be a grammar fiend, but at least have the courtesy not to make your posts look like a three year old typed them.

7. Do not blatantly insult another person's views, or bully them because of them. Debating is fine because of course we all have different views, but you should have a mutual respect for each other regardless.

8. No mini-modding. If you believe one of the users is doing something wrong, talk to us. It is not your job to moderate this forum. It's ours. We do, however, appreciate help when it is warranted. Report users who are disobeying the rules of this forum.

9. Sexual innuendos are allowed, as long as they are used in a joking manner and do not make anyone else uncomfortable.

10. If you and another user have a problem with each other as a result of past history, leave it between those involved. Do not involve those who had nothing to do with it. For example, if you frequented a different forum together and had bad experiences with each other, keep it where it belongs: in the past or amongst yourselves in private. I don't care if so-and-so left you a bad review once, and you've hated each other ever since. I don't care if this person said that to this other person and you're now stuck in a war with each other for it. Keep it out of this forum, or you will be penalized. Plain and simple.

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Blighted Angel


We are usually here on a day to day business, even if it is just to lurk. However, if there is a conflict, we cannot always catch it right away. This isThe Longest Forum Ever, after all. Report anything you see that conflicts with the rules, or any other problems you may be having, and we will resolve the issue, one way or another.

Other Mods

Trippy Hippie

Known to those who have been here long enough as, "Gaara." I have no idea where she went, and she only drops in once every century or so. If you have a problem that needs immediate attention, you'd probably better not message her -_-



Because I know someone will ask eventually. She kind of dropped off of the face of the Earth. In fact, no one has seen her in years, although there are those who have her login information. If you see anyone posting under her name, it's probably someone else. I don't know where she went, I never even met her. That goes to show you how long she's been gone O.o. Don't worry, though. We have more than enough evil moderator influence to go around ;). Mwahahahahaha!

*cough* Ignore that ;D. Angel is a bit eccentric sometimes.

I suppose that's it, for now. Once again, welcome, and enjoy your time at LFE.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please send me or any of the other moderators a PM, and we will answer your questions to the best of our ability.

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