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Artemis Mitera

EDIT: It is July 2. This topic will be for people that still don't get the intructions from "All the answers to your questions here"

Alrighty. There's questions about uploading documents, starting stories, and adding chapters. If you're looking for that. Then it's right here. Edit [[October12]]: There's forum moderation, PM checking, guidelines and other things. All specific questions go here and I answer as soon as possible.^^ Or someone else will get to ya most def. Ha.

Also... if you have any questions, ask HERE please. That'll help. Most likely I'll help or someone that's on will.^^

9/13/2007 . Edited 7/9/2008 #1
Artemis Mitera
[b]Uploading documents:[/b] 1. Go to your [i]account page[/i] by clicking login when already logged in. 2. Go to the [i]documents tab on the left[/i] 3. [b][[click]][/b] 4. You'll see an [i]upload form[/i] at the bottom of the page. The [i]document label [/i] is for what name you want to call the soon-to-be uploaded document so that you can distinguish it from others if you have multiple documents. 5. [i]Browse[/i] for the document in your computer. You should know how to find it within your files. 6. When you click on the documents, the adress for it will be in the box. Click [i]Submit document[/i] 7. You'll see your story in a [i]chart[/i] and a number [b][[60]][/b]. That's just how long the document will stay active till it deletes [b][[they do it so that it can save space or whatever]][/b]
9/13/2007 . Edited by Omnipotent One Envy, 9/13/2007 #2
Artemis Mitera
[b]Starting a new story[/b] [h][[make sure that you have uploaded a document]][/h] 1. Go to your [i]account page[/i] 2. Go to [b]GUIDELINES[/b] 3. "Read" them then say that you accept. From there, there's a link to start a new story. 4. [b][[click]][/b] 5. Select a [i]category [/i] 6. Then from there it should be self explanatory.
9/13/2007 #3
but what if your not done with the story, will it allow you to add more to it?
9/14/2007 #4
[q]but what if your not done with the story, will it allow you to add more to it?[/q] [b] Adding a new chapter to your story.[/b] [h][[make sure that you have uploaded a document]][/h] 1. Go to your account page 2. Go to [b]STORIES[/b] 3. Find your story in the list and click on " [b]edit[/b] ". 4. Click on [b]Content/Chapters[/b] 5. Under [b]Add Chapter[/b] select your document from the drop down menu. 6. Name your chapter (optional) 7. Click " [b]Add[/b] " [b]Changing a story or chapter you have already posted[/b] [h][[make sure that you have uploaded a document]][/h] 1. Go to your account page 2. Go to [b]STORIES[/b] 3. Find your story in the list and click on " [b]edit[/b] ". 4. Click on [b]Content/Chapters[/b] 5. Under [b]Replace Chapter[/b] select the chapter you want to replace from the drop down menu. 6. Under [b]Replace Chapter[/b] select the document you want. 7. Click " [b]Replace[/b] "
9/14/2007 . Edited 9/14/2007 #5
Artemis Mitera
after some talk, here's the... [b]Abreviations:[/b] [h][[If you have anymore suggestions, PM me so I can edit this, or you can reply to here.^^ We're compiling a list for you guys.]][/h] [b]oc[/b]: other character [b]OC[/b]: Original Character [b]OOC[/b]: Out Of Character [b]OCxOC[/b]:other characters love [b]an or A/N or just AN[/b]: authors note [b]AU[/b]: Alternate Universe [q]acronym/initialism for Alternative Universe. Sometimes writers want to make some changes to the original story for the sake of their own story. For example, changing a canon character's family history, adding cities, adding magic or supernatural aspects that aren't originally supported by that fandom, etc. The writer can slap an AU disclaimer on the fic, to let readers know that the OOCness was intentional, etc.[/q] [b]PWP[/b]: "Plot, what plot?" aka Sex [b]Mpreg[/b]: Male pregnancy [b]Character Terms:[/b] [h][[There's a ton, leave suggestions if wanted.^^]][/h] [b]Mary Sue[/b]: Female Self Insertion [i](EVIL!)[/i] [b]Gary Stu[/b]: Male Self Insertion [i](EVIL!)[/i] -- [b]Marysue/Garystu[/b]: [usually] self-insert that overshadows CCs [q]Self-insert - A character (usually the main character or one of the main characters) is modeled after the writer. Usually the character is lacking development and is a blatant attempt at wish fulfillment. The character is often made to be how the writer wishes he/she was. And, the self-insert can act as an author surrogate, where the character acts as a podium from which the writer can broadcast his/her opinions, morals, etc. Self-inserts exist in original fictional as well, and aren't always a bad thing either.[/q] [b]Story Terms[/b]: [h][[Anyone with non-sex related terms?^^]][/h] [b]Flame[/b]: Negative review that [usually] insults author personally and has [h]little to nothing[/h] about the [b]actual[/b] story [b]Drabble[/b]: 100 word story [b]Fluff[/b]: Sappy story [q]silly, lighthearted, and tamed smut. Easy-going (and often short) romance fics that are sweet and deal with little to no friction, not villains, no real struggle, etc.[/q] [b]Slash[/b]: Gay People Sex [b]Yaoi[/b]: Gay Man Sex [q]YAOI is an acronym for YAmanashi (no climax), Ochinashi (No punchline), Iminashi (no meaning). It's for homosexual pairings and was a genre originally made for bored housewives. It's main audience is women. ...The English equivalent would be slash. [/q] [b]Yuri[/b]: Gay Women Sex [q]Yuri (meaning "lilly") is for lesbian pairings. In Japanese, "Girles love" (garuzu ra-bu). The term came from a gay magazine, labeling a group of females fans that would write in fan mail and etc yurizoku (Lilly tribe). Most of the female fans were lesbian (it was a gay magazine after all). ...Then fan-made comics started to use the name "Yuri" or "Yuriko" (both common Japanese names) and it took off from there. Most yuri is aimed toward men. I know, totally not shocked, right. ...I think the English equivalent for yuri is femslash. [/q] [q]However, slash and femslash may only be terms reserved specifically for fanfiction. While, Yuri and YAOI are just types of pairing for comics, anime, fanfiction, doujin, etc. [/q] [b]Shounen Ai[/b]: "Boy's Love" Gay Boy Stuff With Possible Sex or No Sex [b]Shoujo Ai[/b]: "Girl's Love" Gay Girl Stuff With Possible Sex or No Sex [b]Lemon[/b]: Graphic Sex [q]fanfics that's main focus is that there is a graphic sex scene or two in it. It's not appropriate for minors. Again, this probably [b]shouldn't[/b] exist on the site. R/Mature rated stories probably aren't lemon fics.[/q] [b]Lime[/b]: Almost Sex But Not Quite, like lacking depth [b]Citrus[/b]: Erotica [b]Het[/b]: Straight People Sex/Romance [b][[Name]]X[[Name]][/b]: Sexy Relationship [b][[Name]]+[[Name]][/b]: Cuddly Relationship [b][[Name]]/[[Name]][/b]: Relationship With Possible Sex [b]Shipping[/b]: Relationship With Possible Sex [b]OTP[/b]: One True Pairing [b]OT3[/b]: One True Threesome [b]OT4[/b]: One True Foursome [b]Hentai[/b]: Pervert or Perverted [b]Echi[/b]: Hentai [b]Squick[/b]: Will Gross You Out [b]Smut[/b]: Sex, non-romantic [q]obscene or pornographic material. Raunchy and badly done sex scenes in fanfiction can be referred to as smutt, but it can be used on any sexually graphic material (in a fanfic) that takes the spotlight. According to ff.net rules, it shouldn't exist on the site. However, there are other fanfic sites that host adult/NC-17 fanfiction.[/q] [b]One-shot[/b]: It's a one chapter long or short story. There is no hinting towards a continuation of the story presented in the chapter, so it's just a stand-alone story. In Japanese, it's called a yomikiri. Japanese comics will sometimes have little side stories that are one-shots within volumes of an ongoing series. [b]Plot bunny[/b]: A term in fanfiction for one of several ideas (you know, the cliche is that rabbits reproduce often and fast) a writer may come up with off the top of his/her head. It's not very well thought out or developed. [b]Plot bunny adoption[/b]: Sometimes someone may think that he/she has thought up an interesting plot, but has no desire to write the story. They offer their plot bunny to be taken and used. [b]Canon[/b]: (refering to characters or plot) The original content or character of which the series is comprised of. Thus the term "canon-rape" means, generally, abusing orignal storyline and/or set character traits/characteristics. [b]Beta reader[/b]: Also known as Beta or Betareader. It's the term used for people who help writers edit chapters before posting them. The Beta reader tries to help make sure there are any mechanics errors and so on. [b]Trolls[/b]: Users that blatantly abuse their right to post and often are extremely abusive in regards of spam, racist comments, and/or general public harm. Note that trolls may be flamers, but not all flamers are trolls. [b]Flamer[/b]: A person that posts a negative, bashing or non-constructive criticism review. Their motive may be anger directed at the writer, protest at the poor quality of writing, doing it for the "lulz" (with trolls), or just general boredom. Bear in mind that F/R is a flamer, and not a troll. [b]Canon nazi[/b]: a pejorative term for people who complain about canon inconsistencies, errors, OOC-ness (Out Of Character-ness), etc. [b]Grammar nazi[/b]: another unfavorable term for people who complain, nitpick, and/or point out spelling and grammar errors. [b]Ficlet[/b]: A short fanfic that isn't more than 1000 words. [b]MST[/b]: initialism/acronym for Mystery Science Theater. Mystery Science Theater was a TV series where a guy and two robot characters would watch old, crummy movies and make fun of it. They'd add in lines, so on and so forth. It's a great show and most of you guys know of it or have seen it before. ...MST-ing is the act of mocking a fanfic in Mystery Science Theater style. [b]Sporking[/b]: It's similar to MSTing, if not the same thing. A person can spork a fanfic, by adding in his/her own little witty, snarky, bitchy, mean, silly, or whatever comments to make the poke fun at or parody the story. Credits to Vash, Cranberry Window, Cruelly-Unusual, KosmicKinsei, Saber Apricot, and Darkwinter999.^^ Note that the definitions change from person-to-person. -- Provided by [b]Vash[/b]: [h]"A drabble is an extremely short work of fiction exactly one hundred words in length, although the term is often misused to indicate a short story of less than 1000 words." ~Wikipedia[/h] (http :// en. wikipedia. org/ wiki/ Drabble) [h]"A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words." ~When Size Matters: Story Terminology as Determined by Word Count[/h] (http :// www. trickster. org/ symposium/ symp162. html) [h]"There is also a specific form of Flash called Drabble, which is of the 100 words or under variety. There are a few publishers and authors who stretch this definition to include stories of up to 250 words, but 100 is considered the standard for most Drabble." ~What is Flash Fiction?[/h] (http :// www. quazen. com/ Arts/ Online- Writing/ What- is- Flash- Fiction. 55172)
9/19/2007 . Edited 1/22/2008 #6
Cranberry Window
Additional Definitions: Mary Sues: Poorly developed characters (sometimes self inserts) and are often OCs. Usually, they have excessive powers, beauty, strength, etc. are often a sign of a weak author. Gary (Marty, Larry) Stues: Same as Mary Sues, except in a male incarnation. Gary Stues often have more powers, and usually a big sword. ((making up for something in the author, perhaps?xD)) (('self inserts' doesn't do the evil of the Mary Sue enough justice, sadly)) Trolls: (noun) usually a very nasty poster that responds to a thread or posts a story with the intention to cause harm/stir up trouble. They may resort to profane language, racism, etc. One famous one is xxbloodyrristsxx ((sp? not sure on exact spelling of her name)) who wrote 'My Immortal', undoubtedly the most famous of all troll HP fics.
9/22/2007 #7
yeah.....what if you [i]do[/i] know how to create a story and stuff, but you're problem is that the doc. stays in the document place?
9/24/2007 #8
Artemis Mitera
what do you mean? you created the chapter/story and all, but it's still in your documents?
9/24/2007 . Edited 9/24/2007 #9
9/24/2007 #10
Artemis Mitera
[b]Documents[/b] [h][[Whether or not you used it]][/h] --OK, someone's said that the [i]document's[/i] still there after you have [i]uploaded[/i] to FF's database of stories. It just means that you still have the document saved in your account. it's a copy just in case if you're gunna want to need it. -Also, there's a number next to the documents within your list. That is the [i]lifespan[/i]. The life span is just the number of days it will be in your account for your use. So if you dont need it, it will be deleted. It's their way to save room in their databanks.
9/24/2007 #11
...soooooooooo does that mean I can delete the docs. without worrying 'bout the stories?
9/24/2007 #12
Artemis Mitera
yup. no worries.^^
9/24/2007 #13
Then for those rare few who dont know his term, Drabbish means the story is short, in or around 500 words or less to as few as thirty about. Vash (btw my apololigies to you) please correct me if I'm wrong, as I know I usually am on that terminology. Bah.
9/26/2007 #14
Drabble = 100 word story
9/26/2007 #15
Artemis Mitera
[b]Uploading an avatar:[/b] [h][[Must have a pic ready and it's stored in your computer]][/h] 1. Have a pic [b]ready[/b] in your [b]computer[/b] [i]--It's best if it's small and square[/i] 2. Go to your [b]account[/b] page [h][[by pressing log in button when you're logged in]][/h] and then you'll see a link labeled [b]Avatar/Image[/b]. 3. You'll see an [b]upload form[/b]. 4. Press [b]browse[/b] and then look for it on your [b]computer[/b] 5. Click the [b]save[/b] button. [h][b][i][[Changes will take up to an hour.]][/h][/b][/i] So be patient.^^
9/27/2007 #16
Artemis Mitera
[b]Putting authors notes[/b] [h][[Gotta be in edit document mode and with the document uploaded]][/h] 1. Have the document [b]ready[/b]. From the top [h][[very top]][/h], make some room. 2. [b]Write[/b] what you want to say to introduce the story or however you want to write it. 3. [b]Highlight[/b] the text that you have writen [h][[author's note]][/h] 4. There are [b]eight[/b] [h][[8]][/h] buttons on top. [h][[from left to right]][/h] [b]-Undo: [i]Left facing arrow[/i] -Redo: [i]Right facing arrow[/i] -Center text: [i]Lines struck in middle[/i] -Underline: [i]The letter U while it's underlined[/i] -Italic: [i]The letter I while it's italic[/i] -Bold: [i]The letter B while it's boldened[/i] -"Dash": [i] A line[/i][/b] 4. With the text highlighted, press the [b]button[/b] 5. If you like, press the [b]line button[/b] when the incicator curser is at the bottom of the paragraph. It'll show immediately. 6. [b]Save[/b]
9/27/2007 #17
Artemis Mitera
[b]Seeing your story in the category[/b] [h][[And this only applies for the first day as I wanna say]][/h] --Alright, the thing is that there's [b]several writers[/b] writing fics on the [b]same category[/b] as you are. Sometimes that one category is [b]popular[/b], like [i]Buffy the Vampire Slayer[/i] [h][[Wow, 31, 000 at the least... makes me feel tiny]][/h]. At other times, the category [b]isn't[/b] popular like [i]Meet the Robinsons[/i] and then it's easy to see your entry. But there can be someone else that submits the story at the [b]same time[/b]. So it may not come up where you see. And don't look for it as [i]soon[/i] as it is submited. The thing is that the server must [b]process[/b] it and push it through the posts. [h][[Also, the listings of the category your story is in goes by updated recently.]][/h]
9/28/2007 . Edited 9/29/2007 #18
[q]...soooooooooo does that mean I can delete the docs. without worrying 'bout the stories?[/q] You can export them too. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This might be the wrong place to put this, but did anyone hear that songfics are not allowed? [u]Well they are allowed![/u] (straight from guidelines page): [q]Actions not allowed: 1. Multiple entries of the same material. There can only be one copy of any unique story on the entire site. No exceptions. 2. Rewriting names of characters/locations of one story in order to upload to multiple categories. [h]3. Copying from a previously published work ( [i]including musical lyrics[/i] )[b] not in the public domain [/b] .[/h] [/q]
9/30/2007 . Edited 10/5/2007 #19
Artemis Mitera
Thank you Indiglo. Thank you so much.^^ And to all who have read this and haven't found your answers, please ask here. It's annoyng and n00bish to ask out of the topic and create a topic just for a couple replies. Anyways, have a nice day and hopefully someone will answer you as soon as possible.^^
10/1/2007 #20
You're welcome, you're welcome so much! Hehe! It's good to reply in topic, or it's too cluttered and abusing the moderators and co-moderators, jj! We should not clutter a forum! Oh yes with deleting documents from document manager, one can also make a copy back by exporting it(used when they want to edit chapter) and backup(dlt but not delete), it makes a copy of the chapter there again. It works the opposite way of deleting the documents from the document manager. The backup didn't work for me, so I use 'export'.
10/1/2007 #21
ok this helped a lot cause im new to this site!! so i know how to add a new chapter but i dont know were to go to write that chapter...help!!! or submit it... im confused!!!!
10/1/2007 #22
Artemis Mitera
[b]NO ONE PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER TOPIC!!!!!![/b] OK then. Have you looked at previous posts? Because you need to write a new chapter in Word then upload it to your documents
10/1/2007 #23
How do i post my story on here without letting them go on my account?
10/4/2007 #24
[q]How do i post my story on here without letting them go on my account?[/q] You can't post stories anonymously.
10/4/2007 #25
Just 2 Dream of You
Song fics arn't allowed?? lol but everybody does them. I wrote one. Can I not post it? Oh and what document do I use to post stories? Wordpad or Notepad?
10/4/2007 #26
Artemis Mitera
[q]Well they are allowed![/q] they are. um, word pad is better. am i the only one with microsoft word? lol
10/4/2007 #27
Just 2 Dream of You
Oh good. Notepad sucks. I don't have microsoft word but I have wordperfect. I don't wanna use that though. So I just attach it to the fic off my comp?
10/4/2007 #28
Artemis Mitera
Hmm? you're trying to start a story right? well use the document from your computer. straight from your computer and then upload it.
10/4/2007 #29
What's fluff? Fluff is another word for a sappy story. Lots of warm and fuzzy feelings.
10/4/2007 #30
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