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Just 2 Dream of You

Ah ha! It's working now! Thanks!

4/20/2008 #691

I need help! How do you add pictures to your profile? I've tried using HTML, but it just disappears. Does BBC work? Sorry if this question is totally obvious and I should know it.

4/21/2008 #692

Pictures are one of the simplest things on FFN to add. Go to the page labeled Account on the login page after you've logged in.

After you load that page you'll see a list of options over the section labeled Account Settings; Settings, Profile/Bio, and important to you now, Avatar/Image.

Click on the button Avatar/Image.

It will take you to a page where you'll be able to add the image you want once you follow the instructions on that page. I hope I don't need to explain those to you, though I will if needed.

4/21/2008 #693
Just 2 Dream of You

The only pic you can have is your avatar.

If you want pics on the page you have to have a clickable link.


4/21/2008 #694

I created a forum and was wondering, how do I add moderators?

4/21/2008 #695
Dejsha's World


I remember asking the same question and it was on the previous page, not sure if I got an answer. e

4/21/2008 #696

Ahh, thanks a lot Just 2 Dream Of You...I wouldn't have known.

4/21/2008 #697

I created a forum and was wondering, how do I add moderators?

Go to "Forums" in your main page with your story stats and account info and go to "manage". Once there find the box Forum Invite New Moderator and type in the User ID number found next to the since date in the person's profile.

4/22/2008 #698

Hey what are the story alerts? It says 6 ppl have me on story alert. what does that mean?

Thx ~Alyssa

4/22/2008 #699

It means they'll get e-mails when you update your story.

It means they like it!

4/22/2008 #700
Just 2 Dream of You

But not enough to reveiw... :(

4/22/2008 #701

Go to "Forums" in your main page with your story stats and account info and go to "manage". Once there find the box Forum Invite New Moderator and type in the User ID number found next to the since date in the person's profile.

Thanks for the help.

My problem was that my forum summary was too long, so I had to scroll to the right before I could click on manage.

And I didn't know I could scroll to the right because I had to scroll down first, just to see the scroll button.

I feel so silly now!

4/22/2008 #702

Haha thx. N do u know about how long a story has 2 b up b4 it gets a ton of reviews?

Thx ~Alyssa

4/23/2008 #703
Beloved Morning Star

It all depends.

4/23/2008 #704

I'd say quality....but nowadays crapfics get more "LOL!!!1111!!" crap reviews than good fics, and quite a few good writers left because of that. Sad.

4/23/2008 #705
Just 2 Dream of You

indeed you're lucky if a oneshot gets 5

4/23/2008 #706

It depends on the type of fic you have, your target audience, the popularity of the fandom you wrote in and how much advertising you do. (The last one doesn't seem to make much of an impact.)

4/23/2008 #707

I've written drabbles (100 word stories) that get more than 5 reviews. In the end it all has to do with quality, though some people prejudge a story by word count. It also helps to have popularity and name recognition, which are things that you can only get by being here for a long time. I have 50+ people subscribed to Author Alert so every one of them gets an email whenever I post anything.

As for name recognition, there are two things you can do. One is to post mainly in one section (smaller fandoms work best but even in the Harry Potter section I have a few people who recognize me) and the other is to review TONS of stories in that one section. After a while the other authors will recognize your name and check out your fics!

There are also things you should NEVER EVER do because they drive people away. For instance:

In your story summary, never say that "This story sucks", or that "I'm a new writer so be easy on me", or that "I suck at summaries", or that "the summary is too long so I put it in the story". Confidence is key, so never let your readers know if you have doubts about your story. Pretend that you think it's great, even if you don't. If your readers know that you doubt your story, they in turn will doubt your story. Of course, arrogance is also bad. Don't say that your story is "The best story ever" or anything like that.

In the story itself, never say that you will only continue to post if there are a certain amount of reviews. That is called being a review w-h-o-r-e, and many people will be so offended by this that they will stop reading your story all together. You CAN say that you aren't too interested in the story (don't lie) and may not continue it unless people really enjoy it.

4/23/2008 . Edited 4/23/2008 #708

There are a few more story killers that have to do with specific things:

~If your story has the death of a character, make sure and warn the reader, even if you want it to be a surprise. Many people hate death fics and will be very angry at you if you 'trick' them into reading one. You CAN list the fic as "possible death fic" in your summary if you want the reader to still be surprised.

~Mary Sues and original characters that take over the story (if the original character is the MAIN character it's probably a bad thing) will drive many readers away. I personally refuse to read stories that focus on an original character.

4/23/2008 #709
Just 2 Dream of You

That was my plan but I changed my name from Vhee to this so I have to start from scratch getting people to reconize me.

I had a lot of people knowing who I was... :(

Eh anyway yeah I agree. As for OC's it's ok for the story to focus on them as long as most of is focuses on one of the cast of the whatever you're writing in.^^

Mary Sues are alive and well BTW and people don't freak out about them as much anymore. (At least in my fandom they don't lol)

50+ people? I hate you :(

4/23/2008 #710

To be fair on that one they were there longer. I have been on only a year and a half almost and I'm alerted by only 15 people but faved by 25. Weird huh? More often than not stories and authors are alerted more than faved.

4/23/2008 #711
Just 2 Dream of You

I fav authors so i wont have to save all thoe fics...

4/23/2008 #712

I archive every finished fic that I love on my computer, that way I have them even if the story disappears. I've got thousands of fics on my computer because I've been doing this for at least 7-8 years now...

I only fav authors who are my friends or that have an exceptional amount of quality works.

4/23/2008 #713
Just 2 Dream of You

totally put it on neo office and print ^^

4/23/2008 #714

Okay, I'm new, and I have no clue what to do!^_^; How do you change a document into a published story? Help please?


4/23/2008 #715

On the very first page of this thread there are detailed instructions on how to post a story... (hint hint)

4/23/2008 #716
Sobriquet Daydream

How can I delete my account? D:

4/24/2008 #717
Spectral Eclipse


Another one already?....

You can't delete the account. Either change the name and email, and revamp it completely, or post a porn image as an avvie and wait for Teh High Admins to remove your account.

4/24/2008 . Edited 4/24/2008 #718
Dejsha's World

OK, if i change my email and pen-name, would i be able to send a message to some one who has blocked me for no apparent reason?

4/24/2008 #719

Reasonalbly, no. All you did was change the penname, not the account. If you REALLY want to contact them, go to an open forum they frequent or get a sock account. (New account you created just for that purpose, fyi.)

4/24/2008 #720
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