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Omnipotent One Envy
if you need a beta post here&i'm sure some1 will want to edit it for you.
9/19/2007 #1
I don't need one but what is a Beta?
9/20/2007 #2
Artemis Mitera
A beta is a person who re-reads your poems/stories and spell check it for you basically. And they'll tell you what you need to fix up. Ya, jus a way so ppl can be lazy. =P
9/20/2007 #3
Tobi is a good boy
Hey- I need a beta! I have an idea a party of a chapter written down (it's still going throuhg the editing process!)
9/21/2007 #4
Omnipotent One Envy
i see *looks at your typo* i'll do it. email to drowntheworldintears@yahoo.com
9/21/2007 #5
Tobi is a good boy
*Bangs head* Thank you! (Yes, I do have problems with spelling , grammar and such. Don't blame me- I'm left handed.) I will email you when I have edited the whole thing, okay?
9/21/2007 #6
Omnipotent One Envy
9/21/2007 #7
Cranberry Window
I can help in: FFVII Chrno Crusade Inu-Yasha (if bound and gagged) Naruto (see Inu-yasha) Pitchblack/Chronicles of Riddick AvP Twilight Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (any of her ones) HP eh...and Metroid (to a degree)
9/22/2007 #8
Artemis Mitera
Ink please, this one and the [h]If you're new to FF [[read before you post]][/h] arent to be turned to chat please. Anyways, talk to ya on the other forum And I also can help with being a beta.^^
9/22/2007 #9
Supreme Dictator of the World
I want a beta!!!!!! Please if anyone is out there who is willing to be my beta come and tell me! Thank you, that is all.
9/28/2007 #10
Cranberry Window
I can offer my assistance, if you'd like. However,I am a bit harsh.
9/28/2007 #11
I want a beta.... but my friend has been helping me lately so i guess i don't really need one at the moment. though i do wish she came on as offten as i would like.
9/29/2007 #12
Total Ditcher
I sometimes have issues about my spelling. I admit it! If someone would like to be my editor then PLEASE e-mail me back. I would really appreciate it
10/7/2007 #13
i have a question...<_< i have a beta already, but is it possible to have more than one beta?
10/13/2007 #14
Artemis Mitera
There's no rules for how many betas but it might be insulting to your original beta.
10/13/2007 #15
I'll be a Beta for whoever asks me first... But be warned, I'm a grammar nazi so I will show no mercy to any story you send me. If you can handle concrit, then feel free to message me.
10/23/2007 #16
I need a beta who will give me constructive criticism.
10/28/2007 #17
[q]I need a beta who will give me constructive criticism.[/q] I'll do it. I'm a Harry Potter fan, (I looked up your profile.) so I know the characters. When betaing a fic I usually fix spelling as well as rewording (some) sentences for the best grammar and sound.
10/28/2007 #18
[q]There's no rules for how many betas but it might be insulting to your original beta.[/q] I don't see why it should be. People get second opinions on lots of things and there are no repercussions for that. Your doctor isn't going to refuse to treat you if you get a second opinion on his diagnosis. A beta reader should understand that different people perceive things differently, and can usually catch different mistakes that the first might miss. I know [b]I[/b] wouldn't be offended if I weren't someone's only beta. :p In fact, I'd be interested to read another person's take, so that I could see what I might have missed, or get a different perspective on things. Keeping an open mind is overall a very healthy way of viewing the world. Besides, it's a great way to avoid stress too, lol.
11/7/2007 #19
Tobi is a good boy
hey dynasty-ok, so you need a beta? well, i could help you...
11/7/2007 #20
Artemis Mitera
Just PM the person that you want to help, as a beta. That's the best way to contact them.
11/7/2007 #21
If you need a beta I can beta for almost everything :3 And I need one too :3
11/9/2007 #22
=0 i need a beta thats willing to beta my not so innocent stories, and those regular oc added stories, and even those that are both or are just plain old stories for anything i feel like writing. ( my not so innocent stories are well anime/manga related yaoi and its exspecially hard for me to find someone whose willing to even read those and tell me what i should fix or change.)
11/17/2007 #23
I need a beta mostly for puncuation
11/18/2007 #24
La Kill
I would like a Beta, please someone help me. *On hands and knees begging*
11/18/2007 #25
Tobi is a good boy
Lord of the Phoenix- You've jsut found yourself a beta!!!!! Just email me/pm me your story, and I'll be wil to look over it. But I do have one rule. I am not a great speller, my one vextataion -but I'll try and do my best!!! Go luck and hope to read your fic soon!!!!
11/19/2007 #26
Tobi is a good boy
Hmm. Lovely. Now I have people arguing over me. Listen you three, I do not mind people using or copying my user name- It is a known fact that Tobi is really a good boy.... Hmm. Now, we must get back to our topic! What's up with ya'll guys fanfics? Any way I can help you???
11/20/2007 #27
I need a beta
11/20/2007 #28
Cranberry Window
First, specify which fandoms you post in. It makes it easier for people to help you if they know what you are talking about.
11/21/2007 #29
I need a beta for puncuation
11/24/2007 #30
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