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Otaku Takeshi

Yes I made another game thread. If this thread doesn't go well you have permission to leave it dead. :D

This is a game that I just thought of, and if there is a game already like this you could....leave it dead or something....

The game starts like this, the person has to start with "What Would Happen" then so on.


Poster Above

What Would Happen if there was no fanfiction?

Poster Below

There would be no longest forum ever.

Then you post another "what would happen" question.

I'll start: What would happen if there was no trolls on websites?

11/23/2010 #1

We'd have no one to laugh at and feel sorry for.

What would happen if everyone in the world actually learned to coexist?

11/23/2010 #2
Hinoto Hyuga of the Akatsuki

We wouldn't have a world

What would happen in Sasuke was gay?

11/23/2010 #3
Otaku Takeshi

He'd like men..and especially that other dood. T-T

What would happen if Simba died in Lion King?

11/23/2010 #4
Hinoto Hyuga of the Akatsuki

There wouldn't be Lion King

What would happen if you went bald?

11/23/2010 #5

I'd have to get a wig.

What would happen if you found out your boyfriend/girlfriend was cheating on you?

11/24/2010 #6
Franny ze Omega

I'd tear the guy's body to bits with a chainsaw.

What would happen if trees had coffee dispensers?

11/24/2010 #7
Hinoto Hyuga of the Akatsuki

I would slap him.

What would happen if your mom commited suicide?

11/24/2010 #8
Franny ze Omega

I would throw a party.

What would happen if the annoying orange was real?

11/24/2010 #9
Hinoto Hyuga of the Akatsuki

I would scream!

What would happen if I liked pie?

11/24/2010 #10

You'd eat a lot of it.

What would happen if the world ended in 2012?

11/24/2010 #11
Otaku Takeshi

Alot of people would look back at their past. Oh and probably explosions happening.

What would happen if there were no trees?

11/24/2010 #12

We wouldn't be able to breathe and plants that need shade would die.

What would happen if the Cowboys hadn't lost to the Saints? *bangs head on keyboard*

11/25/2010 #13
Lady Logos

I'd have to admit that I'd cared.. Which I don't.

What would happen if suddenly we'd become the opposites of our true selves?

1/11/2011 #14

I'd be a much more friendly, social person; not mean or obnoxious in anyway and loved by all. No thanks.

What would happen if you dug up a diamond in your backyard?

1/11/2011 #15
Lady Logos

I'd be rich.

What would happen if we all turned into anime characters?

1/11/2011 #16

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'll never get a date again. I don't have the features to be a good looking anime character. I barely have the features to make a good-looking person.

What would happen if Sarah Palin succeeded at world domination? (she's trying, you know.)

1/15/2011 . Edited 1/15/2011 #17
Lady Logos

Stupidity is actually something that grows into you.. It's a dicease and so we'd all be stupid and dead, as she is. So that's that. I hope she'd grow a brain or something.. Maybe got under a truck or something? Wen't into hiding with Osama or something... Just leave us poor people alone. Anyway, we'd all die of the lack of common sense.

What would happen if € would blow over? And according to some people it actually is already doing that. € is breaking because there are too many different countries on different level of monetary issues in the monetary alliance.

1/15/2011 #18
classic anon

something would replace it.

what would happen if Naruto and Hinata got married?

4/26/2011 #19


What would happen if I nicked your cellphone?

4/27/2011 #20
classic anon

i would get a new one.

what if Ike (from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) and Samus (Metroid) got married?

4/30/2011 #21

They will live happily ever after :)

What would happen if the world would end today? (jk)

5/17/2012 #22

There would be no "happily ever after".

What would happen if posters in this thread will all be banned?

5/22/2012 #23
classic anon

that would suck.

what would happen if all authors were required to go through a quiz and get at least 99 percent correct for a given fandom when they post their first fic in that fandom?

5/23/2012 #24

that's not a problem!are authors are brilliant!

what would happen if i throw away a computer at my boss' face?

5/23/2012 #25

He'll probably get pissed off XD

WWH if I walked up to a house and stared at it until someone inside went out and saw me?

5/24/2012 #26
classic anon

the person would ask if you were all right.

what would happen if Anonymous took over this website?

5/25/2012 #27
Lady Elizabeth of York

We'd all be doomed.

What would happen if a Greek God wanted to marry you?

6/10/2012 #28
classic anon

I would tell them to get in line, like the other polytheistic religions, i.e. sumerian, egyptian, etc.

what would happen if Chuck Norris was elected president of the USA or the U.N.?

6/12/2012 #29
Lady Elizabeth of York

Awesome things would happen.

What would happen if a famous director wanted to make your fanfiction into a movie?

7/21/2012 #30
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