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Diego Varen
-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- [B][U]Ask a Stupid Question and get a Stupid Answer[/U][/B] -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Welcome to the Ask a Stupid Question and get a Stupid Answer game. Basically, ask a stupid question and get a stupid answer. You can play this game over at my forum: http://www.fanfiction.net/forum/The_Lounge/37474/ [B]Example[/B] Question: Who are you? Answer: The hose. And then the member who answered can then ask a stupid question. Enjoy! [B]What is this place?[/B]
12/2/2007 . Edited 12/3/2007 #1
Diego Varen
A website. [B]Why is nobody posting in this thread?[/B]
12/3/2007 #2
Omniscient Lust
[b]Because the everybodys are out for lunch.[/b] Why am I here?
12/3/2007 #3
Berlioz II
[b]Because you are easily made to feel guilty.[/b] What is red
12/3/2007 #4
Tecmo Bo
Not blue. Why are dinosaurs dead?
12/3/2007 #5
Because when it's winter in the North Hemisphere, it's summer in the south Hemisphere. [b]Why is it winter in the North Hemisphere when it's summer in the south hemisphere?[/b]
12/3/2007 #6
[b]The sun is funny that way.[/b] Where is your mouth?
12/4/2007 #7
Artemis Mitera
Not on your ass. [b]Why do all jokes have to be "Well, two people walk in a bar..."[/b]
12/4/2007 #8
Diego Varen
Bars are very popular. [B]Why is Christmas so popular?[/B]
12/4/2007 #9
Artemis Mitera
Because the media made it look cooler than cool. [b]Why are polar bears not in the south????[/b]
12/4/2007 #10
Berlioz II
Because they enjoy the northern [b]beer[/b] more. Why do not people online understand that whatever you say [i]is[/i] your opinion even when you don't append IMO to your posts?
12/4/2007 . Edited 12/4/2007 #11
Omniscient Lust
[b]Because we've got to make sure that it's not a result of government brainwashing.[/b] Why do fools fall in love?
12/4/2007 #12
Diego Varen
Because love is an easy game to play. [B]Who wants to be?[/B]
12/4/2007 #13
I want to be an Ice Cream CONE!!! Wait, then I'd get eaten. T-T [b]What is an [u]underscore?[/u] [/b]
12/4/2007 #14
Omniscient Lust
[b][u]It's certainly not anything like what I'm using now.[/b][/u] Who's all here?
12/4/2007 #15
Popo the Merry-go-round [b]Where are the furs?[/b]
12/4/2007 . Edited 12/4/2007 #16
Omniscient Lust
On Rapunzel's head. That's not all of her real hair. ^_^ [b]What's for dinner?[/b]
12/4/2007 #17
Well, I'd suggest the book over there, it looks delicious. [b]Lusty or Perverted, which are you?[/b]
12/4/2007 #18
Omniscient Lust
Whichever one that gets my blood boiling the quickest. ^_- [b]Cruel or Unusual, which one are you?[/b]
12/4/2007 #19
Well, I'm not unusually cruel if that's what you mean. [b]Is a bookmark a bookmark? [/b]
12/4/2007 #20
Omniscient Lust
Depends. Is it a mark in a book? [b]Is a period a dot?[/b]
12/4/2007 #21
I thought it was a square... hmm... dot dot dot. [b]Does having feet mean you can walk?[/b]
12/4/2007 #22
Omniscient Lust
And the wheelchair bound people are up in arms! [b]Does having an extra ear mean you can hear better?[/b]
12/4/2007 #23
What was that you asked? [b]Does being sick make you unhealthy?[/b]
12/4/2007 #24
Omniscient Lust
Ask my funeral director. [b]Does being nice mean that you're weak?[/b]
12/4/2007 #25
I can lift a 90 pound weight with my arms alone... okay, maybe that qualifies as weak. [b] Does being innocent mean you're a virgin? [/b]
12/4/2007 #26
Omniscient Lust
Ask me when I'm done hitting the avenue. :P [b]Does having eleven fingers make typing easier?[/b]
12/4/2007 #27
I don't know ask Larry, he has nine. [b]Does George of the Jungle live in the Jungle? [/b]
12/4/2007 #28
Omniscient Lust
On summers, I heard he vacations in Cancun. [b]Does the Liberty bell still ring?[/b]
12/4/2007 #29
Is it a doorbell? Am I a fan or fanatic?
12/4/2007 #30
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