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So you want to laugh at the N00BI3S and StuSuethors. This is the place. We never sleep. Come hang out and talk about anything, but you are on your own if you see foul language. Formerly the L.F.E.
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s class wizard

snog Zombie

shag Spirit of Harkkonen

marry Ex-Death

Eridan (Homestuck), Princess Celestia (MLP FiM), Jailbot (Superjail)

2/25/2012 #31
classic anon

shag Eridan, snog Jailbot, marry Princess Celestioa

Justin Beiber, Girahim(Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword), the Major (Hellsing Ultimate)

2/28/2012 #32
s class wizard

snog Beiber (I REFUSE TO SHAG OR MARRY THAT IDIOT), shag Girahim, and marry the Major

Eridan (Homestuck), Russia (Hetalia), Discord (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic)

2/29/2012 #33
classic anon

snog discord

shag russia

marry Eridan


Emrakul (Magic the Gathering)

Ultima WEOPON (Final Fantasy VII)

3/1/2012 #34
s class wizard

Snog Cthulhu

Snag Emarkul

Marry Ultima Weapon

Beat (Jet Set Radio), Duncan (Total Drama), Dave Strider (Homestuck)

3/2/2012 #35
classic anon

-rolls dice-

snog Duncan, shag Dave Strider, marry Beat.

Medusa, Thing (The Adams Family), Zorin Blitz (Hellsing Ultimate)

3/3/2012 #36
s class wizard

Snog Thing

Shag Zorin Blitz

Marry Medusa

Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic), Fluttershy (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic), Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic)

3/6/2012 #37
classic anon

(eye twitch) -rolls dice-

snog ts

shag rd marry F

tentacle monster, Tangela (pokemon), Malboro (Final Fantasy series)

3/9/2012 #38
Robert Strand

I would marry the tentacle monster (epic in the sack)

shag the Tangela (call him a friend with benfits)

snog Malboro

The Navy, the Army, The Marines

3/9/2012 #39
classic anon

snog Navy. shag army marry marines

water heater

pool drain

Mountain Dew bottle

3/10/2012 #40
s class wizard

Marry Mountain Dew bottle

Shag Water Heater

Snog Pool Drain

Yeah, this one will be torture ...... Barney the Dinosaur, Justin Beiber, Hannah Montana

3/14/2012 #41

Snog Hannah

Shag Bieber

Marry Barney


Bald Britney, George W. Bush, Your Mom

3/14/2012 #42
s class wizard

Snog Bush*Is Horrified*

Shag Your Mom *Also Horrified*

Marry Bald Britney*Shutters*


A Mary Sue, Chris-chan, Numa Numa guy

3/15/2012 #43
classic anon

snog numa numa guy

shag chris-chan

marry a mary sue (despite how horribly bad their character developement is)

3/15/2012 #44
classic anon

Gogo (FFVI) Heinkel W. (Hellsing Ultimate) Ex-Death (FFV)

3/15/2012 #45
classic anon


3/26/2012 #46
Lady Elizabeth of New York

Marry Gogo. Snog Heinkel. Shag exx-death

Ron Weasley. Percy Weasley. Tom Riddle.

3/26/2012 #47




stifler (american pie), Zuko (Avatar; the last airbender) 11th doctor (Doctor who)

3/26/2012 #48
s class wizard


Shag~11th Doctor


Karkat (Homestuck), Romano (Hetalia), Duncan (Total Drama Island)

3/27/2012 #49
classic anon

-rolls dice- snog duncan

shag Karkat

Marry Romano.

Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII) Seras Victoria (Hellsing Ultimate) Rinoa Heartily (Final Fantasy VIII)

3/27/2012 #50
s class wizard

Snog Seras Victoria

Shag Rinoa Heartily

Marry Tifa Lockeheart

Tavros (Homestuck), Sollux (Homestuck), Gamzee (HomestucK)

3/28/2012 #51

Snog Sollux

Shag Tavros

Marry Gamzee

Kisshu (tokyo mew mew), batman (batman), kenny (south park)

3/28/2012 #52
s class wizard

Snog Kenny

Shag Kisshu

Marry Batman

Vriska Serket (Homestuck), Courtney (Total Drama Island), Belarus (Hetalia)

3/31/2012 #53

snog courtney


marry sitket

Finch (person of interest) Damon salvator (TVD) Chin ho (hawili 5-o)

4/1/2012 . Edited 4/1/2012 #54
classic anon

snog finch shag Damon salvator and marry Chin ho

Yellow (Pokemon Adventures) Misty (Pokemon anime) Lyra (Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver)

4/6/2012 #55
s class wizard

Snog Yellow

Shag Lyra

Marry Misty

Nostalgia Critic, Angry Video Game Nerd, Assault Bomber

4/6/2012 #56
classic anon

-rolls dice-

snog angry video game nerd shag nostalgia critic marry assault bomber

slenderman, tentacle monster, 'Masky' (slenderman's mythos)

4/8/2012 #57

rolles dice

snog tentacle monster

shag 'Masky'

marry slenderman

naruto, Tamaki (ouran high school host club), austin powers

4/9/2012 #58
classic anon

-rolls dice- snog auston shag Tamaki mary naruto

Odin, Zeus, Chuck Norris

4/9/2012 #59
classic anon

(@lostiegirl) you stole my trademark!

4/9/2012 #60
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