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Robert Strand
A fun game on just about every forum I'm on. The rules are simple. Answer the wish of the poster above you and then make your own wish. --------------------------- I wish for more girls at my school.
12/16/2007 #1
There are 1,000 more girls at your school, but they all hate you and since all the new girls hate you, so do the girls who were already at your school. I wish for omnipotence!
12/16/2007 #2
Tranquil Anarchy
The very next day, you recieve mail-order omnipotence for no apparent reason. Unfortunately, now that you're omnipotent, you have no skills or hobbies of interest because you're now perfect at all of them. Enjoy eternity without anything to do! I wish for Bill Gates to be burned at the stake for not allowing the new graphics tablets to be Windows XP or lower compadible. DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/16/2007 #3
Berlioz II
Sorry, but Bill Gates has enough money to not give a damn. I wish for my wishes to come true.
12/17/2007 #4
They do but then they're not your wishes anymore since you changed. I wish final exams would end already!
12/17/2007 #5
Robert Strand
They end, turns out you fail! I wish for pants.
12/17/2007 #6
Tecmo Bo
They happen to be made of invisible fibers, and you can't find them That Christmas was tomorrow
12/17/2007 #7
Tranquil Anarchy
Unfortunately, tomorrow never comes, because once it gets here, it becomes today. So you've just doomed Christmas into non-existance. I wish people would stop grossly over-pricing graphics software!
12/17/2007 #8
It's not thenyou disappear from ff.net {Ask for it for Christmas} I wish I had something bread-like to eat...
12/17/2007 #9
Glacial Fang
bread is made of carbs which can ruin your figure (XD) i wish for a new psp
12/18/2007 #10
You find a new psp under your bed, but then your bed collapses and you destroy it. I wish to undo jeans.
12/18/2007 #11
You do but then you find yourself in an embarassing situation, when you realize your jeans are gone (xD) I wish the Secret-Santa thing was easier and CU would talk to me. [q]bread is made of carbs which can ruin your figure (XD)[/q] Don't worry about that that will be hard to do, I can use all the carbs I get, lol.
12/18/2007 #12
O.o But I don't wear jeans so hah. But still, o.o awkward. C-U Talks to you about the Secret-Santa thing but your very breath chokes him to death. T-T Sorry about that. I wish to not see the ugliness of this world anymore.
12/18/2007 #13
Yes it would be... you don't... *snaps finger* Oi, what are you trying to suggest?... *narrow eyes at CU* The ugliness of the world is gone to you after I blind you with vengence. I wish CU would answer quicker!
12/18/2007 . Edited 12/18/2007 #14
I don't ever wear jeans. I wear pants that aren't made of denim really. I never meant to imply anything other than that. Jeez, once a pervert always a pervert I guess I am. He answers quicker, but you don't get the reply until the next year. I wish there was a way that you could touch someone without being accused of being a pervert.
12/18/2007 . Edited 12/18/2007 #15
Hehe *giggle* I didn't assume anything else, I thought you meant non denim jeans, which makes sense since you do work. Hehe, you don't sound like a pervert!! That's too long! A month away! I wont' be able to do what I have to do if CU doesn't talk to me!!! *wails* You can touch someone who wants to be touched, someone who thinks your unbearably cute for some reason. Online too. I wish I could have fun.
12/18/2007 . Edited 12/18/2007 #16
O.o you didn't ruin my wish. You have fun for ten days, after that you live miserably never having fun again for the rest of you short miserable life. T-T Sorry.
12/18/2007 #17
Robert Strand
[q]I wish there was a way that you could touch someone without being accused of being a pervert.[/q] Granted, but they still have the right to press sexual harassment charges. I wish for a pet dragon that is the size of a kitty.
12/18/2007 #18
You get one, but overnight it drinks a growth potion and once it's big enough, it eats you. I wish I could control time.
12/18/2007 #19
I do too, but it controls all of us most of the time. It never stops and we do. That's just the way it is playa. I wish someone would review some of what I write so I would know if they like it or not.
12/18/2007 #20
Tranquil Anarchy
Overnight, your story is drowned in spam reviews and the review abuse button breaks. Have a nice day! I wish that graphics software was cheaper!!!!!(I can't ask for it for Christmas because the good stuff is worth nearly $500(<----Australian dollars))
12/18/2007 #21
It is but then it is horrible.[wow that's monsterly, maybe saving up for it] I wish I was feeling better.
12/18/2007 #22
Tranquil Anarchy
*poof* Sixteen jars labelled 'Valium' appear next to you in a puff of smoke! I don't even need to ruin this wish, the valium will do it for me! I wish for....um.....something cheesey......um....world peace! There we go!
12/18/2007 #23
What is valium, lol? Wish granted, yet communism is everywhere and other bad stuff happens. I wish I was in the same time zone as Tranquil.
12/18/2007 #24
Tranquil Anarchy
Valium is an anti-depressant/painkiller which was sold over the counter to depressed house-wives during the 70's. It was banned after they became addicted and some over-doesed and died. They suffered a [u]lot[/u] of depression... [q]I wish I was in the same time zone as Tranquil.[/q] No you don't! Everywhere over here sees an average of 39 degree (celcius) heat during summer with humidity that could peel paint and little-to-no breeze. STAY IN AMERICA! I'm moving to New Zealand next chance I get! Ok...wish ruined I wish that I wasn't feeling so darn put-off eating after I watched 'Super-size Me'. I got a block of chocolate for Christmas and a mars bar I won as a prize for archery, so it's really inconvenient timing for a health-kick.....
12/18/2007 #25
The valium made it worse? Wow, it's that bad? Though the cold here is terrile it's 20F and worse across cenral America. The ice freezes on snow durng winter.It should be summer for you, shouldn't it? Living in the opposite hemisphere? How does that work?? I can't think right now, so I don't know what I'm saying. You don't feel put off but then you don't learn how not to feel so paranoid whe you watch another similar thing. [Tranquil eating chocolate as a treat is not unhealthy, doing what the man did in Supersize me is. There is no way to feel like that. You're not unhealthy. There's a huge difference.] I wish other ppl would stop making so much noise at 2 in the mornign during quiet hours week!
12/18/2007 #26
Your wish has been granted,yet,now you are death and you never hear in your after-lives. I wish I had a glass of water in a cup that`s un-breakable and can`t be turned upside-down! (try to ruin that wish!)
12/19/2007 #27
there you now have an unbreakable glass "grabs cannon" "snatches glass" BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! bye bye indusctucible glass i wish that i had every single kingdom hearts game and can't be destoyd or leave my house and my house is indestucible and i eternaly have electricity and a tv that can hook up to a ps2 ps3 wii and every single game system in every timeline and make it hd
12/19/2007 . Edited 12/19/2007 #28
Robert Strand
Granted. But you have to share it with your two cousins that you hate so much. I wish for a totaly utterly useless trinket that I really don't need.
12/19/2007 #29
Tranquil Anarchy
Your buy that trinket online and recieve it the next day. Turns out, that 'useless trinket' was, in fact, illegal C-14 explosives that were from a terrorist network. The next day, you're arrested and charged with a variety of pointless charges which add up to 30 years in prison. You unintentionally insult the gaoler and end up in the cell with all the....*clears throat*...stranger occupants of the prison. I wish my family wasn't so fixed on the "Get married, have many children, then die" lifestyle.
12/19/2007 . Edited 12/19/2007 #30
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