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Lady Logos

Now that I think of it, you have to ask from the person you are "reviewing" for permission so that you can actually do this whole thing. I have my own question to you though - Why not write your own own stories? (That is curiosity not me being mean or condescending)

5/28/2011 #31

Ah crap, I was afraid of that part. This probably won't be easy then, considering people likely won't be willing to have their work made fun of.

But as for why, I tried writing my own stuff a few years back. They were garbage. Besides, I had this idea in my head for a while now, and I just feel like I have to use it.

5/28/2011 #32

I am being serious.

Do vegetarians eat eggs?

I've always wondered...

6/21/2011 #33
Saber Wing

I think it depends on what type of vegetarian you are.

6/21/2011 #34

OK this chat is very random.

I sound stupid right now, but does General Forums mean Forums about anything???

7/11/2011 #35
Saber Wing


7/11/2011 #36

Well the summary does say ASK ABOUT ANYTHING

So geez im not a weirdo

7/12/2011 #37

Why is it when I write a review people only see the negative side of me and try to bash me for it?

What am I putting out that attracts it?

7/19/2011 #38
Lady Logos

I have no idea as I have not read even one of your reviews. Post one here with a link to the story that you review'd so we can answer honestly. Can't know after all without seeing .)

8/4/2011 #39

Hey, so I have a question. When you scroll through a list of stories and look at the summaries, at the end they always have stuff like AH, AU, OOC, RR, OC, and a lot more. I've been wondering what they all mean. Does anyone have a list of the abbrevations and they're meanings?


8/6/2011 #40

I don't know what AH is, but the rest I know.

AU is "alternate universe", which means that it has the same characters from the fandom, but it doesn't take place in the original story. OOC is "out of character", like if suddenly a tough, badboy character randomly started smiling a lot and skipping down the street. XDD

OC is "original character, which is a character that you or another author makes that they add to the story. CC is "canon character", which is basically a character from that fandom. I think that I got them all... Hopefully this helps? :D

8/6/2011 #41

Oooh, got it. Yes, it's perfect. Thanks!!!

8/7/2011 #42

AH is for "alternate history". So it takes place in the same universe but is like a 'what if this happened?' story.

For example alternate history for Harry Potter would be like "Harry Potter chose to be in Slytherin instead of Gryffindor".

8/7/2011 #43

If I'm not completely mistaken RR is Rate and Review, as in the author asking the reader to do so.

8/7/2011 #44

yeah it think so.

What does Misc. mean?

8/8/2011 #45

Misc is Micellaneous...

8/8/2011 #46


8/8/2011 #47

I was wondering what an acceptable kiss would be for a teen fic.

thanks :D

8/9/2011 #48
Saber Wing

Meh, it's just a kiss, so I would think any kiss would be acceptable :p

8/9/2011 #49

Hey look! Newbie! *points at Laila* ;]

8/9/2011 #50

How do you lock a thread in your own forum?

8/9/2011 #51

Go to the first post on the thread, click the gear next to Reply, and then "Lock Topic" :)

8/9/2011 #52

Does anyone happen to know what time of day you get the most reviews when uploading a fic?

Thanks :)

8/10/2011 #53

Would it be considered rude to rewrite/edit posted works as part of some writing exercises?

8/16/2011 #54

I have had issues with sending new topic ideas to the suggestion email. Can anyone help me out with this??

Here are my suggestions for forum ideas under the Plays/Musicals Category

* Man Of La Mancha

*Annie Get Your Gun

* Always Patsy Cline

*Buddy The Buddy Holly Story


8/28/2011 #55
The Good Wario

i am trying to contact a fourm friend of mine, but i can't get his e-mail.

Any ideas?

9/7/2011 #56

I'm trying to make my forum more well known onto the site.

I'm trying to get it more un control at the same time.

Can anyone help me?

~ Andi

9/20/2011 #57
Wrath of Carcosa

I'm trying to make my forum more well known onto the site.

I'm trying to get it more un control at the same time.

Can anyone help me?

~ Andi

Forums are a tricky business. You either have to have a strict, zero-tolerance policy in regarding rules and how people show up, or give people relatively free reign, while still enforcing the rules when necessary (this forum here is a pretty good example of that, I think).

In my experience, forums will die sooner or later. They are not everlasting. Don't think of this as a morbid concept, just keep it in the back of your mind.

As for controlling a forum, enforce your rules, while at the same time do not go in guns blazing if someone steps out of line. It could very well have been an accident, and having a calm discussion with the person is a good way to avoid a huge mess. Perhaps you could try posting the occasional reminder of the rules, and let people know that if they have a problem with someone or something else on the forum that they can always PM you instead of starting a personal vendetta against whatever it might have been that upset them. Mods are ALWAYS useful, just make sure that whoever you appoint a mod (or mods) it is someone you trust.

Your question is just a little hard to answer without knowing what type of forum it is. Is it an RP? A discussion for a specific fandom? Or is it a general chat like this one?

If you're trying to advertise your forum, posting a link on your profile, as well as a brief description, is always a good idea. Something else that might be useful is to post a short little advertisement for in one one or two (or all, if you like) of your stories, if you have any at all. Something else you could do that might help is to go search in the Beta Reader section of the site. Look for people who will beta a certain fandom, and then ask if they want to join your forum (provided the fandom they will Beta for matches the subject of your forum, if it has a fandom). If it's just a general chat, randomly searching authors on this site could possibly be pretty useful and rewarding. Mention it to FF friends you have on here who currently aren't on it. If you belong to any other forums and they allow it, you could always post an advert for it there.

Hope I helped :)

9/21/2011 #58

How does one about getting a new category for a TV show on ffnet. I've emailed about 4 times over the last couple of weeks but no reply. Nothing. Not even an email to say no. Why is this?



9/23/2011 #59


I dont know were else I could place this question so here goes:

I'm trying to find a good fanfiction of the movie warlock,wich involes a lot of romance with the main character(the warlock) and ofcourse a little pevert action ^_^

I tryed to find it on fanfiction.net and google even deviantart,I found nothing T_T

Could you please help me?

9/27/2011 #60
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