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What is the title of this fanfic?

11/22/2011 #61

Does anyone know the title or author of this story? (Harry Potter)

It's a romance about Sirius and James' sister. I think her name is Ellie in the story? They start off hating each other, actually no, I think they were friends in first year but he dropped her in a lake and she never forgave him? And they pretty much hate each other for a long time. And then eventually they get together. I know at the end she dies, while pregnant. (First trimester) She gets killed by a death eater while sleeping in Grimmauld place, and Sirius comes back to find her dead. It's such a beautiful story and I just really want to find it. Could you please tell me if you know about anything even a little similar to this?? Or if you're the magnificent author of this story?? Please help me find this masterpiece!!?? Many thanks.

12/16/2011 . Edited 12/16/2011 #62
Ms. Ely Sium

... well I ain't sure if this is the sort of question that should go here. I mean, I was told I should ask questions here, but I feel this would be more suited as an actual thread.

So guys, basically...

What are your thoughts on fandoms in general, and how do you think they can affect a canon work? You're allowed to cite any fandom- even your own!- in general. So... yeah. XD

1/11/2012 #63

I don't really understand the question (and i did try to think of an answer, but i just REALLY didn't get the question)

I have a question though, umm, what is the 'Czech Revar' or just a typo on fanfiction.net's half because people from the czech REPUBLIC say on their profile, czech revar. if you type into google czech revar you will see what i mean.

1/11/2012 #64
Regina Hark

What do you guys know about Flame Rising, flame wars and flamers in general?

I'm researching for a story I'm thinking about writing. I heard this guy made a big ruckus on fanfiction 3 years ago.

2/2/2012 #65
Kermit Kills

On Flame Rising, taken from fanhistory.com:

Flame Rising was a notorious flamer on fanfiction.net, who ran the largest forum in the site's General Section. His abrasive personality and standard-issue flames earned him many enemies, while his charisma, sense of humor and popularity have won him a large number of supporters. Every single review he's ever written was a flame.

He has stressed multiple times that, despite rumors to the contrary, he is not now, nor will he ever, recruit for an "Army of Flamers."

Blocking and/or reporting him was useless, as he claimed he had more than 20 accounts (which was most likely not true, as he would've needed 20+ e-mail addresses). This is the only known one.

Some of his tactics have included, along with the normal bad language expected of a flamer, creating secondary accounts when he was blocked, and even copy and pasting his reviews to stories if he couldn't nit-pick things, as he would leave a flame for every story that had been reviewed, but none that haven't. His goal wasn't just to humiliate the author of the said fanfic, but to also humiliate the readers of said fanfic. Once he found one fanfic to review, he would go and attempt to find something, no matter how small from each fanfic, or else he would copy and paste. Also, if one stood up to him about his behavior, he would in fact perchance flame that person, no matter the quality of said fanfic.

He hasn't been on in years. He claimed he was taking a temporary break to take care of his newborn son, and nobody has heard from him since. Since at least the beginning of 2010 all of his signed reviews ever posted on FanFiction.Net were deleted. Only references to his flames remain.

Now, a review is labeled a Flame if it is negative and made up of insults directed at the story or the author. It is sometimes confused with Constructive Criticism, which is where an author gives helpful tips on on grammar, punctuation, characterization and plot. The confusion between the two happens, generally, when an over-sensitive author can't take a criticism. ConCrit is not always delivered in a nice way, and some people become offended when their work is properly critiqued, so instead of taking the advice in the review, they reject it and inappropriately label it a Flame.

2/2/2012 . Edited 2/2/2012 #66
Regina Hark

Thanks. I forgot that I posted that here.

Nobody on here has been personally flamed by flame rising, have they?

2/5/2012 #67
Regina Hark

Thanks. I forgot that I posted that here.

Nobody on here has been personally flamed by flame rising, have they?

2/5/2012 #68
Regina Hark

Oops. Sorry.

2/5/2012 #69

Looking for a Cardcaptor Sakura/Totally Spies crossover

The plot involves a ring-mistress kidnapping Sakura and various other figures from around the world and hypnotizing them using her cane into performing in her circus. The spies are called in because of all the noted disappearances which occur when the circus is around.

3/11/2012 #70
Does this place RP, or just talk (which I'm fine with)?
3/22/2012 #71
Moon Lily91

I've seen (very few) RP threads here, the rest is mostly talk and games.

3/22/2012 #72
Are we allowed to start an RP? With your permission? (I'm asking because my mind get's so full of ideas I feel like it's gonna explode!)
3/22/2012 #73
Moon Lily91

Hm, I'm not so sure about that. You can PM the mods (Insufficient or Blighted Angel) about it just to be on the safe side.

3/22/2012 #74

Well um...a story and i uploaded it like a mouth ago but every time i go to my profile i cant see my story there.help plz!xC

3/27/2012 #75
Moon Lily91

You can try deleting and reuploading it. Then just wait a bit and check to see if it's showing up.

3/27/2012 #76

already did that its sill not working :C

3/29/2012 #77

There is a specific forum somewhere that has to do with Fanfiction.net problems and how to fix them. I used it when i couldnt update my stories and it really helped. I dont remember what the forum was exactly but if you go to google and type that your exact problem with fanfiction in the search bar a forum should come up.

3/29/2012 #78
Kermit Kills

Well um...a story and i uploaded it like a mouth ago but every time i go to my profile i cant see my story there.help plz!xC

This Forum may be better able to help: http://forum.fanfiction.net/forum/Writers_Anonymous/2872/

It's where I go!

3/30/2012 #79

Where can I PM the people running this forum about my problem with this site?

See, I am having difficulties with accessing my profile and even commenting here; yet I don't have that problem with other sites or even accessing the mobile site. I don't understand as my internet connection is fine.

4/5/2012 #80
s class wizard

Does anybody want to vote on my poll on my profile~http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3438112/Princess_Suzy_Chaos

4/24/2012 #81

I'll vote! I need help with my account! look at my profile!

4/28/2012 #82
Sailor Pluto

Why does cheese look like cheese?

5/2/2012 #83
Kermit Kills

It's cheese.

Not NOT cheese

Therefore, it looks like cheese.

If cheese were called bread cheese would look like bread.

5/2/2012 #84
Sailor Pluto

Hmm that makes a good point.

Now the question is. Why were the kids in Salute Your Shorts actually saluting shorts? Shouldn't they be saluting the flag? Or were they aliens who celebrated the shorts before they harvested brains and shorts for their supper?

5/2/2012 #85


i don't know really.

5/16/2012 #86

This is seems to be the thread with sense of humors! XD

5/17/2012 #87

Can someone here help me? I wrote a story, and it got a lot of reviews. Suddenly, the site has taken it down, saying the rating was not high enough. And now I've got no story, no reviews, and an infraction. This seems a little silly, since they could have just told me I needed to up the rating. It was certainly not my intention to break any rules. And I suspect the story only got taken down because of some people who have been harassing me as of late. I can just reupload it under a higher rating, but that won't bring back all the reviews I lost. Is there any way to get my story reinstated? I mean, I could have just changed the rating if I'd known there was a problem.

5/29/2012 #88

My advise is to just re-post it with the correct rating. I doubt there's anything you can do about the reviews. Some people take this site really serious and believe that every has to be publishable quality, or they are people who simply like to piss other people off. You can regain reviews easily, I've been there before, trust me. Just move on. That's all I can say.

5/29/2012 #89

Regaining reviews isn't easy. It was hard enough getting them in the first place. And some of those people I'm no longer on good terms with.

5/29/2012 #90
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