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So you want to laugh at the N00BI3S and StuSuethors. This is the place. We never sleep. Come hang out and talk about anything, but you are on your own if you see foul language. Formerly the L.F.E.
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AnneImagus is having Rethoric... and is eating cake!

1/13/2010 #2,071
Snow Falls Down My Window

Sabi is happy that American Idol is airing!!!

1/13/2010 #2,072

Gryph will only be seen posting in the larger threads during the next eighteen weeks.

1/13/2010 #2,073
Failariel Pallanen

Fai Pal hates Simon Cowell. Fai Pal thinks he is a disgrace to her nation. Fai pal just thought she'd share this information. ;)

1/13/2010 #2,074
S1ither Hither

Deranged very much agrees with Fai Pal.

1/14/2010 #2,075
S1ither Hither

Deranged changed her name~

1/14/2010 #2,076
Ember's New Groove

Ember noticed. :)

1/14/2010 #2,077
Ember's New Groove

Ember *insert rest of post here*

1/15/2010 #2,078

Insy is most certainly not listening to Clay Aiken. Nope.

1/15/2010 #2,079
Snow Falls Down My Window

Sabi is a huge Adam Lambert fan!

1/15/2010 #2,080
Cosmic Hobo

Sarah is bored out of her mind.

1/15/2010 #2,081
A Crescent Moon's Light

A Crescent Moon's Light, formerly known as Clueless Oblivion, hasn't been here in a while.

Crescent just wanted to say hi. :)

1/15/2010 #2,082
Amarie Elanesse

Amarie is visiting the LFE. :)

1/16/2010 #2,083

AnneImagus is a little confused over the enourmous raise in name-changing lately...

1/16/2010 #2,084

Phoenix can't even remember what her original penname was. :D

Edit: Apparently Phoenix can't even spell her own name right. D: -failed-

1/16/2010 . Edited 1/16/2010 #2,085
Failariel Pallanen

Fai Pal is a little confused, too. D:

1/16/2010 #2,086
Snow Falls Down My Window

Sabi thinks that changing pen names is too confusing for other people, so she never does no matter how bad she wants to change it!

1/16/2010 #2,087
Failariel Pallanen

Fai Pal has changed her name once, but that was back when nobody knew her. Fai Pal can't remember what her original name was, it was too long ago. :D

1/17/2010 #2,088

Ember is eating buttered toast. :D

And Ember is also randomly watching Ed, Edd n Eddy. :D

1/17/2010 #2,089
Huor Spinks

Trickeh is having her psychology module today.

1/17/2010 #2,090

AnneImagus is amazed by the sheer slipperyness in Ã…rhus today... she herself didn't fall... but it was close several times... and many others did...

1/18/2010 #2,091
Ember's New Groove

Ember is worried because her exam didn't go too well. She missed out too many questions. D:

1/18/2010 #2,092
Ember's New Groove

Ember has noticed the anbsence of Gryph and Kreh, lately. D:

1/18/2010 #2,093

Gryph has homework to do.

1/18/2010 #2,094

AnneImagus thinks Gryph should know LFE is muchy more important than homework! Eeeh... mebe not...

1/18/2010 #2,095

Gryph says LFE broke 270K!

1/18/2010 #2,096
Ember's New Groove

Ember has a new groove. :D

1/18/2010 #2,097

Gryph asks if Ember got turned into a llama.

1/18/2010 #2,098
Ember's New Groove

Ember did. D:

A talking Llama!


1/18/2010 #2,099

Gryph quotes 'Ahh! Demon llama!' D8

1/18/2010 #2,100
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