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The Sleeping Tide

becouse bad RPers suck as much as bad fancition. This is a snark thread for those of use who RP either table top or online to complain about the bad RPers that we have run across.

Sues\Super sues- Can't stand them in fan fiction, can't stand them in RPers. All of them had the same traits, perfect skin, extreme intelligence, knowledge in fields they had never studied for, computer hackers able to hacks systems even Abby can't, always are freinds\lovers\related to any attractive canon character

Dram lamas. _ I know one. The moment there's not enough drama, they stop the RP and claim to be busy or what not. Then come back latter wanting to start a new one that is centered around their character and lots and lots of dram. sickening amounts of it.

Trauma Lama- Same player. Their character is always getting shot, sick, hurt, ran over, blown up or what not. If one of mine gets hurt doing something then theirs has to be hurt even worse. Their character has so far gotten cancer, been ran over, shot several times, had a building on them, been attacked by a Desepticon pretender

Babies. - I'm so tired of all the damn babies. Popping them out like a damn slip-and-slide and their character isn't even female. Their character is a herm. Always. I have nothing against a well played herm its just that this player does it because they want babies and they want their character to have a penis.

Triggery subjects- Non con for the most part does not bother me as long as I know the RPer and I know it will be handled in a mature fashion and not as a cheap plot hook or as a way to turn a character into a stereotypical weeping jump at every shadow victem. And then there are the 'its rape but not' ones or the 'they grow to like it ones' Or the ones that some who believe that something like rape can be healed by application of Magic Penis. I kid you not.

5/21/2011 . Edited 6/1/2011 #1
Just a flesh wound

I'm not a fan of god-modding.

I was in an RP when I took a sniper shot at someones leg, and they DODGED IT. How in the hell do you dodge a high velocity round from a high-power rifle outside of the matrix films?

6/1/2011 #2
The Sleeping Tide

God-modding goes both ways.There is no way the character could have dodged the shot unless they are Neo. Not sure how the rules are set up for the RP you are in but usually a player has to get permission from another player to injure their character. But still, there is just no way any one can dodge a high velocity round like that.

recently I had a player pull a Flash. They had their character not only dodge an explosion but magically ran behind a metal storage container that clearly had some how materialized. All the players involved had been made aware of the explosives in the trailer of the truck OOC and had placed their characters according to if they wanted them injured or not.

6/1/2011 #3
classic anon

random rape backstory subplot. it makes no sense and forces others to pity them.

4/19/2012 #4
The Sleeping Tide

Oh how I hate that.

A few of my characters have been in a non con situation but they don't WANT pity. At all. Getting all gushy and crap makes them want to hit you.

4/19/2012 #5
classic anon

^personally, I would have prefered they use a "mad quest for revenge" type rather than the increasingly annoying "rape as backstory" type. at least it actually makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

4/26/2012 #6
The Sleeping Tide

Mad Quest For Revenge can get tiresome and boring depending on the character and the player. Revenge can be a dangerous road to walk down and lead to a character with an obsession

random rape back story subplots suck. I've seen it far too many times and its almost always the same, a Sue with a bad back story. The rape is often used to gain pity for the Sue

5/1/2012 #7
i despise high and mighty fools who act all that not only that people who bend nature to their will such as characters make the sky have a period or just make it rain blood its extreme randomness and it messes up other roleplays
5/2/2012 #8
The Sleeping Tide

Sounds like a Sue and the player is just being a douche so they can get attention

Another I hate is my threads being held up because I don't play popular canon characters much. Apparently this means I get ignored a lot because I don't have a pop male CC or the fandom bicycle.

Having character that have standards and won't get into another characters pants just because the other players wants that to happen means I get ignored a lot too I'm pretty sure a mature\adult RP means we should all be acting in a mature fashioned, not act like a bunch of spoiled brats who are not getting their every whim meet

Strong characters, an old RP group I was part of hated this, they wanted my CC to become this OOC weepy, cringing, scared of everything mess after some major trauma he had gone through but I refused. It affected him but not int he way the others wanted it to

5/2/2012 . Edited 5/3/2012 #9
classic anon

actually...the evil twin thing is getting a bit cliched. unless brother is necromancy'd by the real main villian, even then, they must be non-sue BEFORE first death.

5/2/2012 #10
Sailor Pluto

I hate when the roleplayer says they are a fantastically wonderful roleplayer and then they really suck. Its hard to roleplay with someone who's skills are awful because it brings your own skills down.

For some people the evil twin thing hits too close to home which is why they do it.

5/2/2012 #11
The Sleeping Tide

Bad role players who go on and on about how good they are when they just suck.

People who say they will post then don't bother to while posting every where else but on your thread then make excuses about it

The Amid and Mod of an Rp blaming every one but themselves for the fact the RP is sinking faster then a boat with its bottom ripped out

Double standards

Verbally abusive mods\Amid

5/3/2012 #12
Sailor Pluto

I've roleplayed through PMs and they claim to be dedicated roleplayers who post everyday. My ass. They just ditch me.

5/3/2012 #13
The Sleeping Tide

I often Rp through IM's and on forums so I get to see some people at their worse, from Sues to being douche bags. Some times RL gets in the way true but when some one ditches you after claiming to be dictated and is posting else where every day often several times a day and get nasty when you call them on their BS

5/3/2012 #14
classic anon

when we start to run out of ideas for the rp to go in.

5/4/2012 #15
Semper Fi93

Since i do Ace Combat RP i hate people who pick the most powerful jet in the series. This can also apply to other RPs where the character just happens across an Uzi or a SAW and can use it properly when they are a regular joe. So in summary i hate fake weapons. Like sword blades on a 13 year olds arms that has the balls to cut down zombies with them.

Second thing i hate is a sentence like: "Joe Shmo walked down the street" Like who GIVES A CRAP!!!! Give me detail about what Mr. Shmo is thinking, how he is feeling, what he is looking at. etc.

5/5/2012 #16
The Sleeping Tide
one liners, for the most part I cant stand them but they do have a place with me in IM RP with people I know and on journal RPs Its just screams SUE when players pick the most powerful of anything just because they can. In Pern Rp's they are called Shiny Hunters, they take every high ranking metallic they can and let it collect dust instead of playing it. Since when can Joe Blow handle a powerful fire arm and be capable of hitting their target? If they are a Sue they can.
5/5/2012 #17
classic anon

^Joe Blow can also do that if he/she/it is a military veteran.

5/8/2012 #18

I can't figure out how to do RP T__________T

Well... I don't have the patience. I have a short attention span.

5/8/2012 #19
The Sleeping Tide

RP is easy, being good at it is hard.

Finding a good RP or Rp partner is hard. I've gone through a lot of RP adds trying to find one I can join and see a lot of the same thing, a generalized hate of OC's, you have to have a popular canon character or you will be largely ignored, Sues, rape back stories, dressing rooms thinly disguised as RPs, Rp's based around man sex.

5/8/2012 #20

RP is easy, being good at it is hard.

Finding a good RP or Rp partner is hard. I've gone through a lot of RP adds trying to find one I can join and see a lot of the same thing, a generalized hate of OC's, you have to have a popular canon character or you will be largely ignored, Sues, rape back stories, dressing rooms thinly disguised as RPs, Rp's based around man sex.

Interesting! thanks for the information :)

5/8/2012 #21
The Sleeping Tide

Something else I can't stand. Any RPer who believes you can' cure' a character of being asexual by rapping them. Apparently you can cure or fix a character of their sexual ornamentation with non con and the other player has no right to be made about it or find it offensive. I've had a few people like this.

Super magic Sues

Mods who want every one in the chat room for plotting, then vanish, say nothing then come back and TELL every one what the plot will be and no one can say other wise.

5/8/2012 #22
Sailor Pluto
Sounds awful. Wish i had a say but you dont
5/8/2012 #23
classic anon

people who play like this (and think it will work):


5/9/2012 #24
The Sleeping Tide

Sadly I've seen worse.

all you have to do is look for RPs that involve popular fandoms and you will find steaming piles of crap unlike anything you have ever seen before. Its as bad as many of the fanfics written by screaming fangrils

5/11/2012 #25
classic anon

you mean those fangirls actually WRITE? i though they just copy-paste their names in place of the names of that character's REAL main love interest from another fanfic that more loyally follows the original.

5/11/2012 #26
The Sleeping Tide

If you want to call it writing.

Most of it is an insult to writing.

I've seen self inserts that were pretty much a copy-paste job so they could force the CC to love their horrible Sue character and think it works.

Another thing I hate. My characters are not Pez Sex Dispersers. Most of them are not overly interested in getting into some one else's pants or they have high standards. I get a lot of crap from crappy Rpers about the fact my characters have high standards while their characters will screw a hole in the wall.

Add Water Instant Love. Yuck.

5/11/2012 #27
Robert Strand

When they decide to turn the story line into a slash RP. I had this happen to me with a Star Wars forum.

I turned 180 degrees and Mooned Walked out the door.

5/11/2012 #28
classic anon

sealed bad/badass in a person-shaped can. that trope appears not just in anime/manga, actual games and movies. it appears in nearly every OC in existance.

5/11/2012 #29
The Sleeping Tide

When they decide to turn the story line into a slash RP.

I love slash but not every one does. Turning the entire Rp into a giant man fest is a major turn off for many players. it pretty much goes from an RP into a dressing room and that's not appealing to me at all.

5/11/2012 #30
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