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String of Pearly

:) :)

5/14/2012 #6,301


5/14/2012 #6,302
String of Pearly


Oops, I gotta go to bed. Forgot that I had school tomorrow :P

Talk to you later!!!

5/14/2012 #6,303

K night!!!!!

5/14/2012 #6,304
Sailor Pluto


5/14/2012 #6,305

What's awkward?

5/14/2012 #6,306
Sailor Pluto

You think I'm off my rocker thats awkward

5/14/2012 #6,307

I never said that i thought you were crazy.

5/14/2012 #6,308
Sailor Pluto

But you thought I was and thats enough of an understatement. So whats up ?

5/14/2012 #6,309

Not much; I'm finishing up copying music for a dance performance this week. What's up with you?

5/14/2012 #6,310
Sailor Pluto

Listening to my playlist at Playlist.com

While some bitch is being bitchified and irritated by the volume. Like the show Grimm is soooo important... X.x

5/14/2012 #6,311

Well why dont you put headphones on?

5/14/2012 #6,312
Kermit Kills

You think I'm off my rocker

She might not, and I don't know, but unless that was alll a massive joke, you got issues. Good thing about me: I tell you things straight up.

5/14/2012 #6,313
Sailor Pluto

You don't believe me either Franz? X.X

And I don't have my headphones and why should I?! X.X I told her ahead of time I was going to. Grimm is on Demand. She can watch it anytime...moron..

5/14/2012 #6,314
Kermit Kills

I don't disbelieve or believe you. I know I had no idea what you were talking about though.

5/14/2012 #6,315

Franz: Hey Franz!

Vap: Common curtesy?

5/14/2012 #6,316
Sailor Pluto

Did you or did you not read my PM?

BTW! Let The Bodies Hit The Floor by Drowning Pool...OMG!! I LOVE IT!!! I almost creamed myself hearing it! X.X

5/14/2012 #6,317
Kermit Kills

Tha song is awesome vap.

I read part of it, and was like "Whaaa?" you know?

5/14/2012 #6,318

Vap: That is a good song.

5/14/2012 #6,319
Sailor Pluto

Soooo I take it you don't believe me then Franz? No one ever does...no biggie. I tried. Just keep it to yourself..

Although sadly I wish someone did and I wish my search could come out golden instead of crappy.


And yes it is...

5/14/2012 #6,320
Kermit Kills

"Sinner" by DP is good too RAISE YOUR HANDS YOU'RE A SINNER!

5/14/2012 #6,321
Sailor Pluto

You still didn't anwser my question?

*Is addicted to Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift as well* I'm generally a rocker but I like all kinds of music minus country...the only exceptions in country. Taylor Swift, Shania Twain and The Band Perry.

5/14/2012 #6,322

I think i'll stick with my less yell-y music hehe :) I mean i like music that yells and screams and stuff but i cant listen to it for long periods of timel.

5/14/2012 #6,323
Kermit Kills


5/14/2012 #6,324
Sailor Pluto

Bronte: I cannot stand Rammenstein...Du Haust...ICK! It sounds like Hitler, Saddam and Satan had a kid who sang an evil song...

5/14/2012 #6,325
Sailor Pluto

How does it make no sense Franz? X.x......

5/14/2012 #6,326
Kermit Kills

Fine! I will listen to emo and scrweamo by myself! (Also, the rev is MINE)

5/14/2012 #6,327

Hey Ich bein deutch!!! Ramstein ist toll!!!!

Also Vap if you know nothing about what you were talking about before you PM-ed us you wont magicaly understand the thing.

5/14/2012 #6,328
Kermit Kills

um...NONE OF IT VAP! Fucking honestly.

5/14/2012 #6,329

No Franz, the rev is mine!!!!! God i wish he was till alive; his voice was awesome dude!

5/14/2012 #6,330
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