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Makkah Mac

I like it, but can't review 'cuz I don't have an account on that website.

5/21/2008 #91
Trippy Hippie

Same here.

5/23/2008 #92

i guess. my story isn't that great though

5/24/2008 . Edited 5/24/2008 #94
Berlioz II


5/25/2008 . Edited 6/21/2008 #95
Emergency Exit

Um, hey. I wrote a Half-Life 2 fic a while back that I'd very much like to be reviewed. Constructive criticism extremely appreciated. This is like, the first thing I've done that isn't a parody, poem of humorous, so.. yeah. It probably sucks.

Not to be a review whore or anything, but I'd like at least one person to pick it apart before I write Chapter Two, because at this point I'm not entirely sure I want to keep writing it, even though I have a super kickass ending in mind. /pimping



5/25/2008 #96
Royal Typewriter


I got really excited about this idea for Sweeney Todd, and I feel like it's going pretty well, but I haven't gotten nearly enough feedback about my original characters and their place in the story. I don't know, I'd been hoping for some thoughts on their dialogue, mannerisms, general fitting into the story, setting... :)

It's really fun to write, and I get a lot of hits, but I'd really been wanting some insight.

#118 Today, 8:46amReply Mod Edit . Report Abuse . Delete Post .« 5/27/2008 #97

hey :D new to this forum! i kinda need some reviews 4 my clique and harrypotter stories! and dont judge me by 'muggle transfer' thats my wrst story, i just had the idea cuz its a unique plot...plz review, and 4 those who r interested, cld someone join my forums?

5/27/2008 #98
Reptar Bars

New D/J slash fic!



It's all dialogue. I've always wanted to do one of those, and this idea kind of slammed itself onto the paper.


So, it'd be great if someone could review that. You don't need to be familiar with the fandom to get the sweetness of it all.


5/29/2008 #99

I wrote a story about Nick Jonas that I'd like to get reviews for. It's called 'Nick's Other Side'. Please check it out as I haven't gotten any reviews for it and I want to know what people think.

6/4/2008 #100

I got one Oblivion Poem that nobody has ever reviewed in the whole historey of my time on ff.net.

6/5/2008 #101

I just sent you a review for it even though I don't know the fandom all that well. ;) It was a nice poem. You avitar is cute by the way Rallag

6/5/2008 #102
Hiro Konobu

Second chapter of pokemon fanfic that I'm working on could anyone please review it?

6/5/2008 . Edited 6/5/2008 #103
Chop Top


Please review my story, i am awar some of the spelling is off so please review the content, i.e. plot etc rather than spelling. P.S. the spelling mistakes are very minor my spellcheck doesn't work.

6/10/2008 #104
Trippy Hippie

Will do.

6/10/2008 . Edited 6/10/2008 #105

Here's a story of final fantasy x. And x is roman for 10, incase you didn't know. It's about 2 kids who get sucked into spira, where everyone's IQ is about 400 less than 0. This story includes Bitchslapping, OOCness, more bitchslapping, and a mysterious girl named Ally Stocks who dies repeatedly throughout the story! Humor/parody/adventure, rated t for teen.


Readers beware; you're in for a scare.

6/16/2008 #106

review mine and i'll review yours :)

my stories are extremely interesting, anyone can enjoy them.

(if its not extremely boring)

6/16/2008 #107

Just reviewed one of yours. It was certainly interesting and had it's funny moments like I said in the review.

6/16/2008 #108

What about mine? I review yours, but you don't hold up your end of the deal? That's just mean. =(

6/17/2008 #109

Maybe now I won't give you the antidote...

6/17/2008 #110

Is anyone even here? Could someone pllleeeeaaaaasssseee review my stories?

6/17/2008 #111

I just reviewed your Naruto one. It's funny. It also depends on the fandoms and stuff too. Some stories get more looks at than others.

6/17/2008 . Edited 6/17/2008 #112

read the final parody x one. It's my best work.

6/17/2008 #113

Okay. But I don't know the fandom too well......

6/17/2008 #114

Just reviewed. ^_^ You are certainly good at random humor. XD

6/17/2008 #115

Want to read my Cinderella fic? Just posted the last ch, wondering how it seems. Haven't received any feedback..

Oh & whoever reads that fic, I added music with links from my profile. Pwease try it! It's fun! xD

Relm, I have to review your stories, once! xD

6/17/2008 #116

I reviewed it. pretty good.

6/17/2008 #117

Really? Thanks so much!!! There is a poll and some annoucment in my profile if you are interested! xD

6/17/2008 #118

Really? Thanks so much!!! There is a poll and some annoucment in my profile if you are interested! xD

6/17/2008 #119

Yeah, I'm re-writing a story for Sky High. I was wondering if anyone could review it. Here's a link:


6/19/2008 #120
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