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Robert Strand

A simple game with simple rules. We describe a movie badly and have the other poster guess the movie.

Here is an example:

First Poster: A guy's uncle dies. Guy buys everyone a Corvette.

Second Poster: Mr. Deed


Let us begin.

Guy takes a pill and knows Kung-Fu.

12/10/2011 #1
classic anon


guy has to defeat some chick's 7 evil exes to date her.

12/10/2011 #2
Robert Strand

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

A father tells his son these crazy outlandish storied of his youth and they are all true.

12/11/2011 #3
classic anon

Bedtime Stories

a group of people find themselves stranded on a planet with three suns.

12/12/2011 #4
Jenny Suspiria

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Manace

A guy with a Phonebooth helps two idiots with their homework.

12/12/2011 #5
classic anon


vin deisel and others are on a planet where the locals don't like sunlight,

12/12/2011 #6
Jenny Suspiria


A dead couple try to get rid of the new living inhabitents of their home with help from the guy who played Batman.

12/12/2011 #7
Robert Strand

To easy! It's Beetlejuice!

Also Classic Anon, you are incorrect, the movie was Big Fish

A Vietnam Vet walks through town and the cops give him a hard time.

12/12/2011 #8
Jenny Suspiria

First Blood.

(Kinda off topic, but my first one was Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)

A guy tries to find an ancient artifact that melts people.

12/12/2011 #9
Embryo Omelette

Indiana Jones and the Ark of the Covenant

A woman in yellow smacks down those who tried to kill her like the hand of gawd.

12/12/2011 . Edited 12/12/2011 #10
Moon Lily91

Kill Bill.

Blind guy kills people who are trying to take his book.

12/12/2011 #11
Jenny Suspiria

Book of Eli.

Teenage girl has trouble with nightmares about a dead guy.

12/12/2011 #12
Moon Lily91

Nightmare on Elm Street?

Supervillain adopts three girls to use in his plan but becomes their dad.

12/12/2011 #13
Jenny Suspiria

Dispicible Me.

A teen goes back in time, and his mom falls in love with him

12/12/2011 #14
Moon Lily91

Back to the Future.

Mutant worms attack a desert town in the middle of nowhere.

12/12/2011 #15
Jenny Suspiria


A teenage girl doesn't like her brother, so a musician kidnaps him.

12/12/2011 #16
Moon Lily91

The Labyrinth. And you're correct, by the way.

A bullied boy finds a book about a teenager on an adventure, which he reads in an attic.

12/12/2011 #17
Robert Strand

The Never Ending Story!

A Grandfather tells his sick Grandson a fairy tale about a ninja and a princess.

12/13/2011 #18
Lady Elizabeth of New York

The princess' bride.

A boy living under the stairs discovers he can use a stick to fight evil teachers.

12/13/2011 #19
Robert Strand

Oliver Twist?

Two guys want to set thing right with God and meet two stoners and a women along the way.

12/13/2011 #20
Jenny Suspiria


A movie version of a TV Show about a guy and some robots watching bad movies.

12/13/2011 #21

Mystery Science Theater 3000 the movie.

A witch turns people into keylime sludge for monsters to eat while a kid pees on food and eats balogna

12/13/2011 . Edited 12/13/2011 #22
Jenny Suspiria

Troll 2.

An asshole and his family run into a place that has a caretaker with big knees and a horribly awesome theme tune. Directed by a fertilizer salesman. Really, really slow.

12/14/2011 #23
Robert Strand

Speaking of Mystery Science Theater, I think they did that movie as well. Is it "Manos: The Hands of Fate"?

A girl fakes an orgasm in public over a sandwich.

12/14/2011 #24
classic anon


guy with spiky, gravity-defying hair faces his demons whilst three silver-haired guys try to revive their 'brother'.

12/26/2011 #25
Mr. Awesome Guitarfreak

I dunno. X-men?? Probly not. Oh well. lets see ummm...

a town has to figure out how to get out of a giant dome that's been placed above them.

12/30/2011 #26

@Robert Strand-'When Harry Met Sally'

@classic anon- 'FF7: Advent Children'

@Mr. Awesome Guitarfreak- 'The Simpsons Movie'

Mutated mermaid female type thing falls in love with a boy, father gets pissed angry and a tsunami almost kills the boy's entire town.

12/30/2011 #27
Mr. Awesome Guitarfreak

hmm... The Little Mermaid!

A girl falls in love with a pale dude and he bites her and now their in love.

12/30/2011 #28

Actually it was 'Ponyo' x3;;

But it does sound like the 'The Little Mermaid'~

I'm guessing, 'Twilight'?

This girl uses juice to find out that she's pregnant and gives her baby to a split couple.

12/30/2011 #29
Mr. Awesome Guitarfreak

lil bit.

Yup, Twilight.

My guess is Juno.

two guys both do a tv show that gets taken over by an evil company

12/30/2011 #30
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