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Because it's awesome.

Why do people always buy me fancy make-up sets when I never wear make up if I can help it?

12/25/2009 #931
Snow Falls Down My Window

Because make-up is very fun to wear if you wear it a little crazy(like me...).

Why am I reading depressing books right now despite the fact that they're making me cry?

12/28/2009 #932

Because you are special

why am i writing this?

12/29/2009 #933
Snow Falls Down My Window

Because writing is fun.

Why am I petting a dog?

12/29/2009 #934
Failariel Pallanen

because they are very pettable.

Why can't my cat sit still for more than five seconds?

12/30/2009 #935
Cottleston Pie

Because your cat is in tune with the earth.

Why is dust dead skin cells?

12/30/2009 #936

because even dead skin cells need an afterlife

Why is this so fun?

12/30/2009 #937

Because you're enjoying yourself.

Why do I love the Lion King so much?

12/30/2009 #938

because you are a child at heart?

why do you all write in so many forums and flood my inox?

12/30/2009 #939

Because it makes us feel popular. :3

Why do you ask?

12/30/2009 #940

because my inboz was flooded with 88 emails from y'all this morning!!!

why would you want to feel popular?

12/30/2009 #941
Cottleston Pie

Because some people are curious about it.

Why is a kiss an 'x' and a hug an 'o'?

12/30/2009 #942

because somebody decided that

why am i so tired?

12/30/2009 #943

lol y iz my sister above me on dis forum

12/30/2009 #944

because you planned it that way

why do i have such an annoying brother that i cant escape?

12/30/2009 #945

because that's what siblings are good at.

Why am I listening to Phil Collins?

12/30/2009 #946
Snow Falls Down My Window

Because he sang for Tarzan!

Why am I wanting to cosplay Waldo right now?(from where's waldo)

12/30/2009 #947

because your cool that way!

why does it seem like 2009 went by too fast?

12/31/2009 #948
Snow Falls Down My Window

Because it so didn't for me!

Why am I human?

12/31/2009 #949
Cottleston Pie

Because your parents are human.

Why do I bump threads over the locked threads?

1/3/2010 #950
Snow Falls Down My Window

Because it's quite helpful, because I don't like locked threads taking up space.

Why is it freezing right now?

1/4/2010 #951

Because my entire city is pretty much closed down because of icy roads and no grit. *hooray for school closures*

Why does my school have to be closed on a day when I only have two lessons in the afternoon, and not a day when I have full-timetable?

1/5/2010 #952

Because I, a simple American, have no idea what you're talking about.

Why can't I stop listening to "I Hate Everything About You" by Three Days Grace?

1/5/2010 #953

because you like that song. (and what is confusing? school was just closed today because of snow, and I happen to have mostly free-periods today)

Why am I hungry?

1/5/2010 #954

Because you haven't eaten in a while. (I was just confused because around here, schedules are F-U-L-L. I have one study hall every other day and that's as free as I'm getting. I didn't get the "Only have two classes today" thing. *Shrugs*)

Why hasn't my friend responded to my emails I sent him weeks ago?

1/5/2010 #955
Snow Falls Down My Window

Because he is just like me. I never check my email! Only rarely do I check it...

Why did I print out a list of all of of the Northeastern anime cons?

1/5/2010 #956

Because you are very very special!

Why am i making my friends create accounts on here?

1/9/2010 #957

Because you feel like making them spend their lives on the interwebs, thereby proving you have no life.

Why can I not stay on task while writing my Bio paper -_-?

1/10/2010 #958

because it's boring~

Why do cats beg for food and then don't eat it?

1/10/2010 #959
Miss Wicked Writer

Because they love to torture us.

Why do I have to keep on dragging myself to my USC App?

1/10/2010 #960
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