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Because your special like that

Why do I like to post so much?

1/10/2010 #961
Miss Wicked Writer

Because you're bored of everything else.

Why do boys have feelings?

1/10/2010 #962

because they are human.....kinda....

Why do boys act like idiots?

1/10/2010 #963
Miss Wicked Writer

Because they were born that way.

Why is Taylor Lautner so hot?

1/10/2010 #964

Because he is amazing!

Why am i so not?

1/10/2010 #965
Miss Wicked Writer

lol I'm sure you're not not hot. don't doubt yourself Sydney!!!! or i'll slap you on the other thread. :D

Why is Twilight so popular?

1/10/2010 #966

Because a bunch of bubbleheaded tweens thought that sparkling vampires were somehow cool....

Why does Twilight suck so badly (in my opinion)?

1/10/2010 #967

because its your opinion?

Why would deva want to slap me?

1/10/2010 #968
Miss Wicked Writer

Uh I forgot already. It was a joke....lol

Why is the sky blue?

1/10/2010 #969

Because the other colours were to heavy to stay up.

Why is the grass green?

1/11/2010 #970

because the other colors all floated away

Why do people forget stuff so much?

1/11/2010 #971
Miss Wicked Writer

Because it's easy to forget stuff.

Why does 2 + 2 = 5? (google it.)

1/11/2010 #972

because 1+1 = 11 :)

Why am I no good at maths?

1/12/2010 #973

Because your pro at english

Why am i so positive?

1/12/2010 #974
Failariel Pallanen

Because I'm so negative. D:

Why do I have a bruise on my leg, and I don't even know how I got it? D:

1/13/2010 #975
Snow Falls Down My Window

Because that is not weird and it happens to me extremely frequently.

Why do I feel like jumping out of the window and flying in the sky right now?

1/13/2010 #976
Failariel Pallanen

because you crave freedom~

why is it still so cold?

1/14/2010 #977
S1ither Hither

because you live in a cold country.

Why am I plating Mario Kart Wii against a bunch of guys in Germany?

1/14/2010 #978

Because it's uh...fun?

Why do I suddenly want to speak German?

1/15/2010 #979
Snow Falls Down My Window

Because that's...interesting.

Why am I so freakin mad that my friend has to go to New York tomorrow instead of being with ME?!

1/15/2010 #980
Ember's New Groove

Because secretly, you want to go to NY too.

Why have I never been to America?

1/15/2010 #981
Snow Falls Down My Window

Because you've been in whatever country you're in.

Why am I now punching my tummy?

1/15/2010 #982
A Crescent Moon's Light

Because the Masichism demon told you to. D:

Why do my toes itch?

1/15/2010 #983
Snow Falls Down My Window

Because they probably need scratching.

Why have I waited this long to create a Facebook account?

1/16/2010 #984

Because you're already on this site.

Why did someone think of the question mark?

1/18/2010 #985
Ember's New Groove

to indicate a question.

Why is Pluto not a planet anymore?

1/18/2010 #986
The Black Wizard Zeref

because it's to small.

why is it that I can only find one other south african besides myself on this site?

1/20/2010 #987
Failariel Pallanen

Because there are too many Americans and British People here to find them.

Why is my TV buzzing?

1/20/2010 #988
The Black Wizard Zeref

cause your resepsion stinks!

why do I always trip over my own feet and never get a scratch, not even on concreat?(I know.. I can't spell)

1/20/2010 . Edited 1/20/2010 #989
Snow Falls Down My Window

Cuz...you're magical.

Why am I...in a neutral mood right now?

1/20/2010 #990
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