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Sailor Pluto

CHECK IT OUT! Shrimp on a treadmill! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMO8Pyi3UpY

And cheese foot yeyeeyeyey! =3

5/2/2012 #1
classic anon

up up down down left right left right b a select start two players have 30 lives no continues.

5/4/2012 #2

CHECK IT OUT! Shrimp on a treadmill! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMO8Pyi3UpY


I just realised I want a pet shrimp!

5/8/2012 #3
Sailor Pluto
I ate your shrimp. Muwhaha. Shh...the yeast is rising
5/8/2012 #4


5/8/2012 #5

That's reminds me...

who wants a slice of cherry pie?

5/8/2012 #6
Sailor Pluto
What is a Smush? It sounds like sex I LIKE EEGGGSS
5/8/2012 #7

I ate your shrimp. Muwhaha.

Damn youuuuuu! well to be honest, I'd probably eat it as well.

5/8/2012 . Edited 5/8/2012 #8
Sailor Pluto
Vappy want smush smush!!! What the hell is a smush? MUFFFINTTOOPP RRWWAAAGGR!!!
5/8/2012 #9
classic anon

nick nack stopsign u-turn thank you dirka dirka dirka dirka

5/9/2012 #10
Sailor Pluto
Buuuuuuuummmppp Licka licka! FUUUUUCCVLKKKKMNVGFT REAAWSDCGGG *Foaming mouth* Naaccchhoo
5/11/2012 #11
classic anon


5/11/2012 #12
Robert Strand

I am waring a kilt while beating people to death with DVD box sets of the TV show Friends.

A most productive day indeed!

5/11/2012 #13
Sailor Pluto
*Liquid falls off of Rex* "SNNAAAKKKEE!" *Lands on a trampoline* "WEEEEEEEEEE!!!"
5/11/2012 #14
classic anon

i put on my robe and wizard hat and cast pghupvwuhaefp9uvh

-is hijacked by gackt and starts singing-

Akaku someru ude de kimi wo dakishimenagara Aoku terasareta namida wo tsuki ni sasageru Mune ni Kizamareta kizuato wo mitsumenagara "mou modorenai..." to yoru ga sasayaku Saa me wo tojite inori wo sasagereba ii mou omae ni nokosu kotoba wa nanimo nai kara Kami wo furuitataseru yami wo kisaku koe ni Nakisakebu ga ii, subete owaraseyou -gets cut off by alien leaping out of chest and singing songs from the 1940's.-

5/11/2012 #15
Sailor Pluto
Solid Snake under a cardboard box in circles. "GO GO POWER RANGERS!!!" Otacon sweatdrops. "Why is he my friend?" Big Boss starts doing the same thing
5/11/2012 #16
classic anon

they are soon joined by a drunken Liquid.

5/11/2012 #17
Sailor Pluto
Big Boss points at Liquid. "I FART IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION!!" Slaps with giant salmon
5/11/2012 #18
Sailor Pluto
Doouubble buuummpp
5/12/2012 #19
classic anon


hollywood hacking

5/12/2012 #20
Sailor Pluto
I am the great cornholio. I need TP for my bunghole
5/12/2012 #21
classic anon

of course you should fight it with fire. you should fight EVERYTHING with fire.

5/12/2012 #22

I love going to dolphin parties; 13 year olds always eff themselves up :D

5/12/2012 #23
classic anon

twisted tail athousand eyedstrapped forevereeepaeeepaeeeeeeeeeeepaaaaaaaah.

5/12/2012 #24
Sailor Pluto
Fart monster attaacccck! *RIPS FART*
5/12/2012 #25
classic anon

summoning jutsu: tentacle monsters!

-9869 tentacle monsters appear.-

5/12/2012 #26
Sailor Pluto
I NEED SCISSORS 61!!! Big Boss here....WHERES MY BAGEL BITCH?!?! over...
5/12/2012 #27
classic anon

la li lu le lo la li lu le lo la li lu le lo....

5/12/2012 #28
Sailor Pluto
Zero is bbaaad mmmkkjaaay??? Gives anon a Big Boss cookie
5/12/2012 #29
classic anon

takes and eats cookie.

-notices something- huh? what's going on? snake! respond dammint? Snake? ....SNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKEEEE!!!!!!!

5/12/2012 #30
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