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Trippy Hippie

Just post a what if thing and let the person after you give their answer to the situation.

What if Itachi killed Sasuke?

6/16/2008 . Edited 6/16/2008 #1

The Itachi fangirls would cheer.

What if I could go to sleep right now?

6/16/2008 #2
Trippy Hippie

Then you would be asleep.

What if Sakura walked in on Orochimaru rapeing Sasuke?

6/16/2008 #3

She'd die from shock

What if Dib joined the Akatsuki

6/16/2008 #4
Trippy Hippie

Then he'd be a member. (Couldn't really think of anything)

What if Kakashi was related to Tsunade?

6/16/2008 #5
Saber Wing

That would be kinda weird.

What if Sakura killed Sasuke? (unlikely, I know)

6/17/2008 #6
Exuberant Lemon

Then there probably would be blood everywhere.

What if I took off my pants in front of my dad?

6/17/2008 #7
Trippy Hippie

Well...Don't even go there..lol

What if Sasuke watched Oprah?

6/17/2008 #8
Exuberant Lemon

Then he wouldn't be so pensive and cute all the time, so it's better if he doesn't!

What if the Jonas Brothers took a naked group picture like that idiot girl Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical did?

6/17/2008 #9

Fangirls would go nuts and people would realize how much of sell outs they are and how they lack real talent

What if Obama was elected president?

6/17/2008 . Edited 6/17/2008 #10
Trippy Hippie

Then back to Germany I go.

What if Bush went to hell?

6/17/2008 #11

Then the rightful order would be restored. The world would become better and peaceful.

What if polar bears went extinct?

6/17/2008 #12
Trippy Hippie

We'll all be damned.

What if you were banned?

6/17/2008 . Edited 6/17/2008 #13

We'd all be saints! ;)

6/17/2008 #14

*edited for drama*

6/17/2008 . Edited 6/20/2008 #15
Trippy Hippie

I edited my post in case if someone saw that,they may try and start another fucktastic fight.

6/17/2008 #16

Good point but those who would already did it so many times that no one cares anymore & we all quit.

6/17/2008 #17
Trippy Hippie


What if I could drive?

6/17/2008 #18

Then you'd go get me ice cream. XD

What if summer was longer than usual?

6/19/2008 #19
Robert Strand

I would have the best farmers tan in the world.

What if we were Ninja's?

6/19/2008 #20

Then we'd not be on the computer would we.

What if the Chinese conquered the world?

6/20/2008 #21

We'd move to the moon.

What if I were you, and you were me?

6/20/2008 #22
Trippy Hippie

Well then I'd be screwed.

What if my grass catches on fire?

6/20/2008 #23

I'd toast marshmallows

What if Tsunade goes after Pein?

6/20/2008 #24
Trippy Hippie

Then hopefully Pein will kill her.

What if Konan kills Sakura?

6/20/2008 #25

I'll do a happy dance.

What if MK starts focusing on someone other than Sasuke?

6/20/2008 #26
Trippy Hippie

Fuck, I'll be happy.

What if Rock Lee kicked Gaara's ass in the Chunin exams?

6/20/2008 #27

I dont know, but what if illidan( the realm) had respect?

6/20/2008 #28

Then Lee would have fought Sasuke thus runining Orochimaru's Sneak attack.

What if the Third managed to seal Oro's soul away?

6/20/2008 #29

your supposed to answer me.

6/20/2008 #30
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