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Hinoto Hyuga of the Akatsuki

We will cry

What if I was a aileen?

8/28/2010 #661
Lady Elizabeth of New York

Then I'd ask you tons of questions about your planet that is if you are one of the friendly aliens.

What if your dog/cat/goldfish turned out to be really a human?

8/29/2010 #662
Otaku Takeshi

That would be so sweet. Its like a manga! ^-^ I would talk to my pet all the time then.

What if I never found out about LFE or FFN? And you wouldn't know me?

8/29/2010 #663

You'd probably be doing different things with your free time... I don't know what that means for you in particular, it could be good or bad. And if you weren't here, then the forums would probably be quieter. You do post a lot.

What if you couldn't read?

8/29/2010 #664
Otaku Takeshi

Then FFN wouldn't be here.

What if you could play the instruments (professionally) you want to play? (like, you can play your own song)

8/29/2010 . Edited 8/29/2010 #665

Oh crap, I just made post #666.

I'd be in a band playing electric guitar, and we'd call ourselves something crazy like the "Uncertain Lampshades" or something.

What if that happened?

8/29/2010 . Edited 8/29/2010 #666

I'd wonder about the story of your band's name.

What if watching meat cook turned you into a vegetarian? [It almost worked on me.]

8/31/2010 #667
I'm Your Pitiful Life

I'm thinking about turning into a vegetarian, so guess that wouldn't change anything.

What if I'd turn into a one?

8/31/2010 #668

That wuld be teh coolest ^^

What if people stopped descriminating people just because their different? ^^

9/1/2010 #669

Then we'd all get along too well. That's not going to happen. Alas.

What if you found a suitcase full of money, a million dollars to be exact?

9/2/2010 #670
Lady Elizabeth of New York

I'd be rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What if the person who owned the suitcase of money asked you if you had seen it?

9/12/2010 #671

I'd lie and say that guy over there took it XD

What if the person that owned it believed it and killed that guy for the suit case?

9/12/2010 #672

Then I would use that money to run to a faraway island. To escape what I've done -_-

What if the person found out that you were the one who took the money?

9/13/2010 . Edited 9/13/2010 #673

Then I would hire a hitman to take care of the problem.

What if the hitman turned on you instead?

9/13/2010 #674

i would still run from him.

what if i take revenge on you for turning your hitman on me?

9/16/2010 #675

I would see it coming, and would be well out of the country. XD

What if while in your escape, the briefcase came open and all the money went everywhere?

9/16/2010 #676

the people near me would be quite happy :D

what if we suddenly trade places and it's you who try to save the money from the others?

9/17/2010 #677

I'd get out a shotgun and start threatening lives. And blast them if they refuse to listen to reason. XD

What if all that money floating around caused a riot?

9/27/2010 . Edited 9/27/2010 #678

Then there would be lotsa chaos and frantic confusion.

What if I stopped coming to this forum?

9/30/2010 #679

Everyone on this forum would cry and hold candle vigils outside your house until you return

What if you ate fresh anchovies?

9/30/2010 #680

Then I would have an actual opinion on whether or not they are disgusting.

What if everyone was a pushover?

9/30/2010 #681
Lady Elizabeth of New York

The world would be a nicer place.

What if you were the mod of Fanfiction for only one day?

10/1/2010 #682

I would abuse my power and ban people I don't like XD

What if the world really was flat?

10/1/2010 #683

I would jump of the end!! :D XD

What if you had lots of money???

10/1/2010 #684

I'd buy a Winnebago and follow Disturbed around. XD What? I'm completely serious.I'd also get a tattoo of 'the Guy' somewhere.

What if you had a lot of money?

10/1/2010 #685

I would buy The guy :D and make him my bro XD

What would you did if you where in Disturbed???

10/1/2010 #686

I would be the drummer...and I would do...er, you know what? The rest is going to remain in my head. XD

What if the Guy really was your bro? :O

10/1/2010 #687

I would be the happiest man alive :D

What if My and Disturbed's David where YOUR bros?? :O! XD

10/1/2010 #688

I would die! If David's my bro, then that means I can't...well...err......XD

What if you knew the secrets of the universe?

10/1/2010 #689

I would be chillin on my 15 light year acre ranch.

What if you were asked to write a sequel (or prequel) to My Immortal?

10/1/2010 #690
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